Marriage Date Numerology

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Marriage Date Numerology

Choosing a marriage date is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. The marriage date is like the birthday of the marriage. The future of the marriage is then ruled by that energy. Many choose to prioritise availability and convenience over numerology while choosing marriage dates, not realising the impact that the chosen date can have over the lives of the people tying the knot and their relationship. 

It is very important to choose the right marriage date because choosing a malefic marriage date can result in separation, discord in the marriage and divorce. Some couples face childless marriages due to a malefic marriage date.

In this post, I’m going to be very generic about marriage dates.

Ideally, a marriage date choosing is a lengthy process. Both the bride and groom’s date of birth and planets are analyzed. Then it is matched and the right date is given. We also match some aspects of astrology and give them a date that would be both goods astrologically and numerologically. Looking at only one aspect isn’t enough.

We also look at the Chinese wedding date calculation method to make sure there are no classes of energy when two become one.

It is first important to determine what your birth number and life number is.

The birth number is just the sum total of the date of birth.

The life number is the sum total of the date month and year of birth

Both these numbers are vital in order to determine your compatibility with all the ruling numbers in your life. This will eventually help determine your potential compatibility and relationship with your life partner.

Marriage dates for Number 1’s.

Number 1s are those with their date of birth (born on 1st, 10th,19th and 28th) or life path number adding up to 1.

Number 1’s should get married on a date or destiny number adding to 1.

Marriage dates for Number 2’s

You are a number 2 If you are born on 2nd 11th, 20th Or 29th or your destiny number adds up to 2.

Number 2’s should get married on a date or destiny number adding to 1.

Marriage dates for Number 3’s

Number 3s are people born on 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th or if their destiny number or life path number is a Number 3.

Number 3s should get married on a number 3 or 9 destiny number. 1 is also ok as it is neutral in this case.

Number 4’s

This signifies people born on 4th, 13th 22nd or 31st or if their destiny number is 4
Number 4’s must marry on a date adding to 1 or 7.

Number 5s

People born on 5th,14th or 23rd or with destiny number 5 are number 5s.
These individuals must marry on a date adding to 1 or 9.
Marrying on a date adding to 5 or date as 5 causes destruction, turbulence in a marriage and even divorce. Number 5 is a very unlucky date or destiny number for marriage.

Number 6s

These are people born on 6th, 15th and 24th or if their destiny number is 6
Number 6 people must marry on a date or destiny number adding 6 or 9.
Since 6 is ruled by Venus, the marriage will be blessed with love and abundance. These marriages get an edge over other normal date marriages.

Number 7s

People born on 7th, 16th, and 25th or with destiny number 7 are the number 7s.
Number 7 people must marry on a date that adds up to 1.
Since 7 is ruled by Ketu, number 7s must be extremely cautious and have their names corrected as their number 7 can cause difficulty in finding a partner and even if they get married, they face marital issues or even separation.

Number 8s

8s are people born on 8th, 17th and 26th or if their destiny number is 8.
Number 8 people must marry on a date that is adding up to 1.
Number 8 people are ruled by Saturn or Shani. This causes a lot of interference in their marital life. A fitting lucky name or a victory name can be a huge saving grace.
In addition, a marriage date adding to an 8 can be filled with turmoil.

Number 9s

Number 9s are people born on 9th, 18th and 27th or if their destiny number is 9.
Number 9 people can marry on dates adding to 3, 6 or 9. Even marrying on a Number 1 date is ok.

This post deals with generic marriage dates. These are not specific to a couple as each person has 2 numbers they are ruled by. Hence it’s best to get a detailed analysis of your date of birth and get a numerology marriage date chosen for a blissful life ahead.

One must also get a numerology date for starting a business or signing a contract. There are just some dates better than others.

A numerology consultation for marriage date numerology can help determine your compatibility for the date with the ruling numbers in your life and that of your partner’s. While planning out your wedding, if there is any number that constantly resonates in your mind and has come to mean something to you as a couple, make sure you take it into account. Your intuition is as much in tune with the spiritual realm. Discuss your plans and your thoughts with your numerologist to help understand what the ideal date would be while also taking your personal connection with numbers into account.

Sheelaa M Bajaj has helped many couples and families find the perfect marriage date that has brought about positive outcomes in their respective families. Further Sheelaa also takes your personal feelings into account when providing consultation for your marriage date numerology.
If you’re planning a wedding soon and need numerology advice on the right marriage date, you can book an appointment with Sheelaa and find out what lies ahead for you as a couple.

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Hi, I got married on 29-dec 2010 and my dob is 21-4-1988. my husband dob is 24-8-1981.kindly tell me if the marriage date is good or not. Also i calculated my marriage date no and found it to be 13. so is it diffuclt to have children when having this date no. Kindly guide

Cud you please tell me how my name needs to be changed as per numerology.

My DOB: 20/4/1980
Name: Sherine Simon

I am divorced since 11 yrs nw n evn though v have been looking for a 2nd marriage nothing s finalizing n lots of negativity arnd.
Please help me.


Hi i m born on 16april1981
N my partner on 3septmber1978
We are planning our marriage on 2feb2020
.. will it b ok??

My dob is name is m.saravanabavananthan. please correct my name I am childless.

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