Facts About Numerology Number 4

Facts About Numerology Number 4

The science of numbers, numerology has been studied, perfected, and used widely since ages. Everything in the universe has a numerical relevance, just like your date of birth. And with every alphabet in your name being associated with a number, certain numbers are bound to have more impact and influence in your life.
Numerologists use the study of numbers to identify what numbers hold relevance in your life and shape your personality and future.

Numerology Number 4 - Intellect, Gentle loving & Soft

Numerology Characteristics of Number 4

Number 4 numerology is also associated with stability and balance. Number 4 also represents the moon with its 4 phases and seasons, and the number of rivers flowing into paradise from the corners of the Earth. The number 4 is also significant of the 4 basic elements – fire, water, earth, and air.

You are well informed, wise and have information on almost everything. You are well-spoken and have the gift of the gab. Number 4 controls intellect and therefore you have all that it takes to be successful. As a number 4, you tend to have firm opinions that do not follow that of the crowd. You are courageous and determined, being both traditionally-led and incorporating modern aspects of living. You are an innovator striving to improve the social strictures by encouraging practical thinking.

Number 4 stands for the planet Rahu.

Number 4s can have conflicting opinions while being rooted in tradition.
You are gentle, loving and soft. You will always attract secret enemies and people who will tend to spoil your name. All your good efforts turn completely futile and you get back negative for all the good you give.

Even when you help people with a genuine concern you will attract a bad name. You go out of your way to help others and do it from genuine concern but never get back anything for all your love and affection. When you loan people money to help them with their problems they never return it back to you. On the contrary, you get blamed, a bad name or some false allegation.

In Relationships, you give too much and never get love in return.  Number 4’s have unfulfilling marriages unless they marry another number 4. They need to combat the energy of Rahu from their constant failure, hurt and dejection pattern.

You are very emotional and too soft as a person and easily hurt. It is not easy for you to make money. You struggle with your earnings. It takes you a lot more effort to achieve positive results with your career because of the number 4 influence. While you are great at analysing numbers and jobs that require dealing in numbers such as that of an accountant, business administrative, etc., your lack of street smarts keeps you from making quick money. However, you are hard-working and skilled enough to live a comfortable life.

Name correction is mandatory for a number 4 to negate its weak nature. Name numbers are given in 1, 5 and 6 depending on the life path number.

Planet Venus is your only hope. A numerology remedy for increasing venus and negating Rahu is given to Number 4s and a Victory Name Correction is prescribed.

As someone influenced by number 4 numerology, you have a number of strengths and weaknesses that you are unaware of. These are better identified with the help of a trusted numerologist to guide you. A consultation for numerology 4 with Sheelaa M Bajaj will give you more insights into your life that are personal to your life and circumstances. You can choose to have your sessions online or schedule a face-to-face appointment by contacting us and sending in your query.

FAQs About the Number 4 in Numerology

The number 4 symbolises the builder. This number has the qualities of bringing in stability, reliability, and practicality. Number 5 individuals are a strong foundation for people around them and have the stability to stand up to their commitments and responsibilities.

For a numerology number 4, the number 4 symbolises the order and stability needed for spiritual grounding. The potential of the number 4 allows one to bring spiritual yearnings into tangible possibilities, building a stronger spiritual foundation for them and helping them further their spiritual quest.

Number 4s glean a lot of insight from numerology by receiving guidance and a chance to self-reflect. Self-awareness blooms through numerology for a number 4 where they are able to identify numerology meanings for a 4, their potential in terms of life and career, possible challenges that could arise, and their natural tendency as a 4 individual. These insights can help a number 4 navigate both personal and professional aspects of their life with relative ease.

If you have more queries about your ruling number, scheduling a consultation with our numerologist can help you find the answers you need about the numerology of 4.

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Hi Sheila,
My name is Amrit Noronha, and my Birthday is June 4th 1985. Can you please give me a name analysis? i am looking specifically on three items it could influence, career progression, finance status and love life (especially marriage).

best regards,
Amrit Noronha

Hi Sheila, what if my DOB adds up to 6 but LPN is 4!….what to do? Lot of what you said above is true…

Hi Im Pallavi Rammchandran, i had a name analysis and correction a ong time back with Sheela Bajaj.
I always used to spell my name palavi ramchandran and life was a real struggle. I am a number 4 and 8.
The magical change to my name didnt take too long.

My career started soaring and there was no looking back.
I got my share of credit , wealth and prosperity.
my friendships got better.

Even the pendant that i bought helped me feel better energy.

It takes about a month to see the change though.

Hi sheila… my DOB is 5th May 1974…. it adds up to 4… please let me know what to do….

Hi Sheila… sorry the above comment is mine…. my DOB is 23 May 1974… which adds upto 4…

Hi Sheila,
My name is Sreejith.R.Krishna, and my DOB July 4th 1987 Can you please give me name analysis and i’ve to know about my carrier and my finance status

Hi Sheila,
How r u,
My name is Prathik which stands number 4, evn i hav spoke with u in FM104, … Near my home there is a astro, he told to change my name as Lucky…… lets every one calls you in tat nume (lucky), Please tell me which its suits me tat new name,, please reply me back, My DOB is 13/06/1992… reason :- what ever i tries its become failure .. hope every thing.. please help me.. please repluy to my email id [email protected]

Hi Sheila, my name is Shruthi Sumadhur Ghosh, i was born on 04/08/1987, i am seeking your help because life has always been tough on me. My childhood wasn’t normal, we stayed away from my father for quite some years and in 2009 we reunited,and that was when i was diagnosed with a rare, incurable,recurring autoimmune disorder. I was completely devastated and went into kind of a depressed state, the problem is worry triggers another reaction and worries don’t seem to end in my life. I worked for 1 year in a completely unrelated field of my study just so i can bear the expenses of the medicines for my disorder and i have quit now after my father was admitted earlier this year in ICU just so i could help my mother but he is fine now. I work very hard, think a lot about the people i care and take decisions not for my selfish interests but just to reduce their worries but whatever i do i am always misunderstood. Now my health is not good, i have no job and no one really understands me. what can i do so every thing falls in place and every one is left happy because i can’t seem to make anyone happy and that causes more dissatisfaction in my life. I never reveal my problems to anyone but now i just can’t bear my problems and had to seek your help.
Please help. I am in desperate need of your help and i have full faith that you can help me by giving me valuable solutions.

Hi Sheila, the above post is mine i have another question is it because of the number influence that all unusual, unexpected things happen to me ? the disorder i spoke of earlier happens to middle aged people and is very rare. I have never had normal life like others i just don’t understand why. I don’t even indulge in making friends as i feel my problems will spill into others’ life. I kind of feel everyone is in a mess due to me already . I am so sorry to trouble you with my problems but i fell you would be able to help me out.

Hi Sheelaa.. I am Roshni K V.. My DOB is 31/07/1988.. Just like u said, my life is all troubles. Going through a tough time. please suggest if i need a name correction..

Heard your show this afternoon and was extremely interested in understanding what i can do to understate the ‘fearful four’ that by DOB adds up to.
My LPN is 6 and my name adds up to 3
( Mamta Malhotra @ 22/7/75 )

Hi Sheila,
I am Pragati Singh , DOB 22 May,1988 .In above post what ever you have told for No. 4 is correct but please give necessary suggestions and my marriage is getting delayed and lots of problem related to marriage .
I want suggestion for Financial improvement also.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Sheila,
I had heard you on the radio yesterday on Fever 104. Just wanted a name analysis for me Rahul Kumar and my DOB is 4th August 1986. Thank you

Hi Shela,

My name is Sini Nair. Date of Birth is 13th January 1985.
Can you please give me a name analysis? i am looking specifically on three items it could influence, career progression, financial status and love life (especially marriage).
Please advise.

Hai Sheila, my name is Anupama.H.S…what should i add to get a name correction in my name..? please help me..thanq u

Hey sheila,my name is Shaikh raisa anjum & my nick name is ruby . DOB is 4/1/1991 so can u plz tell me how my future is???????how is my life after i get married?

Hello Sheelaa,
My name is Divya geejesh. DOB -13-12-84 which stands for number 4. My husbands DOB 4-10-84 which also stands for no 4. I want to ask about love relationship,career and financial status. As you informed we struggle a lot for earnings. But we are happy.Any changes require to improve the current status in career and finance. Both have issues with this. Never get recognistion for hardwork done.We never feel we are lucky for anything. Kindly advice

Hey! I’m Anupama.. My full name s Anupama VK.. I’m born on 20.04.1992.. I would like to know whether I need any name correction.. Because how ever hard I work I never achieve my target.. Please help..

Thanks for the amazing correction. It helped me get a promotion within 2 weeks.Thanks.
Karma healing also really worked.


Hi Sheila, My name is Pramoj Kurien and my DOB 4th October 1973 and my wife’s name is Anju Pramoj and her DOB is 22 February 1977. Our life is exactly as you have mentioned in this post. Is there any way to come out of this by first name correction. Your help in this regards would be deeply appreciated. Thank you very much in Advance!

hi Sheelaa..I am Sagar Mishra,born on 4-3-1987 morning 5.30 am approx.I have this Career Unstability issues as foremost.I have not been able to succeed in any field i tried so far.Since 2009, i am confused as to what is wrong with me basically.Its been 4 yrs since i passes my B.tech exam and am still not aware of my career path.I have some health issues as well.Please suggest me some measures.Kindly reply me.

Hi there

Can you pls let me know if my name Tarun Preet Kaur ( nickname Mona ) lucky for me ? My DOB is 4/4/1983 . Pls reply esp w.r.t marriage ? Thanks heaps .

My husband’s name is Ramanjot Singh (nickname Sunny ) and his DOB is 8/5/82 . We married on 9/3/2008 . Thanks .- Tarun Preet Kaur

Hi Sheelaa, your analysis about my dob and my life experiences is 100% accurate. I opted for the victory name correction by you and frankly had very little faith.
But since all my friends who have got their name corrected by you have got amazing results, I was keen.

Within days of getting the name correction i got new offers and work and money was coming to me like never before.
Relationships improved and my health is also great.

Thanks to you iv crossed the toughest struggle in my life.

Sheelaa rocks!!!!!!!!

Hi Sheelaa,
My name is Divyashree.V, I spoke to you today on fm 104 and you suggested to have name correction. My DOB is 10th may 1978. Can you please suggest the Victory name for me which will help me in my profession & Marriage.

Warm regards

hi Sheelaa,,
My name is Naveen Safaya Dob is 15/10/74 time 1:50 Am night
I want to know about career/luck/ success/money pls help in case any changes needs to be done as I am working hard but not getting result.


Hi sheela, i am praveen i am looking Job to build my carier for gud future and education i am completed my BBM for my profile which business suits,which field suitable for me plz help me proper suggestion

Hi, i believe that i noticed you visited my web site so i came to return the
desire?.I amm attempting to to find issues to improve my website!I guess its adequate to use a few of your concepts!!

my name is yogaraj . my date of birth is 22. kindly mal me whether my name iis correct or not depending on numerology.
kindly pls help me

hello sheela mam,
I came to know about you from random sites . My name is PRIYA NAMDEO n my numerology comes 4 , n what you have wriiten on your post about number 4 is happening with me. I am struggling in my carer life . It will be very helpful if you give me its solution.
Thank you in advance.

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