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There are 3 kinds of luck that we have in our life.

Destiny Luck

This is the destiny we are born with and hence called Destiny Luck.

Destiny luck is what we come with and therefore cannot be changed.

Our astrology,  planetary influences, destiny chart, date of birth and karma all come under this category.

If a persons destiny luck is weak or bad or low, changes and emendments have to be made in the earth luck and personal luck category.

Earth Luck

This part of luck is symbolic of the space energy we live and work in.

Our house and office Vaastu and Feng shui. The balance of energy and the balance of the 5 elements in our living space.

When a person desires to go abroad, get a promotion, get married or have a child we need to activate certain sectors of the house to enhance those aspects of our life.

Feng shui is a science of the 5 elements and the balance of these elements and energies of our space.


This luck comprises of our energy, our will, determination, our chakras, our aura, our optimism or pessimism. We could have great destiny luck and earth luck, but if we don’t exercise our will and determination, there is no use of the great destiny.

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