Number 18 in Numerology

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Number 18 in Numerology

Number 18 in numerology is considered a very heavy turbulent number. Number 18 causes struggle and strife to those who have a name number as 18 or a birth number as 18. Eg 18thdec or 18th Sept.

This number suits those who are martyrs or people who cost and for a cause a political movement. It causes way too much struggle and failure to an individual. If Anna hazard had a name number like 18, it would have worked just fine.

People who realize they have a name number as 18 have tried and failed at most things. Their karma is too much for them to handle.

Some number 18 name numbers are




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Thanks a lot for sharing this type of information this helps a lot who is interested in numerology my definition for numerology is Numerology is the study of numbers, normally based upon the premise that numbers can reveal the future or hidden information – thus, numerology is usually a form of divination. One of the most common examples of numerology is the use of a person’s name. Each letter in their name is given a number, the numbers are added up, then the numbers in the result are added up – continuing along until a single number is left, which is then alleged to be your special or lucky number

So yeah. I corrected my name from ‘ Namrata Gurudutt Kamath’ to Namrataa Kamath on advice from my mother… Havent really noticed any good that’s happened. In most situations . be in any aspect of life. I just about manage to get by. My question is did the name correction actually help? Oh and here’s the kicker. I was born on the 4th of December .. 1986.

Hi, Sheila,
My name is Smitha R( Smitha Ramesh) and my DOB is 26/01/1986, relationships and career concern me as i am going no where and there are no ends to my problems . Please suggest a name correction. Will be extremely grateful for your help.

Pls contact the office for corrections.

Your name smitha r or smitha ramesh not lucky as it is ruled by the moon . Your date of birth is ruled by shani. Definitely a name filled with turbulence and obstacles.

Thanks for sharing a informative information about number 18 numerology.
Numerology brings insight, wisdom and the ability to understand ourselves and others.
Great deep analysis and accurate

hi my birthday is on 18th is it bad .. my name is tamanna hassan and 18th jan 1988 do reply if my bday is bad if so wht can be done

Hi Sheila,

Have been hearing you on radio. My name is Srikanth Vasuraj (Srikanth is my name) and my DoB is 11/11/1955. Would appreciate your views and suggestions.

My DOB is 18th Oct 1959.My life has been TURBULENT.its reaching a stage where I cannot take it anymore.Is there a solution? I

I was shocked to see this psot.Im born on the 18th OCt 1959 and life has been one long roller coaster.I used to always wonder why so?Now there is a logical explanation which makes me feel better as I used to feel guilty and miserable.PLEASE let meknow what I can do to ovecome this situation/s which never seem to end and make life smooth for myself.I will be greatful.Im sure that the problem mentioned also has a correction and I await your inputs eagerly

My DOB is 18-Dec-1992. My name is Nitish.Jayavant.Shanbhag most people call me Nitish .Will i be able to handle this number

Dear Madam
I was Born on 18th March 1970 on Morning 10 :00am on Wednesday @ Haveri Place, My Nakshtra is Pushya 2nd Pada, Kataka Rasi,

I am struggling alot in my life and i am unble to come of in my life till date.
and my professional life is too disturb always and i am trying job but i won’t till date. and lot of Financial crisis and i won’t clear my loans. My Personal life is also not much happy and my wife is not adjusting with me

Now i willing to settle in abroad any chances for going abroad ? suggest me

Pls give the solutiuons for my problems



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