LUCKY Gemstones according to NUMEROLOGY

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LUCKY Gemstones according to NUMEROLOGY

We are all ruled by planets in our date of birth and in our name. When we are ruled by bad planets in our date of birth we can make up for it by balancing it in a lucky name. For example, people who are ruled by number 4 Number 7 and number 8  go through a lot of turmoil and turbulence in life. Everything you do ends up in a struggle. Nothing comes to them easy.

Please read my posts under numbers 1-9.

So anybody was ruled by negative planets on the date of birth can compensate for it by getting a name correction. Sometimes we want additional support from the same planets.

If a person needs additional support from planets They can wear gemstones.

A detailed study needs to be done astrologically I numerologically to know the exact stone for the person however we guideline can be given according to the date of birth.

Number one. Number one people can wear a ruby red carnelian or a sunstone.

Number two. Number two people can wear moonstone Or Pearl.

Number three. Number three people can wear yellow sapphire or citrine or yellow topaz.

Number four. Number 4 People can wear Gomed or hessonite.

Number five. Number five people can wear Emerald or malachite.

Number six. Number six people can wear clear Quartz Crystal or diamond.

Number seven. Number seven people can wear cat’s-eye or tigers Eye.

Number eight. Number eight people can wear blue sapphire or lapis lazuli.

Number nine. Number nine people can wear a red coral or red carnelian.

Even though these are basic stones for each number, One should get a detailed analysis of the date of birth name place of birth astrological planets and transition period to determine the right stone.

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