The Most Famous Numerologists in History – Drawing Insights Then and Now

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | The Most Famous Numerologists in History - Drawing Insights Then and Now

The Most Famous Numerologists in History – Drawing Insights Then and Now

Numerology has been around since the ancient days, having been adapted over the years to form different origins. The combination of numbers and the various life events linked to these numbers make understanding the history of numerology essential. Some of the historic figures we have known over the centuries are even the top numerologists of their time.
There is a legacy behind the science of numerology that is hidden in plain sight.

The Vibrations Identified in Numbers

In life, we usually look forward to being at the receiving end of good vibrations and consciously stay away from the negative ones. For example, if there is a toxic person who constantly belittles, badgers, and puts down your choices and ideas, you tend to avoid or completely steer clear of them. Similarly, a top numerologist associates numbers to have vibrations.

Your date of birth and name are used for numerology report preparation by well-read and famous numerologists. It can help you figure out your life path and examine how others perceive you.

Identifying the Use of Numerology in History

We can trace the history of numerology as far back as 4004 BC. The Chaldean numerology chart was one of the first to be recognized, it was used by Babylonians and also referred to as the Babylonian numerological chart by many historians. It was formed based on associating specific sounds of letters to numbers and analyzing the vibrations that they held.

We are also able to see other formulated numerological charts used in history, The Pythagorean numerology chart, the Abjad system (an Arabic system), specific ones designed on the basis of Hebrew, Greek and Armenian numerals. The main difference between these systems is based on the numerical system and sound of letters used in languages.

The word ‘numerology’ was first used or mentioned in the year 1907, until then the numerological ideas were present but arbitrarily mentioned as a science of numbers associated with sound and referred to as ‘Arithmancy’.  In history, we are able to identify varying uses and formats they took in accordance with time and geographical locations.

In China, certain numbers are deemed to be lucky. We can find that even numbers or numbers in pairs are considered to give good fortune. Similarly, they find that the number 4 is a homophone for death and is considered to bring bad luck. Thus the 13th floor is not mentioned in lifts in this part of the world.

The Most Famous Numerologists in the History of Mankind

While we understand the relevance of numerology in the ancient times and now, let’s get a glimpse of the famous numerologists in the world and what the theories they brought forth in the study of numerology


Often identified as the most world famous numerologist and the father of numerology, Pythagoras needs no introduction. He is famous for his contributions to Mathematics and in particular the Pythagorean Theorem.

He traveled to Egypt to study and understand the knowledge found in the Chaldean Numerology chart. He remained there for twenty-two years studying the nuances and the divine energy associated with numbers. (reference)

After his studies, he concluded that numbers were building blocks of the world and we can interpret anything and everything with them. The Pythagorean Number System was devised by him wherein numbers were assigned letters based on numerical values.


Cheiro is none other than William John Warner, a famous Irish astrologer. Having come to India when he was young, Cheiro delved into palmistry and astrology. He also dedicatedly studied numerology, eventually writing ‘Cheiro’s Book of Numbers’.


Plato is yet another historical figure influenced by Pythagoras’ theories on numbers and the vibrations they hold. While not a famous numerologist in his own right, he had an obsession with numerology that led him to devour the teachings of Pythagoras.

Famous and Genuine Numerologists in India

To this day many numerologists world over employ his system for analyzing, readings, report preparation and understanding the numerological significance for individuals. Here are some of the top numerologists emerging from India:

St. Augustine

After Pythagorus, the second most famous founding father of numerology was St Augustine of Hippo. He believed that various phenomena of this universe can be explained with the help of numerology. It is up to us whether we understand this universal language of numbers and enable ourselves to comprehend this association or rely on the grace of God to reveal it to us.

Mrs L Dow Balliet

She was one of the renowned numerologists in the 1800s, who wrote one of the earliest books in the history of numerology. In her work, Mrs Balliet appreciated the ancient sacred numbers of the Bible and correlated them with the vibratory effect of numbers as explained by Pythagoras. Dr Juno Jordan, a contemporary author later recreated her works and confirmed that Mrs Balliet was a follower of the Pythagorean numerology.

Relevance of Numerologists

While the art of numerology is ancient, having seen years of evolution, the essence of numerology and all that it pertains remains constant. These numbers, through interpretation by a top numerologist, hold the key to revealing things about your life you’re yet unsure of.

Genuine Numerologists help guide your energies and help you understand yourself and control the spiritual machinations present in your life to one’s benefit. Some have lost track and need guidance, some go through life without experiencing the joys of life and are stuck. It could be because of any personal or professional roadblocks.

Our life’s destiny can be interpreted by the use of specific numerical calculations by the famous numerologists in India. This is why some people choose to change their names and even the numbers that are associated with them on a daily basis.

Sometimes these readings may even help you sneak a peek into your future and prepare for what is to come. The simple truth is that most often numbers are constantly moving around you, be it age, time, date, or your position in a queue.

We often try different things to get ahead or get a leg up in life because sometimes the odds are stacked against us. Numerology is an easy way to execute that. Finding our purpose and improving ourselves are important parts of our personal growth.

Numerology Then and Now

While we’ve delved into the contribution of the most famous numerologist over time spanning centuries, the relevance of numerology hasn’t changed much. On the other hand, there has been a significant shift in the way we perceive and approach it. Where technical advancements are thought to have overpowered ancient knowledge and wisdom, true numerologists challenge these perceptions with their accuracy and connection to the intangible realm of the cosmos.

Accessibility to Famous Numerologists

A key change over the years is the accessibility to famous numerologists no matter what part of the world we are in. What was once a subject full of limitations is now able to interpret complex patterns and numbers with a click of a button through online numerology calculators. But the truth remains – the profound insights that a numerologist like Sheelaa M Bajaj, one among the top 10 numerologists in the world, can provide is sure to be more empowering, clear, and explained with an emotional connection to your soul.

Numerology as a Self-Reflection Tool

In the ancient days, renowned numerologists were consulted with the sole aim to predict the future and for divination. With the evolution of numerology as a science or practice, it is now widely used as a tool to glean insights and to self-reflect, empower, and encourage individuals for personal and professional growth.

A Shift in Practical Application

For a major part, numerology as a consulting method for career choices wasn’t unheard of. But its application was certainly limited. Today, more and more people are leaning toward this practice as a guiding force to help discover individual strengths and identify potential career options.

An Avenue for Spiritual Growth

Before, numerology was a tool to align oneself with the cosmos for spiritual enlightenment. Combined with modern-day practices, numerology is both an avenue for spiritual growth and one that uses contemporary practices like mindfulness and manifestation as a means to actualise visions and goals.

How will a Reading by a Famous Numerologist in the World make a Difference?

A famous numerologist reading helps you carve your own narrative after a good reading. They concentrate on where you can change and improve yourself.  They also equip you with tools that will be helpful for you in finding inner peace like crystals, gems, and the like. If you’re looking for the best numerologist in the world to offer you guidance, you can contact to Sheelaa ji.

Sheelaa M Bajaj is a renowned world famous numerologist. Her main focus is to provide you with an accurate numerological portrait that will help further your ambitions and business goals and also elevate the quality of your personal life.

Sheelaa has given readings for many celebrities and is identified as one of the most recognised numerologists in Asia. Her team of consultants is adept at providing you the necessary counsel for improving your spiritual healing.

Sheelaa provides numerology consultations both online and offline, allowing you the chance to find out more about your life, irrespective of where you live or come from.

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