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Is A Name Correction the only way to fix an unlucky date of birth

Which numbers in your date of birth spell trouble?

First, add your date, then add date month and year

Eg 1-1-2000

Your birth number is 1

And your life path number is a 4
Now that we have determined how to calculate your numbers,

If you have a 4,7 and 8 in your birth number or Life path number.

Your name needs to be enhanced or corrected to control the negative effects of the BN(birth number ) and LPN( life path number.

Sometimes the date of birth is fine or great, but the name maybe malefic.

In that case, we need to correct the spelling to make it positive.

You attract the energy you vibrate at. So if your name or date of birth is connected to a troubled planet, you could be attracting the struggle in your life.

The name is the first thing we must do. Its like the foundation of the building.

After which we can activate planets with the help of yantras and stones.

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