Fast Track Career Growth

Fast Track Career Growth

So a lot of people want to fast track their career graph.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things to be fast-paced.

We want a faster internet connection. For most people, 3G and 4G are also not fast enough. We live in an instant world of instant gratification.

What can one do to fast track your career growth?

1. Name correction or a Name enhancement.

2. Rewire your brain and subconscious mind to break that glass ceiling

3. Improve your earth luck. Activate your yang energy and enhance career, recognition and wealth sectors in the house.

4. Get rid of objects that cause stagnancy. Broken stuff, clocks that don’t work, sad paintings, metal cupboards, old clothes and excessive junk or hoarding.

5. Cleanse your aura and the house energy.

If you need assistance with the above.

You could call us on 9900120034


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