Lucky Colours in Numerology

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Lucky Colours in Numerology

Each number is connected to a planet, and each planet rules a certain color.

Colors are a way of tapping into the energy of that specific planet.

even Numerological yantras are ways of tapping into the energy of the planet.

when a certain color is a work we are using the energy of that planet to enhance or deplete our energies. Hence the theory of lucky and unlucky colors.

First, we need to determine which planets a person is ruled by and which are their lucky planets.  After that, we analyze the plane’s throat are depleting charming the individual.

The colors that are connected to the favorable or lucky planets are the lucky colors and the ones that are unfavorable or depleting the energy become unlucky.

colors can be used in different ways. Clothes, objects, cars, accessories, etc.

yantras along with colors and gemstones make a greater impact numerologically.

then the weakest planet can be enhanced without doing much.

Number 1’s

those born on 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th or whose destiny number adds to Number 1.

You are ruled by the Sun. People ruled by the sun are very lucky, visible and can attain fame and recognition.

lucky colors to enhance tour luck is yellow, orange, shades of orange.

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