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Free Name Analysis as per Numerology

One of the Most Important aspects of a Name Correction is the Analysis.

What is your name doing for you?

Is it causing havoc? Is it Neutral or Is it already Lucky?

A lot of times people have a Lucky Date of Birth but a very Unlucky name. So their name is really the culprit causing all the turbulence.

Sometimes a person has an Unlucky date of Birth and also an Unlucky name. We then correct the name to make it Lucky and work for them.

There are Two Kinds of Name Corrections we offer

Regular Lucky name Correction and

Victory Name Correction

Sheelaa also does Business name corrections, baby name corrections, and brand name corrections or Victory brand names.

Leave your name in the comments and Sheelaa Bajaj will analyze your name.

If you want to analyze your name personally with a consultation session where we offer insightful suggestions, you can take advantage of our online payment link (given below) and schedule your appointment quickly.

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  1. My Date of birth is 26 Feb 1979
    My Name is Sucheta Saha
    My Business Name is Coach Sucheta and Team
    Do my business and Name need corretion

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