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Number 3 in Numerology

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Number 3 in Numerology

In numerology, 3 symbolises all the things that come in threes – the past, present, and future; the mind, body, and soul; the beginning, the middle, and the end; and so on. Many consider 3 as unlucky because death comes in threes. But 3 can be equally magical and good. Believe it or not, according to the Chinese Confucian philosopher, Mencius, the best things in life also come in threes!

Number 3 represents Jupiter or guru. He is the big boss of all the devas, career luck, and prosperity. Jupiter rules No. 3. He signifies Knowledge, Wisdom, Selflessness, Service, and Sacrifice.

Number 3 Characteristics according to Numerology

No. 3 makes you intelligent, hard-working, diligent and honest. You tend to obey your superiors and give a lot of importance to the discipline. You are tough on the outside and soft-hearted on the inside. You help others without expecting anything in return. You are either full of confidence and attain heights in your career or swing on the opposite side where you listen to everyone, get appreciation but never get recognition. A number 3 always needs to see what number it has as a life number and get a suitable name to enhance its positives and not become the weak submissive doormat.

Numerology 3s also have a hard time focusing. You have a great deal of enthusiasm that makes you want to direct your attention everywhere at once. Susceptivity to poor life choices is also something that is often seen in people with numerology 3.

You are social and artistic but also scatter-brained and naive. But you do have a tendency to live life to the fullest.

Your name numerology and soul number can equally influence your life, which makes it essential for you to know the numbers that rule your life. While you can calculate your life path numbers and find out what it means for you, only a good numerologist can help you know how other numbers in tandem really shape your life. A numerology consultation can help if your name is an ideal one for your future and success and help you turn your life around for the better.

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My name is Avaneesh Kumar PAndey. and my D>O>B is 21/07/88
should i have to add any thng or it this ok?

My name is Lokesh B ( Basavaraj) and my DOB is 03-04-1976 my birth number and life number are same, how do i know my first name is a lucky?

my name is Satishkumar Chavan & my DOB is 12/03/1981
Pls tell me whether my name is lucky or not, if not pls suggest what needs to be done ..

Hi Sheela,

I’m a regular listener of you in Fever 104. Could you kindly tell me if my name is lucky as it was listed on the other way round.. My name is Rashmi BS born on 30/08/1985..please do let me know. Thank you

Hi Sheelaa, Gurudutt R here. Appreciate your guidance to one n all. My DOB is 09 – Jan – 1982. Kindly let me know if the name suits me or Do i need a name change. Sometimes, the last name is used fully as in – Gurudutt Ramanna – Does this make any difference? Generally I’m called ‘Guru’. Is this Good for me? Thanks for your help in advance.

Warm Regards,
Gurudutt R

Your name is ruled by shani, that is saturn. This is a very malefic name. Even though you are called guru, it is important to have a lucky name officially for career success and a good first or nick name for personal happiness with friends, your partner and colleagues.

I have a son born on 05-02-2010 on Friday @ 4:12pm… I have named him Rehaan, but lot of my people suggested it’s not a good name and supporting to that he behaves… he is very stubborn, angry, never listens to any one…more over his mood swings r very high… can you pls help me changing his name if required or any changes on his existing name
Thanks n Regards
Mujahid A

Hi Sheelaa, Thanks for this link of numerology. My name is Ratnaprabha Dinesh. I m called as Ratna. DOB is 30-March-1972. I am housewife. But I m desperate for a job. Can you please guide me on this matter?

hi sir am priyanka .and sometimes i was called by pet name gunnu..my date of birth oct 9 1991.do i need any correction in my name..how abt my future and marriage

Hi Sheela,
My Name is Husna, and My DOB is 16 Dec as you said No 7 will not get recognition in spite of Hard work which is very well true said in my career path,I don’t want to change my name can you suggest something else please ?

Hi Sheela,
My Name is Murali, and DOB is 29-03-1987, I have got a new job offer and will be joining in January 2014. Just wanted to know my future and whether I have taken the right decision by leaving my old company.

Hi , my first name and official name : RATNA H , D O B 16 .11. 1960. Do I require name change . I have relationship problems . And unrecognised career inspite of al eligibility . My communication skills are poor . I seek your help

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