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Number Magic

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Number Magic

Number Magic

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the science of numbers planets and alphabets.

Numbers have vibrations and are connected to certain planets. Cheiro identified and explained in detail the significance of numbers and how they influence our life. The numbers we are born under influence our personality our life, the experiences we attract. in short, they are like magnets. we can’t change our date of birth and hence cant chance some experiences in our life. Whichever number we are born under we are ruled by the respective planet.

Every sound has a certain vibration it emits. Each of these numbers and sounds connect to planetary energy.

The date and time we are born are used to map our life path and astrological occurrences in our life.

The date we are born has one more application.

The date we are born is our birth number.

Life Path number is the sum total of all the numbers on our date of birth.

These 2 values can give us an enormous amount of information about the planetary energy that benefits us, influence us or affect us in a negative way.

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Hello Sheelaa,

My name is Kowsary K M born on 18th Sept 1986 at 6:45am. i am not at all happy in my life neither professionally nor personally. I am struggling in my love life seeing all this i feel i will never get married or be happy in life. Can you please tell me will i get ever get married and have a peaceful life. Please do the needful.

please suggest me my personnel and professional life is not balanced, pls suggest me some remedies or correction in names if necessary: vijay sharma DOB: 1 aug. 1981

mera birth 26 oct 1987 5am ko bihar me huya hai. mujhe apne career ke bare me janana hai.kya mujhe sarkari job hogi.

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