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Every day I get tens and hundreds of emails from people asking me if their career will get better, If they will get married or why is it not...

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Lucky Colours in Numerology

What is numerology has to do with lucky colors? Well, a lot! When a certain color is a work we are using the energy of that planet to enhance...

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Number 11 in Numerology

One of the most talked about numbers. people talk about 11 being auspicious, yet others say its a number that attracts turmoil. In numerology, we examine different aspects of...

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Business Name Numerology

Business name numerology and company name numerology determine the future of the company’s success story. If a business has a lucky name the business prospers. Attracts business money growth...

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Lucky Mobile Numbers

We suggest a lucky mobile number based on numerology. If the vibration of the phone number is unlucky, this may attract bad news, downfall in career, life.

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Marriage Date Numerology

Choosing a marriage date is one of the most key decisions of a person's life. According to numerology, the future of the marriage is ruled by the date.

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Faq’s on Name Corrections.

Do I have to change my name officially? No, our official name is a very small aspect of our life. Some people have a really large full name and...

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Number 18 in Numerology

Number 18 in numerology is considered a very heavy turbulent number. Number 18 causes struggle and strife to those who have a name number as 18 or a birth...

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