Name Analysis

Free Name Analysis as per Numerology

One of the Most Important aspects of a Name Correction is the Analysis.

What is your name doing for you?

Is it causing havoc? Is it Neutral or Is it already Lucky?

A lot of times people have a Lucky Date of Birth but a very Unlucky name. So their name is really the culprit causing all the turbulence.

Sometimes a person has an Unlucky date of Birth and also an Unlucky name. We then correct the name to make it Lucky and work for them.

There are Two Kinds of Name Corrections we offer

Regular Lucky name Correction and

Victory Name Correction

Sheelaa also does Business name corrections, baby name corrections, and brand name corrections or Victory brand names.

Leave your name in the comments and Sheelaa Bajaj will analyze your name.

If you want to analyze your name personally with a consultation session where we offer insightful suggestions, you can take advantage of our online payment link (given below) and schedule your appointment quickly.

  1. My name is sateesh I m facing lot of problems in my life. My date of birth is 05-November – 1983. please correct my name.

    1. Amazing insights on radio,Im an old fan of Sheelaa. I could relate to every word of what u were saying when you spoke of the numbers. and every show is so interesting with different topics. I get to learn so much about myself and my life just from your shows.
      You should have a daily show for the 12 signs like how you had on Headlines Today.

      Thank you for all the trasnformation you’ve caused in my life from the remedies suggested by you when i got a phone session with you 4 years ago.
      eternally grateful

  2. Hi Sheela,
    My official name is Arun M.P and My DOB 21/04/1978 (friday, time: 6:20 AM & Birth place is Madanapallie (AP)). I’m facing lots of difficulties in my personal,career & also in marriage (Not married) and please advise me how my future and when my marriage will happen, work in abroad and lastly is their any corrections need to be done in my name.

    Thanks & Regards,

  3. sir
    Resp Sir

    My name is N.K.Deepak kumar but i changed it to N.K.Deepoc khumar. from some pandit advise. but iam not satisfied with this new name. iam still little bit of confused. iam married.( past 9 yrs). but no children till now. was the changed name affecting my life. plz send me complete details whether i have to change name or keep my first name as it is.
    presently i dont have job. will i do job / business? what is suitable for me? my wife name is Shashikala.

    N.K.Deepak kumar
    date of birth: 20-08-1970.

    time of birth: 9-20. night. (Hyd)

    place of birth: hyderabad.

    Nakshatra: Revati

  4. Hi sheila.
    I am vireesha.. I am struggling about job..I am not getting job and I have problems in personal life too..can you suggest me any thing…my certificate name is vireesha…

  5. hello Sheila,
    I am Avinash Singh Rathour(as per certificates)and my date of birth is 26/03/1986……i am struggling with my job it like i have very good starts in all work i do but when it come have fruit it goes to someone else or it does not come to me…i try everything and do best in my job profile but nothing is working out i am not getting that recognition and growth in my job…..what do i have to do ????

  6. Hi sir,

    My name is K.Mohammad Yunus. My actual date of birth 07/11/1991, but in my certificates it could be printed as 07/05/1992. People called me “yunus”. My signature “k.yunus”. I have lot of problems in my career as well as money matters. Please help me, there is any corrections in my name…reply must to mail…Thanking you……

  7. I am P Ravi Teja, My date of birth is 06th June 1991. please suggest me any name correction as I am really facing problems… please…

  8. My name is D.sri chaithanya / d.sri chaithanya vardhan .i was born on 29/03/1978 . Please suggest me if there are any corrections in my name. I am facing lot of problems in all the ways.

  9. Hi, Sheelaa,
    My name is SARAVANAN, people call SARA, my date of birth 6-11-1984, i’st anything i need to change my name.. i like to do business, currently working in Call centre.Thanks

  10. hello, my name shridhar arya and my DOB is 12 august 1988. My career hasn’t progressed the way it should have. Please suggest any changes in my name. plz

  11. i am vinod kumar srihan,born on 15th feb.1964 ,birthplace is chandigarh and time is 6.04am.please advice me regarding my work

  12. Hi Sheelaa,
    My DOB is 03.05.1978, I facing extreme turbulence in life at present related to job, marriage, business etc. I request you to suggest my name correction so as to bring it into victory names. Request you to reply,..

  13. my name is deepak kumar, d.o.b- 05-01-1995, my life is very dangeresful at this movement please tell me how to control i am very -2 tension ,mai kya karu agar sahi bolta hu to v galat mujhe hi samajh baithte hai .if i am stands for true man but never response my feelings anybody

  14. Hello Mam,
    My name is Samarth Srivastava & my date of birth is 13-12-1987. Should I use an
    extra ‘a’ in my name to make it luckier for me?
    please comment and share your views

  15. My name is KETAN PATEL & MY D.O.B IS 26-03-1969. Madam give me basic details why m is not success in my realty business & life insurance business.

  16. Hello Sheela,

    Iam Niharika Vemmentala, born on September 01,1990 at 4.45 pm. Iam student pursuing Company Secretary Course final Year. I couldnot progress well in my studies inspite of my best efforts. Kindly suggest if name correction is required.

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