Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | DO I NEED A NAME CORRECTION?


Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | DO I NEED A NAME CORRECTION?


Every day I get tens and hundreds of emails from people asking me if their career will get better,
If they will get married or why is it not happening or when it will happen.

My career is stuck and I want to move ahead.  Grow.

Is my date of birth unlucky? Is their next question.

There are two parts to someone struggling.
1. An unlucky date of birth.
2. Unlucky name.

Our date of birth is something we can’t change.  And people don’t know us by our date of birth.  They know us by our name.  Our name is our identity.

The vibrations and planets of our date of birth rule us.
But our name supersedes that vibration.  So if a person’s date of birth is causing them havoc then the name can correct the chaos caused by the malefic date of birth.
For eg, if a person’s date of birth adds to a 2, 4, 7 or 8 then they are ruled by not so lucky planets.
This needs to be balanced by making the name lucky or super lucky.

Firstly a person needs to get their name and date of birth analyzed.

Sometimes a person’s date of birth is malefic, but when we analyze the name it is neutral or doesn’t need any correction.

Sometimes a person may have a lucky date of birth but the name might be extremely malefic.

In case a person has a malefic name. A correction is needed to subdue the effects of a malefic date of birth.

To check if your Name needs a correction.

Call 9900052611 and sign up for a Name analysis.

Love and Light
Sheelaa M Bajaj

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Hi My Name is Avinash Pujari and my Date of birth is 31/03/1978, is my name is unlucky for me, or need to to some correction in word.

sir i want to reach peak heights in the world according to that i want to change my name i want to achieve something my name is siva kumar i dont know my dob please help me if any changes required in my name tell me sir please. please.. I compleated b.tech

Pls ma`m/sir
Mera naam Rakesh Patel and Dob: 9 august 1989. And
my lover name Nikita Patel and Dob: 13 October 1991
Please help me and my lover correction name. Please reply
Have a nice day

hi sheela my name is thriveni and my dob is 01-05-1986.what correction is to be made in my name to be successful in my life

Hi Sheelaa my name is Ravindra Kulkarni & DOB is 04-09-1977. Do I need a name correction ? Please guide me on this.

my name is ajay date of birth. 24.06.1987 i have financial problams by birth to till now. Any changes to need my name . My full name ajaybabu . Any bady calling ajay . Reply me soon as early as possible . Plese save my life.


my name is D.RAMCHANDER DOB:01/03/1985 , nick name:ramu,suffering form financial issues and job less . plz tell me is there any correction in my name

plz plz plz replay me ……………………………….

Hi,sheila …ji
My name is sDob26-01-1977,,Dob26-01-1977,&my signature is ‘Skt’ . What kind of correction Ineed in my name &signature to success in my life plz…

Hi Sheila mem,
My names is Pintu Nath DOB 21sep1988 what kind correction i need my name is correct or any correction required & tell me my lucky numer and date Plz mem…………………

My name is Narendra DOB 4th july 1981 & time is 4pm, birth place bangalore.
Currently am planning to take business as my profession.But am not clear what to do for a better professional life.



My birthdate is 15 may 1958.Its very bad period all throughout.my pet name is sunny.Everybody calls me by sunny.i would like to change my name if required.i suggest some names (1) Sunny joz mathew (2) Sunny joz mathai (3) Sunny mathew. (4) Jhose mathew. Kindly suggest the best or wether change is not required

Res Sheela ji,
I am your follower at khush raho on Tez.
My DOB is 09.12.1971 and name is Shekhar Kaushik. pls advise. I am struggling in my life for a carrier, financial growth and recogination.

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