Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | How to Cleanse your Aura

How to Cleanse your Aura

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | How to Cleanse your Aura

How to Cleanse your Aura

An Aura is the energy body that we all are made up of. It is the biomechanical energy around us and this aura carries positive and negative energies of our energy. It carries our emotions, thoughts, thought forms from other people projected on us and all kinds of little elements the most important aspect in our PERSONAL LUCK  to living a healthy happy and prosperous life is to have a magnetic and positive aura.

what happens when we have all kinds of negative emotions and thoughts projected on us. Our aura becomes dense and contaminated. The same goes for people who have the malefic date of birth or malefic names. The planet we are connected to directly affects the vibrations in our aura and chakras.

one of the ways to cleanse the aura is to have a salt bath.

healers salt is a combination of special salts, herbs, and essences. It is a powerful cleanser of the aura and has the ability to disintegrate all kinds of negative energy including dark energies in the aura.

Himalayan salt is. Special salt which is not commonly found. It has special minerals and cleansing abilities. One can feel the densest diseased and heavy energies wash away when a salt bath is taken with this salt.

one of my favorites. The Himalayan salt can be mixed with some essential oils for better effect.

Aura Cleansing Bath – How does one take a salt bath?

Mix a little salt with water and make it a pasty consistency. Rub this paste all over the body with the intention of absorbing and disintegrating negative energy.

frankincense oil can be added to this salt mix for better cleansing.

after this salt has been kept on for a minute or 2. Wash it off with normal water.

this salt bath must be done door 21 days for the best results.

if one is not able to take a salt bath. They can try soaking their legs in salt dissolved in hot water.

this helps cleanse the aura thoroughly.

another way to cleanse the aura is to use smudge sticks and the Tibetian singing bell.

this is a very effective way of removing all bad energies from the aura.

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My name is Abhi gupta . I want to ask that my name Abhi if total is 2 . So i want it to change to 6 . Can i change spelling f my name . Does it affect my fortune . .please do help

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