Tarot Cards for Decision-Making: The What, Why and How!

  • ‘I am so confused all the time.’ 
  • ‘I worry that my decisions will turn into regrets. So I don’t like making them.’
  • ‘How can I decide if he/she is the right person for me?’
  • ‘I have been juggling companies for so long. I just cannot decide if this is what I want to do!’

Some decisions can be the hardest things to make, especially when it’s a choice between where you should be, and where you want to be! Choices are the hinges of destiny, and any decision — big or small — can impact your life. With indecision or by delaying your decisions, you might let opportunities slip by. And that doesn’t seem like the ideal thing to do, does it?

Are you facing a difficult decision? Weighing up different choices? 80% of life is destiny, but a powerful 20% is free will — and you can use that wisely to get desired outcomes in your life. 

In those times, when you’re not feeling confident in your own abilities or feeling afraid of making a decision, you may need a helping hand. When you’re hitting the “decision fatigue”, or overthinking the outcome of your choice — you need a channel to give you a divine direction. Someone to consult for the answers to the many questions life brings. A tarot card reading consultation gives you just that — and much more! If you’re wondering what a tarot card is and what a tarot card reading can do for you,  dive right into this article!

What Exactly Is Tarot Card?

On the surface, it’s just a card in a deck of cards. But there’s always more to what meets the eye. Tarot cards are a form of divination that work with your ‘higher self’. They aid in tapping into your intuition to help you make better decisions and build your future. Tarot cards give you guidance around what is happening in your personal orbit: love, money, career, marriage, business and general life.

The cards have a long and rich history dating back to 15th century Europe. While they originated in the 1500s, they have evolved into becoming symbols of wisdom and insight into people’s lives — their past, present and even future. There are different tarot cards, and every card has a purpose and meaning behind it. 

Today, they’ve become tools for people to learn more about themselves — and can help them in making decisions. 

What Is Tarot Card Reading?

The word ‘tarot’ is said to have derived from the Italian word ‘tarocchi.’ A tarot card reading is a tool of divination to help you get answers to your questions. Practitioners use tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future. If you’re encountering a crossroads in your life, a tarot card reading can be your saviour! 

There are two different types of tarot readings — question readings and open readings. In question readings, a specific question is addressed. The way a question is stated is very important. There are also yes or no tarot readings, where the answer to a question is either  ‘yes’ or  ‘no’. These types of readings are very popular and beneficial. In open readings, a request for guidance is made and it’s not tied to a particular problem. Meaning, there is no specific question and you are communicated what you need to know at a given moment.  

What Are Tarot Cards Used For?

Tarot cards tell a story about the cycles of our lives. They’re not exactly for “fortune-telling” as most people believe, but more about the deeper psychological symbols of the tarot. They tell you how you can apply them to your life — every day! Each card is packed with loads of information! 

The cards can bring out your state of mind and the issues surrounding you with stark accuracy. They can also guide you on how your decisions might result in a positive or a negative situation. They give you answers to your queries, help you better understand your problems and find a viable solution. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?!

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

A tarot deck usually consists of 78 cards, sorted into what’s called the ‘minor arcana’ and the ‘major arcana’. The ​major arcana​ cards reflect important life events, lessons or milestones; and the minor arcana​ cards denote day-to-day events. But there are many varieties of tarot decks, and there is no standard number of cards across all of them. Decks are also based on various themes — which could include nature, fantasy, dragons, animals, etc. 

The tarot practitioner — also called the tarot reader — is like a medium or channel through which divine energy or your ‘higher self’ gives you answers. It’s almost like consulting someone for your life path or decision. It gives you the sense of direction and intuition you’re looking for. Some systems may rely on numerology depending on where the card falls in the deck, or astrology for deeper levels of meaning. 

The different trials and tribulations you might face during this journey may be revealed by shuffling the deck, picking out cards and laying them out in order during a tarot card reading. It’s like a complex language, and every reading is different. These tarot cards may not always predict your future, but will surely help you figure it out!

How Can Tarot Card Reading Benefit You?

In any and every area of your life, a tarot card reading can diagnose the root cause of your problem and the block in your life that’s causing it. It can help you — 

Make a Better Career

  • ‘What work can I do that will be the most fulfilling?’ 
  •  ‘Will I get this job?’
  • ‘What actions can I take right now to further my career?’
  • ‘What’s blocking me from achieving my full potential?’
  • ‘Will I be promoted?’
  • ‘Can this career move help me?’ 
  • ‘Is this the right time to make a career change?’

Have you ever had questions like these? Or are you having them right now? What if we tell you that a tarot card reading can help you make a more informed decision? Yes, you read that right! 

Tarot cards help you understand the situation in terms of its apparent and hidden opportunities and threats. You can understand a particular situation better, plan accordingly and execute your moves. You can know if something is blocking your career growth — and how to fix that. 

You understand what kind of partnerships or mentorships will benefit you, and what will not. Whether you have questions about your job switch or hike in salary — the tarot can answer all your questions with ease. You can unlock hidden messages in your professional journey. The key is to ask questions as specific as possible to the tarot reader/practitioner, and keep your mind open!

Find Your Ideal Life Partner

Some people struggle to find their ideal partner throughout their lifetime. Some may not be able to recognize their soulmate even if he/she is right next to them. Choosing the most special one can be hard. Whether you love someone, are meeting someone for a marriage proposal, want to propose to someone or just want to know when you’ll meet ‘the one’ — tarot can be your best guiding light!

In a tarot deck, many cards are directly linked to love and relationships. If romance is looking like a decision you’re stuck with, tarot cards are a great tool to help clear the air for you. Whether you want some relationship advice or help in finding a partner  — just get a tarot card reading! You can trust a tarot reading to open the doors that connect you to your special someone, your ideal life partner. Someone who may not be perfect in everything (no human is), but someone who is just perfect for you! Choose a personalized reading and make an informed choice. 

Choose the Right Business Partner

Sometimes, businesses can fail or be at the risk of failing. Not because of less money, no marketing or other business-related issues, but due to frequent disputes between business partners. Business partners need to work together and have good compatibility.

But what if you choose a business partner who isn’t good for you? Or isn’t compatible with you? How can you be sure they’re willing to collaborate? What if they are not willing to work out ego clashes or sort out differences in opinion? At times like these, all hell can break loose. 

A Tarot reading for business can help you know your compatibility with your business partner. Through compatibility tests, you can get to know which one of you would be the stronger/more dominant one in the business partnership and how genuine your business partner is! You also get to know his/her behaviour with clients, stakeholders, etc. When a tarot card reading can do all this for you, what are you waiting for, dear entrepreneur? Find out how beneficial (or harmful) your business partnership is to your business! 

Why Is it Important to Choose the Best Tarot Card Reader?

While there are many tarot card readers out there — both online and offline — only some tarot card readers will resonate with you. Your energies will connect as your soul seeks personal guidance. We don’t recommend readings out of curiosity or scepticism. Tarot readings must be something you turn to only when in need and when you are willing to go through the healing process recommended to you. 

In tarot card readings by Team Sheelaa M Bajaj, all aspects and influences of a problem are studied and a remedy is given from all disciplines. We use a multiple therapy approach for diagnosing and remedies. People also reach out to us for yes or no tarot reading.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I Get a Solution From Tarot Cards?

Once you are asked to draw cards, your life analysis of the past, present, and future are made. If there are obstacles, the tarot reader will look for possible solutions and recommend them to you.  If the solutions are required or are available, the best options will be suggested to you. If you need some charms, the tarot card reader may help you with that as well. 

Q. What Are the Most Important Cards in Tarot?

The most important cards in tarot are different for each of us, and they are also cards that are often misunderstood. Cards also differ based on the type of deck. However, in almost all tarot decks, The Fool is one of the most valuable cards. Some other cards that are considered important are The Eight of Swords, The Death Card and The Wheel of Fortune. Ask us to know why. 

Q. Are Tarot Cards Supernatural?

The tarot deck is only one of the many tools available for divination. Tarot card reading is a spiritual practice that requires authentic skills. It is a specific attempt to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses. It also involves observation and interpretation.

Q. How Accurate is A Tarot Card Reading?

Several testimonials all over the world prove that you can get accurate predictions through tarot card readings. Although accurate there are chances of predictions changing due to free will. 

How Tarot Has Worked for Our Clients

Having a reading with Pranjall was a fantastic experience. It’s a mystery to me how someone can read what’s going on in your head so precisely. With her exact reading for the farthest extent I could see, she cleared my vision. I’ve been seeing angel numbers for almost a month and a half, but I’ve kept it to myself and searched for meanings, but the bingo moment came when Pranjall picked it up from my mind and heart and whispered holy words without saying anything.

She’s a mind reader, for sure. I still can’t believe it.

Folks, have faith in the process.

If you’re lost or unsure about which roads to take, get Tarot readings to get a clear picture.

Thank you, Sheelaa M Bajaj, for introducing this fantastic tarot method to all of your followers and for making your staff so good at readings.

  • Jyotsana

Experts Speak

Tarot is a divine way to open the doors to an unknown world where we gain clarity to understand the patterns and conflicts in our life. A doorway to a happier tomorrow. 

Tarot- Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world.

Tarot is a way to bypass your conscious, over-thinking brain and get to the heart of what you truly and intuitively think and feel about a situation. Your life is filled with mystic secrets. If you are in search of some guiding light to help you understand your past and present, and help you peek into the future — reach out to us for a tarot card reading online or offline. 

Celebrity numerologist, tarot master, healer and life coach Ms. Sheelaa M Bajaj and our team of tarot readers channel divine guidance and wisdom to our clients, help them find a remedy to their problems, reveal their innermost thoughts or feelings, and clear out blocks in their lives. Get a tarot reading from any of us today — and get ready to change your life for the better! Say hello to your hopeful, optimistic and empowered self. Step into your power!

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