Introducing Our Online Store

Introducing Our Online Store

Two weeks ago, I hinted to the VIP Email Club subscribers (signup for free here to become a VIP email subscriber) that at we will be bringing new integrations and experiences to our website in 2018.

And, I have exciting news to share today!

Well, before I reveal what exactly it is, let me tell you that this was something in our back of mind for some time now. And this is related to the products that my readers & clients used to ask and buy from our physical store/office in Bangalore. Owing to amazing results the products were brought into people’s lives, the demand for the products kept growing exponentially. However, serving those new customers and meeting the growing demand became a challenge since the only way people could see and buy the products was from our physical store in Bangalore, Karnataka.

We didn’t have an online platform where people can buy our products from the comfort of their mobile/tablets or even computer and get the products delivered directly to their homes.

It’s all going to change from today.

We are launching our brand new online shop.  It’s

Click here to go to our online store and obtain the products that you like. The products will be home delivered to you, no matter where you live in India.

Feel free to browse the collections, get them and leave an honest review. I am always listening to your feedback.

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Mam, how much time your soap & oil takes time to show ‘positive’ results & would there any negative effect esp. with Black magic soap

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