7 Misconceptions about Numerology that Need Addressing

The study of numbers has long been a field many have resorted to in order to divine an in-depth reading of their lives and personalities. While many call it a dubious art, it does not limit the accuracy that numerology can provide.

A numerologist online consultation is enough to not only help individuals understand themselves better but also get relevant guidance to create opportunities for their future with the help of numbers and what they signify in each person’s life.

Is a Numerologist Consultation Really Helpful?

While there are many who doubt, having an open mind towards the mystic arts can become your greatest strength. You not only understand yourself and your circumstances better but also gain a different perspective on the outer world. The guidance you can receive through numerology is often accurate enough to restructure your plans towards a more successful future.

Certain people also have an unusual spiritual connection to the intangible that makes them clairvoyant and their readings more precise and specific to the individual they are reading for.

Busting Myths Surrounding Numerology

Despite the accuracy and belief in numerology since the ancient days, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding this field, making many steer clear of it. Here are some common myths we’d like to bust!

Myth #1 Your Numerologist Consultation Will Predict the Future

Numerology has had its origins since ages ago and is widely used to analyse one’s life and personality by determining the ruling number in their life. However, contrary to popular belief, numerology is not an avenue for fortune-telling. Numerology, as a science, can shed light on your current circumstances and a possibility of what can be expected with the help of numbers that are pivotal in your life, and cannot be considered a prediction tool.

Numerologists can, however, guide you by advising on what can be favourable for you based on the numbers pivotal in your life. Your choices also greatly determine what path your life could take, making numerology a guide for you more than a prediction.

Myth #2 Your Life Path Number Is the Only Crucial Number You Should Know

While the life path number is a vital one with the highest value in our lives, there are certain other numbers that also determine a lot of the major avenues in each individual’s life. These are the soul number, the personality number, the maturity number, and the destiny number. Each of these numbers determine a certain aspect, from a person’s capabilities and interests to how the individual is perceived by the outside world.

Along with your life path number, knowing your soul, destiny, and personality numbers along with the others numbers compatible with you is equally crucial. Your numerologist online consultation can help you know these numbers that could be vital in leading you toward a more successful direction.

Myth #3 Numerology is the Same As Astrology

Numerologists often also study astrology and vice versa to be more in tune with mystic arts. However, numerology is not the same as astrology. Where astrology is based on the study of planets, their positions, and the time and place of an individual’s birth, numerology is the study of numbers to identify a person’s life path, personality, destiny, and soul numbers with the help of their name. 

A numerologist consultation will also help your numerologist identify whether a change to your number can create better opportunities for you. On the other hand, astrology does not take the name of an individual into consideration in its study.

Myth #4 Numbers Influence your Actions

Numerology is the study of numbers that help identify the ruling numbers in your life. While it is true that numbers can offer the needed information to guide you in the right direction for success in your career, relationships, and personal life, they cannot influence your actions to an extent where you are forced to make decisions based on them. You are free to choose your actions and your path despite what the numbers tell you.

Myth #5 Your Lucky and Unlucky Numbers Determine Your Circumstances

Depending on your numerological analysis, there may be certain numbers that are more favourable to you than others. However, a single digit will not solely determine your circumstances. Numerologists carry out a detailed study of your charts with the knowledge that every number carries vibrations compatible with other numbers to create a favourable balance for each individual. While you may be able to calculate your life path number on your own, a numerologist consultation is needed to identify what the numbers mean for you and what other numbers can balance out the negativity for you. By studying your charts, your numerologist will also help you identify what numbers are favourable for you in terms of wealth and success.

Myth #6 Numerology Forces You to Change Your Name  

Numbers can be powerful and your name and date of birth hold the key to yours. While the date you were born cannot be changed, a name can always be revised. However, that does not mean all our clients require a change in their names.

Every letter holds a numerical value which, when added until you get a single digit, gives you the number dominant in your life. The readings and analysis of all the ruling numbers in your life help numerologists find out whether they are a positive or negative influence in your life. In certain cases, subtle but vital changes help balance out the negative influences. A name change is just one of them and not something needed in every case. Further, we always make sure the change to a name is as close to the original as possible, making the change imperceptible when the name is verbally spoken.

Myth #7 Numerology limits an Individual

This is a misconception grown out of the fact that numerology readings provide insights into a potential path one can take towards success. The truth, however, is that numerology helps discover your innate talents, personality, shortcomings and more, which then help numerologists identify the right career paths for you and provide the needed guidance that could lead you into better circumstances. Unless you let it limit you, there is much that you can gain through a numerologist online consultation. With the knowledge gained through consultation and your free will in choosing your paths, you can carve a future that is favourable to you.

While these are only some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding numerology, it is never your gain if you judge an art before you’ve tried it. For the many who believe, numerology has been life-changing and has brought them a more positive perspective.

You can go for an online consultation with leading numerologists to get a glimpse into how you can benefit from the numbers ruling in your life. At the end of the day, you’re certainly winning life.

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