Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Business Name Numerology: Success Insights from the Best Numerologist in Bangalore 

Business Name Numerology: Success Insights from the Best Numerologist in Bangalore 

When you finally have a business idea that you are going to execute, the biggest struggle sometimes is to give the business a name. The name makes an impact on the subconscious of your potential buyers, bigger than you can imagine. Moreover, the name influences the future and success of the business from various astro-scientific aspects. 

With the help of numerology, you can have a name, derived using the principles of numerology, that is luckier than the others. This blog will help all the entrepreneurial minds out there in selecting a name for their business that resonates with your brand and attracts fortune. Let’s explore some business name number numerology and their impact in brief. 

The Role of Numerology in Business

It has been centuries since numerology has been used to understand the meaning and significance behind numbers. Business name numerology makes it possible by using numerology to make profits. It suggests that the letters that form the name hold unique vibrations that can ensure the profits that you can make from your business. Keeping a business name based on numerology can help you shape the identity of your brand. If you understand the energy qualities associated with the letters you can choose a name for your business name as per numerology. 

How to Get Your Business Name Corrected According to Dr. Sheela M. Bajaj?

Your business name is the energetic fingerprint of your brand, and it should bring you prosperity. It’s the first impression you make, the subconscious signs that draw customers in or leave them scratching their heads. But what if your current name, while familiar, is kind of holding you back?

Sheela M. Bajaj’s expertise goes beyond a simple number analysis and helps you with business names as per numerology. Imagine uncovering hidden energetic blockages within your existing name. These blockages could be subtly hindering your growth, attracting the wrong clientele, or simply failing to capture the meaning of your brand. With her guidance, you can correct your current name, resetting its energetic frequency and taking your brand on a road for guaranteed success. Don’t settle for a logic-less name that’s merely good enough. Go for a business name as per numerology. 

Lucky Numbers in Business Name Numerology

According to Numerology there are specific traits and energies to each number (1-9) and master numbers (11, 22). Here’s a quick look at what some of these “lucky numbers” in business names symbolize:

  • 1: Leadership, independence, new beginnings (perfect for innovative startups)
  • 3: Creativity, self-expression, communication (ideal for marketing agencies or artistic ventures)
  • 8: Abundance, power, achievement (a great choice for businesses aiming for financial success)
  • 9: Compassion, service, humanitarianism (well-suited for non-profits or socially conscious brands)

How Does Business Name Numerology Influence Success?

It is true that a lucky core number isn’t magic, but it can certainly set the tone for your business journey. Let’s take a look at how:

  • Attracting the Right Customers: A name that connects with your target audience’s values can subconsciously draw them in.
  • Building Brand Identity: The energetic qualities associated with your name can definitely shape how customers see your brand. 
  • Empowering Your Vision: Choosing a name that is in line with your goals can provide a sense of direction and purpose.

Benefits of Brand Name Numerology

There are several advantages to involving numerology in your naming process:

  • Go Beyond Catchy: Numerology helps you delve deeper than just a cool-sounding name, ensuring it reflects your brand’s essence.
  • Uncover Hidden Potential: Numbers can reveal aspects of your brand you might not have considered, leading to a more well-rounded identity.
  • Make an Energetic Statement: A numerologically chosen name can project a specific energy that resonates with your target audience.

Tips for Selecting a Business Name as per Numerology

Ready to dive into the world of numerology and find your perfect business name? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Research Numerology methods Familiarize yourself with different numerology principles and their calculation methods.
  • Brainstorm Brand Values: Identify the core qualities you want your company to embody.
  • Generate Creative Names: Don’t be afraid to get creative! The more options you have, the better.
  • Calculate Core Numbers: Use a numerology calculator or chart to determine the core number of each name.
  • Sound it Out: Remember, your name still needs to be catchy and easy to pronounce!


Business name numerology is fascinating for entrepreneurs seeking to imbue their brand with a powerful and meaningful identity. By understanding the language of numbers, you can choose a name that not only sounds great but also carries the energetic charge to propel your business towards success. If you are looking for personalized numerology reading, we suggest you book a session with Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj.


How can I choose a lucky business name using numerology?

Use a numerology calculator designed for business names. These assign a number value to each letter in your chosen name. Research the meaning associated with the sum of those numbers. Numbers like 1 represent leadership and new beginnings, while number 8 indicates abundance and power.

How do I find my numerology number?

Most numerology systems use your birthdate to calculate your number. Numerology experts like Dr. Sheelaa Bajaj can handle this for you.

How can I calculate the numerology of my business name?

Assign a number value to each letter in your business name using a numerology chart. You can find these charts online.

Add the numbers assigned to each letter.

Reduce the sum to a single digit (except for master numbers 11 and 22). If the sum is, for example, 14, add 1 + 4 to get 5.

What are some key numbers in business name numerology?

Here are some examples of key numbers and their meanings:

1: Leadership, new beginnings

3: Creativity, communication

5: Change, adaptability

8: Achievement, power

9: Compassion, service

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