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Faq’s on Name Corrections.

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Faq's on Name Corrections.

Faq’s on Name Corrections.

Do I have to change my name officially?

No, our official name is a very small aspect of our life. Some people have a really large full name and only use a small portion of it everywhere. Our official name accounts for 2-3% of our life unless you are a Judge, a govt official, a politician, a doctor or lawyer.

So unless you belong to this category, you don’t have to change your corrected spelling officially. We teach you how to activate your new name.

Please post your questions on Name corrections and we will answer it in this section.

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Hi sheela, my name is chandrashekar. D.S. dob is 31.08 1967. Time of birth 3.58 am. Lots of ups and downs. Can u please help me.

Hi Sheela, my first name is Lavanya. been in not good times…pls do suggest if there’s anything that can be done.

Hi Sheelaa,

I’ve heard you on 104.0 FM couple of times but today is the first time I get to come across your blog. My DOB – 03-12-1987, So, I’m number 3 and 4 combination then. Amazed by reading your readings. So true!! Really wonder will i ever get carrier success or make money or attain happy marriage. Appreciate your help if you could write me for any possibility of enhancing my luck or attain success and happiness in life through name correction or other stuffs.

Truly enjoyed all your posts. Keep writing more. All the Best! 🙂


Hi sheela,

My name is “sachin singh khati” and D.O.B is 6 feb 1987 .pls tell me do i need any change in my name

sachin singh

Amit kumar is my name my d.o.b is 24march 1985.I want to join politics and doning realestate bussiness. I want full achievement in future.I want to ask u is my name is correct. Otherwise u will correct it eith adding alphabet.thanx iam waiting

i read all your article.that all are very nice and very helpfull.tnxs to all. but sir please give answer to my questions.1.pls tell me how i avtivate new name 2.my da y no is 2 and my life no is 1 my full name including my middle name is 37 and with out my middle name it is 15.it is best to use my full name?

I am very satisfied with the name numerology correction done by Sheelaa Bajaj madam.
It has improved business within one month.

Earlier I was having lot of problems. Now I’m feeling very powerful and no obstacles are coming.

Madam, very difficult together appointment with you.
God will surely bless you for helping so many people through your knowledge and expert numerology.

my name is m sunitha roy..I am a doctor.. I wanted to know about my name n if it requires any changes.. please let me know about my friend’s name, soudhamini v rao.. she is also a doctor.

Hi, My mother recieved a call from FM Radio from you saying name correction is required. My name is Sapna Arundathi and my DOB is 21-04-1982. Can you please suggest the name correction.

Sapna Arundathi


My name is M Kiran Kumar Reddy, born on 23-April-1977, i am facing problems in aspect to my career. request you to help me in regard to this if an name change is required.

Thanks & Regards

Hi sheela,

I want to change my name from ramarao to ram pls help with a suggestion on it,
Will it help me to succeed.


Hi sheelaabajajvysshaak,

I am Pavan Reddy Thokala, borned on 18-APR-1989 at warangal, So many people callling me as “Pavan”. I am facing so many problems in career and life, Please suggest me solution for good career.

Hi Sheela,

My name is Vikram B S (Vikram Bangalore Shivaram) born on 18/03/1983 at 9.30 PM. Can you please let me know if there needs to be any corrections in my name to be more successful?


Hi Sheila,
My full name is Naveen Rajput, and my DOB is 01/12/1986.
i ham facing lot of problem in my professional career i not getting much success in my jobs , wherever I am joining the new company. and a long time also i am working for industry, i am also not getting gud package form the companies. so do i need to make any correction in my name pleas tell me,
if yes, then how can I do that.?
Please suggest something…………….!!!!!!!!

Thanks & regards
Naveen Rajput

Hi Sheela Madam,

My Name is Pradeep R Sarawgi born on 19th Feb 1958 Time
05.37 AM Place : Kolkata
Now a days facing too many probs with professional life, left my job and not getting one till now… I am very keen on becoming entrepreneur…there fore starting my Wheel Plate business and Safety Equipment but in my family they are not ok with it! They want me to work for somebody and get salary regularly but I want to work for my self and give salaries to people….too many clashes in house with regards to this!
If you can help me and guide me will be great help.
I will be waiting for your reply….

plzz reply…

Pradeep R Sarawgi

hiiiii mam ijust wants to know that is my name is correct according to my d.o.b my dob is 21/12/1986 or is its need some correction in name if yes u plz do some thing becoz i am in very much trubble.plz help me. do something for me

It didn’t have work, and got a name correction. Worked magic and miracle for me. Thanks Isis School and Sheelaa bajaj.

Awesome show on radio indigo. Very informative and accurate. I can relate to everything thats said about Number 4.

My name is Samiksha 13-march 1975.

Hi Sheila,

I am number 7 person, DOB is 07-02-1985.
My name is Muneeshwar Senthiya; I know you recommend name correction for 7 number. I am also having problem in carrier.
Please reply me with my name correction.
Waiting for you reply.

Hi Sheila,f

I am Debasish Patra DOB is 03-Oct-1974, 7:58pm. Success is not coming easily even after lots of hard work. Please suggest if I require a name correction,
Waiting to hear from you.

Hi sheela,
My name is “ md Tajuddin” and D.O.B
is 23 june1990 .pls tell
me do i need any
change in my name

hiiiii mam i just wants to know that is my name is jakkani kiran kumar calling name:kiran,correct according to my d.o.b my dob is 08/09/1986 at 6:15am or is its need some correction in name if yes u plz do some thing becoz i am in very much trubble.plz help me. do something for me
Plz….am wating for your reply mam….thanks….

Hii Ms. Sheela, want to meet you once to discuss regarding if any changes required in my Name for a peace full family life and success in career and financial status . Please advice when can I meet you

Hi Ms Sheela, my name is kiran Mishra dob is 31-12-72 time 6:15 am . Please tell me how to i change my fate ,because from last 10 years my carrier is falling down day by day and I am losing my confidence ,self respect and trust . Please help me . Thanks ….. Kiran

Hi. Due to the high volume of mails messages and comments.
We are unable to analyse each persons name and dob here.
Pls call 080 41706060 and schedule and appointment with us.

Pls Suggest the numerological correction for the name Kishansingh Chandel and
Anupama Kishansingh Chandel.

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