Number 11 in Numerology

Number 11 in Numerology

Number 11 in numerology is a master number. It’s one of the least afflicted numbers. It is governed by the sun because of its 1 and 1. It is primarily governed by the moon.

The number 11in numerology is talked about as a positive and a number that causes struggle and strife.

Number 11’s Numerology

Number 11 people are very different from the number 2 in many ways but they still carry the struggle and the strife.

Number 11’s work really hard to build something and at some point, it comes crumbling down. Their life is a series of ups and downs. They can achieve a lot but the limitations of the 11 pull them down very often. They also have the mood swings of the number 2.

Company names or an individual’s name must never have the number 11. When a company’s name adds up to 11 it doesn’t reach it’s the pinnacle of success. They always struggle and finally end up shutting down.

people with birth dates as number 11 or life path number 11 must get their name corrected to avoid this pattern of high highs and low lows.

Number 11 people should also read the post on Number 2.

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Hi sheila
my dob is 19/9/1986. I am a lot of issues with regards to my career and health. Could you please advise if a name correction is required.

Hi Sheela ,
My Dob is 11/04/1987, i really Don’t why everything is happen for me only, in my career lots of issues regarding personal life and job and also want to know which job field is better for me, i really confused so much please advice.

Hi, I got my name corrected a few weeks back and a victory name was done for me. I never believed too much in name numerology or astrology. I was shocked with the sudden progress my career made. A promotion, job offer abroad and bought property from some money that I earned unexpected. I was told miracles would happen but didnt think it would be so good.
Sheelaa Bajaj is amazing. Thanks a lot and I’m extrememly happy with all the feng shui changes and numerology change i made.


hi…my dob is 11/06/1991..nd my name end with 11 num olso.can you plz tel me what does it mean…

Really interesting post. Yes I do suffer from mood swings a lot, and they are getting more extreme as I grow older.
The last part you wrote caught my eyes. Do u mean an 11 should change his her name? Or they should avoid having a name that also end up as 11? I was born an 11, and my birth name also add up to 11. When I move to America, my parent dropped 1 word from my name, yet with only 3 words left it still add up to 11. If I take out my middle name and only add my last and first name together, I also get 11. What do u advise I do?

Hi sheela
My name is Avinash and my DOB is 23-01-1987. i have lots of issues with my career n health..could u plz advice me what i should do.

hi sheela mam.
i am regular watching you in tv.
and i am impressed.
you told about wolf energy.
my d. o.b is 6 apr 1976.
my mother use to say me that my birth was on brahm muhurt
at 4 a. m.
but life is full of struggle and stress.
i have lot of issue in my married life.
plz help me. thanking you

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