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SMB 14: Finding Your Life Purpose

September 17, 2018
Finding your life's purpose would sound an easy thing, but it's not. Because, if you think the right definition of success of having loads and loads of money, then I wouldn't have...

SMB 13: Sacrifice

September 2, 2018
Sacrifice is a complex metric to measure and assess. Is sacrifice really necessary or even worth? In this episode, I am talking about the connection between sacrifice and expectation and the...

SMB 12: Failing and Giving Up

September 1, 2018
Trying up everything and still hitting rock bottom? Thinking of giving up? Exhausted and feeling miserable? I am discussing the topic of ‘failing and giving up’. Please listen and do let...

SMB 11: Root Cause of Anger and Dealing with It

August 26, 2018
How to deal with anger? How to use this energy in a productive manner? Is it right to suppress the anger? We had an introduction to anger in episode 9....

SMB 10: Dealing with Guilt

August 26, 2018
What is guilt and how guilt affects us? What is the real source of guilt and how to handle it? If you ask me, there are two types of guilt....

SMB 9: Anger – A Deep dive

August 22, 2018
One of the most pivotal emotions that all of us experience and deal with is 'anger'. It's got so much importance that it can either make or break a situation,...

SMB 8: Expectation – The Silent Killer

August 22, 2018
Listen to this episode where I share in-depth information about what expectation can do to your life and how significant it is with your happiness or disappointment. 

SMB 7: Dealing with Failures and Setbacks

August 18, 2018
Setbacks and failures are two common obstacles that can either paralyze you or make you stronger. Is it really the setback that is setting you back or the way you...

SMB 6: Law of Attraction

August 16, 2018
Please join me in this special episode where I share, raw, candid and practical tips about the law of attraction and methods to attract happiness, money joy and how to...

SMB 5: Gratitude and Gratefulness

August 15, 2018
Gratitude and gratefulness are what I am discussing in this episode. Ask and you shall receive, that's the power of asking. And what's the role of gratitude in attracting abundance?...
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