Feng Shui Turtle

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Feng Shui Turtle

Feng shui is a Chinese term which means Wind-Water. It is a system of balancing or enhancing energy around a person, place, or object to bring harmony in the Tao or energy of that subject for desired results. It is based on the principle of flow of energy and hence depends on these two elements Wind and Water which has a flow. Feng shui turtle or feng shui tortoise is one great element to know about in this regard.

Feng Shui Basics

Feng Shui is based on various mythological stories and folklore of China, and thus, originates from its various symbols. One such symbol is the Turtle.

Chinese Mythology and Symbolism

According to Chinese Mythology, the tortoise is one of the four Celestial Animals, or Guardians in feng shui, which are listed below for you.

  • The Green Dragon in the East
  • The Red Phoenix in the South
  • The White Tiger in the West
  • The Black Tortoise in the North

These four animals are considered the guardians of good feng shui energy. Thus, turtle represents Guardian of energy in the North Direction, as a guardian, it protects and enhances the energy, and thus, its placement direction and element plays an important role in balancing, enhancing energy level of a subject. It represents the element of water and also represents number one and earned income, such as from a job or business, and support for career and business endeavors.

Feng Shui Turtle or Feng Shui Tortoise – What does it represent

Feng Shui Turtle

A turtle not only protects, or enhance, but also helps in the grounding of energy thus giving a stable career, health, and prosperity to the subject. When they’re present they attract the good fortune of wealth, generating income and business opportunity. Perhaps more importantly, they provide protection against malevolent forces and misfortune and provide opportunities for making money and to move ahead. The turtle also represents longevity – as it moves slowly and lives for a longer period of age. The famous fable of Tortoise and Hare race also represents the power of turtle that empowers you to keep going.

The turtle is also important to feng shui because it carries the map of feng shui, on its back. Looking at the shell of a turtle, you can see the individual squares of the Bagua or lo Shu square. It is placed generally in the North or Back side of the house or office facing the door to give better results to enhance career and energies at home.

Uses of Feng Shui Turtle

1. Accumulate more wealth.

Placing a Turtle on the southeast side grow your money. A turtle in the southeast wealth sector not only helps your investments grow, it also protects them. The small wood of the southeast wealth sector just loves the water energy of the turtle. Even a fountain with a turtle figure is a great wealth activator.

2. Sleep soundly.

Place a small turtle figure under your bed to help you sleep better at night. The added support gives you more refreshing rest and protection while you are sleeping – and attracting more income and opportunities to you while you sleep i.e. your investments grow even when you are asleep.

3. Gain income opportunities.

Adding a turtle figure or image to your office will boost your support and recognition at work – not to mention opportunities to move up the career ladder – and earn more money. Place a Chinese coin in its mouth to represent the impending arrival of money.

4. Increase your earning power.

Place a turtle in the north sector of your living room to increase your generating income and opportunities for more income and job promotions.

5. Improve your health.

If you’d like happier family relationships and better, more vibrant health, add a turtle to the east sector of your house or living room to improve both areas of your life. The turtle, a symbol of water, enhances the wood corner of the east to make it grow. That growth also represents an expanding wallet, too.

6. The dragon and tortoise improve your career.

If you’re looking for serious gains in income and opportunity, consider adding a dragon tortoise to your office. These creatures are the embodiment of both the dragon (power) and tortoise (protection, influence) and together symbolize the development of good fortune in work and business. Add him to your desk, on the side, as he is too powerful to confront, or on a table behind your desk. Place a Chinese coin in his mouth to represent increasing income.

Consideration in selecting a turtle

The main consideration while placing a turtle in your home or office is as below.

  • The material of the turtle to be placed
  • The direction in which it is to be placed

Although you can place any material turtle and in any direction, as it is a guardian and always protects the energy, but to be sure, and to do it systematically, it is advised to do it according to one’s Kua Number and Birth Element.

Once a person knows his or her Kua number and Birth Element, the direction, and an element which is lucky or beneficial for him or her can easily find out. The only task left is to install or place a turtle of required material in the appropriate direction in the house or office for good effects.

The material of Turtles

  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Crystal
  • Wood

Integrated Turtles

Apart from normal turtle, there are various forms available like Dragon-Turtle, Turtle with coins etc These forms are just combinations of various feng shui symbolism together to bring integrated energy changes in the house or office. Sometimes these integrated energy symbols give magical results and abundance.

Few more tips

Chinese legends tell of how the turtle came out of the Lo River carrying the secrets and mysteries of the Bagua, the source of feng shui. This symbolizes turtle on a rise of land just like an island. If you do not have a rise of land at the back of your home, the tortoise’s support can be mimicked with landscaping or even an image of a tortoise or turtle at the rear of the home.

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