Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Number 2 in Numerology

Number 2 in Numerology

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Number 2 in Numerology

Number 2 in Numerology

The number 2 symbolises union. This could be a union of anything that aims to put an end to division.

Number 2s, you are ruled by 2 if your birth number is 2 or your life path number is 2. As someone falling under numerology 2, you have a strong bonding with the Earth and seek peace.

Number 2 According to Numerology – The Characteristics

Number 2 represents the Moon. It influences your mind, thoughts, and imagination. Like Moon waxes and wanes each fortnight, you have altered moods of elation and depression. You possess a mercurial temperament. You toe the line of someone and toil hard for him in business than to work for your own profits. Just like the moon doesn’t shine with its own light and gets it from the sun. The number 2 gets its glory from someone else. You tend to be doubtful, suspicious and have a tendency to be dominated or dominate if given the authority. You also have a tendency to be cheated and deceived easily by falling for flattery. You tend to have good intuition. A number 2  needs to get professional help with a name as a slight error can enhance its highly-strung emotions.

You are more a visionary than a warrior, rational in your thinking. You are also often led by your emotions, having extreme emotions. You also tend to overthink a lot, which gets you stuck when making decisions. Expecting perfection from yourself is also a trait that you, as a number 2, often show, which makes you feel like you are not enough. You also often refrain from speaking up for fear of being taken in the wrong way. You are a peacemaker, rather than someone who confronts.

Unlike number 1, number 2 is soft and feminine. People with ruling numerology 2 understand unity are not led by ego. Number 2s crave companionship and support and their love language is serving. Numbers 2s tend to put others first. They are also sensitive and empathetic. However, they are far from weak. Their strength lies in their ability to serve others and they will not hesitate to fight for their loved ones’ safety and happiness.

More about numerology 2 can be determined by identifying other ruling numbers in their lives and the compatibility between these numbers. You can get an appointment with Sheelaa M Bajaj to know more about what life has in store for you through a numerology consultation.

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My name is kishore. My date of birth is 2-06-1984. Could you let me know if my name is unlucky and needs correction.

Res Sheela ji,
I am your follower at khush raho on Tez.
My DOB 1s 09.12.1971 and name is Shekhar Kaushik. pls advise. I am struggling in my life for a carrier, financial growth and recogination.

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