Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Handling a Break up

Handling a Break up

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Handling a Break up

Handling a Break up

Handling a break-up

Each one of us goes through painful relationships. We are connected to people close to us with a chord. This chord is as strong as a physical chord, maybe stronger. That’s why when relationships fail or a friendship goes sour we feel pain.

We also have chords with toxic relationships and draining colleagues. We can have chords with virtually anyone.

If you are going through a phase of pain or getting drained you may have to cut your chords.

One can get some Intensive Chord cutting healing done by a senior healer or try this technique.

Spend 5 minutes visualizing a purple cloud all around you and a blue cloak covering you. Call upon your guardian angels, especially Archangel Michael. He helps with

cutting chords

Ask their help in vacuuming out the chord that connects you to your soulmate. This chord is connected through the top of our head and is greenish-grey in color.

Cleanse your room with a combination of smudges

Delete all old emails and messages.

Write a letter releasing the relationship and the person in love and light. Forgive yourself and the other. Cover them with white light and let go.

Do this for 21 days.

Have a bath with Healing salt for 21 days.

Keep an ankh pink crystal under the bed for that time.

One can also get some healing done to remove the electric charge connected to all the thoughts feelings and emotions connected to the memories.

Your heart is sure to heal.

If this technique doesn’t work, there might be past life oaths and vows with this soul mate which need to be revoked.

People who deal with painful breakups, abuse, messy divorces or extramarital relationships are usually dealing with past life oaths and vows which need to be released.

There was one childless couple who came for some money coaching and in that session, they mentioned that they had been trying to have a baby and had tried even IVF and failed.

I cleared their oaths and vows from another lifetime with other beings they had vowed to give birth to and they conceived in 2 months.

There was once a woman who was single and went through a series of breakups. The moment she would get emotionally close to someone they would break up or the relationship would fall apart. Once I cleared her oaths and vows, did a Name Correction for her and took her through a class with me, she could sustain a happy relationship and is now married.

Releasing vows and chords from previous bonds and relationships can be liberating and can completely turn the life around.

Sheelaa Bajaj S is a celebrity Numerologist Tarot reader for 15 years and Author of The Love Mirage.

Sheelaa currently does a Radio show with Fever 104 and Daily show on National Television on Aajtaks channel TEZ.


Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Handling a Break up

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