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Number 6 in Numerology

Number 6 is ruled by Venus. You are charming, lovable and have an attractive personality and makes people attracted to you. It makes you attract all the good things in life. You love luxury and are gifted with a good reputation, fame, and luxury. If any of this isn’t coming to you, your Venus is being suppressed by a negative number and only a name correction can negate the malefic effects.

Number 6 Numerology

As a number 6 to tend to get more than you give. Others will give you, serve you and work for you and you ultimately enjoy a luxurious life. Some number 6’s extract work from others. Most number 6’s attract a wealthy partner and enjoy wealth because of their rich wife or husband.

When number 6 is afflicted with a negative name number or a 7 or 8 it can make you deceptive and use other people for your benefit.

As a number 6, you are just born lucky.

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  1. Hi, I just guess that am no.6 personality…my name is Suchorita Dutta and my date of birth is 24/09/1985…can u please guide me further on this…Regards

  2. Hi my name is Ananya Mukhopadhaya.
    i am based out of gurgaon my date of birth is sept6,1978.
    my life has not been very smooth …pls guide

  3. Hi sheelaa,
    My name is Anil Rudrappa
    My DOB is sept 13, 1989
    Going through lot of ups and downs …

    Please help…

  4. Hi sheela, my name is Satishkumar, DOB 24.03 1984; i think i fall in no.6 category, should i make changes in my name, pls guide

  5. Hi Sheila,
    My friend’s name is Vipul Kumar, date of birth 15-Nov-1983. He is going through lots of ups and down specially with career. Please help.

  6. Hi
    My name is Shajil Ravindran
    Birth date is 15th oct 1982
    I am not able to achieve what I want in life. Always there is struggle.
    Kindly do help in my name analysis and numbers.


  7. Hi sheela, my name is Chandrashekar. D.S. dob is 31.08.1967. Time of birth is 3.58 am. Lots of ups and downs. Can u please help me.

  8. Hi Sheila,

    My name is Manoj Bhagat & DOB is 15-Aug-1977.
    my life is not stable & i wanted to start my own bussiness. i also want to mention that i got divorced last year.
    Please help me to sort my life…..
    waiting for your reply……………………….



  9. Hi sheela,

    My name is sachin singh khati and D.O.B is 6 feb 1987 .pls tell me do i need any change in my name

    sachin singh

  10. Hi my name is anusha Kumar I’m facing lot of ups n downs in my career and personal life a lot can u plz help me out I would b glad if so..

  11. HI,

    My name is shankar kumar my date of birth is 24/12/1979. i am very much confuse about my career. please guide me what i need to take precaution to get better.

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