Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Numerology and Career Choices: Aligning Your Path with Your Numbers

Numerology and Career Choices: Aligning Your Path with Your Numbers

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Numerology and Career Choices: Aligning Your Path with Your Numbers

Numerology and Career Choices: Aligning Your Path with Your Numbers

How to Use Numerology to Predict Your Career

The Science of Numerology states that our lives are full of mystic secrets, and our Life Path numbers can help us understand our present and predict our future. The power of Numerology can be used to make major decisions such as naming babies, keeping the business name, deciding on a career path, and so on. Read on to know the relationship between Numerology and career and how the services of Numerology and tarot card reading offered by famous celebrity numerologist Dr Sheelaa M Bajaj can benefit you. Let us start by understanding the significance of the Life Path number and its effect on career choices.

Importance of Life Path Number in Numerology

Life Path number calculation is the summation of your birth date combined with the month, day, and year. This is similar to the concept of the Sun Sign, which reveals our strengths, weaknesses, talents, and career paths. A career based on the Numerology Life Path number helps you understand your core values and what you are aspiring to become based on your personality traits and life decisions.

Careers According to Life Path Number

1.  Numerology Number 1 Career Choices

Career and Numerology are often interlinked, and according to Numerology number 1, you are born to lead which can help you in obtaining a prominent position in your career. The Numerology calculations indicate your birth date and timing results in gaining professional positions as a planner, director, or an institution head.

2. Numerology Number 2 Career Choices

Number 2 in Numerology indicates that you are soft-hearted yet possess a temperament; you work hard for others in terms of career perspective rather than gaining profit for yourself. You have a high level of dependency on your emotions which can impact your career decision.

3. Numerology Number 3 Career Choices

People under Numerology number 3  tend to be honest, hardworking, diligent in work, and intelligent. This creates a positive impact on their career path in the long run. However, people with Life Path 3 may have a swing effect; either they earn the full heights expected in their career or work hard without getting any recognition in the end. The impact of Numerology on number 3 helps you to obey your professional superiors in the workplace.

4. Numerology Number 4 Career Choices

Numerology number 4’s impact on your career highlights the key weakness in your traits to be emotional, and this number may impose a hard time for you to earn. The influence of Numerology number 4 on your career directs you to work quite hard, yet you may struggle to sustain good earnings despite the effort given. You can book a consultation with Dr Sheelaa M Bajaj to know how to overcome this weakness and gain success in your chosen career. 

5. Numerology Number 5 Career Choices

A person with Numerology Life Path 5 possesses the strength to excel greatly in business which can be one of the career choices. Such a person needs to work to build a good rapport with their business partner, otherwise it may impact profit generation.

6. Numerology Number 6 Career Choices

The career path, according to Numerology number 6, predicts the role of a nurturer, such as a teacher or a caregiver and involvement in counseling. This number indicates that you can get success when you are pursuing artistic interests in life. This will bring harmony to your overall living standards. The impact of Numerology number 6 on career leads to overburdening you with responsibilities both in your household and in your career path. You may choose the path of spirituality for your emotional well-being and for thriving in such a situation.

7. Numerology Number 7 Career Choices

Numerology number 7 indicates your traits to be rational, which predicts career paths involving analytical thinking. If you have Life Path 7, you will excel in research, teaching, and a career in psychology. Numerology number 7 leads to choosing a career path that supports your natural trait of pursuing truth and knowledge.

8. Numerology’s number 8 career choices

Numerology number 8 career prediction says that you can be a strong businessman having big dreams and plans for the future. It indicates that you deem money as a tool that allows you to preserve and see things thoroughly.

Applying Numerology to Career Development

Choosing a career option as per Numerology can be beneficial as it is based on scientific calculations, and also involves consideration of your personality traits. Through rigorous calculations of your birth date and timing, the correct career path and development strategies may be identified for future success prospects.


Numerology plays a major role in the career development and selection process while being guided by a professional. You can benefit from such services offered by Dr Sheelaa M Bajaj; all you just have to do is schedule a call back from us and let us help you out.


Yes, Numerology helps you in your career by identifying the right path for you based on your qualities.

Professional guidance by Dr Sheelaa M Bajaj will help you determine your career based on Numerology.

Teaching, psychology, and research career paths are apt as some career options, as per Life Path number 7 in Numerology.

Yes, you just have to provide your birth date, month, and year, and Dr Sheelaa M Bajaj and our team will guide you further.

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