Numerology Number 6 – Personality, Love & Family

Numerology Number 6 – Personality, Love & Family

In this universe, everyone must learn to give and receive the beauty of harmony, sympathy, understanding, compassion, protection & balance. With these things, they must also know their Responsibilities toward Love and family so that relationships remain beautiful and last longer. This particular portion of life is related to Number 6 in Numerology number series. Isn’t amazing that a single number holds so much about our lives and can be that expressive – That is the beauty of Numerology!

From all the ancient numerology theories, the most popular one is Pythagorean Numerology which is widely used and accepted. The father and creator of this theory, the great philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras believe that this number signifies Love and Family responsibilities. This is a number of socialization, sophistication, showoffs, desires, and Money. Their lives revolve around dreams, desires, and diplomacy.

Number 6 in Numerology

Number 6 is ruled by Venus. You are charming, lovable and have an attractive personality and make people attracted to you. It makes you attract all the good things in life. You love luxury and are gifted with a good reputation, fame, and luxury. If any of this isn’t coming to you, your Venus is being suppressed by a negative number and only a name correction can negate the malefic effects.

number 6 numerologyNumber 6 has many significations and can be related to a hexagon which has 6 sides. In Indian mythology, Vedas has 6 branches. There are 6 Indian seasons. This number makes one devoted and dedicated to the family but also gets overburdened with responsibilities. In their families and friend circles, they are mostly surrounded by women. They dream of an environment, work hard for it, achieve it and life revolves around these desires only. They are mostly family people but do not like the following traditions. They may also be interested in secret knowledge like tantra, witchcraft, black magic and occult.

The number 6 is also related to as a ‘Mother’ (feminine qualities) and is essentially a working, building number. It symbolizes great household/family responsibility and service which needs to be achieved through love, nurturing and protection. There is an innate desire within the 6 individuals to bring harmony, peace, justice, and truth to all experiences in life. 6 thrives on beauty and needs to be comfortable in all areas of their lives – emotionally, spiritually and physically.

As a number 6 to tend to get more than you give. Others will give you, serve you and work for you and you ultimately enjoy a luxurious life. Some number 6’s extract work from others. Most number 6’s attract a wealthy partner and enjoy wealth because of their rich wife or husband.

When number 6 is afflicted with a negative name number or a 7 or 8 it can make you deceptive and use other people for your benefit.

As a number 6, you are just born lucky.

Number 6 in Vedic numerology relates to the planet, Venus. This planet is also known as the morning star and it is the most radiant planet in the eastern sky before sunrise. It is a feminine and watery planet which also signifies all the beautiful and luxurious things in this world. Being a feminine planet it also relates to feminism and associations with women.

The appearance of number 6 shows a mystical creature with a flat curved head and bottom rolled up. This shows their diverted mind and rolled bottom shows need for satisfaction is very high. A person who can go to any extent to satisfy his needs and there is a strong desire to achieve anything.

Those who are born on 6, 15 or 24 of any month or if their date of birth reduces to 6 are number 6 people. They are full of life and very enthusiastic. They are fond of fashionable clothes. They stay away from untidy things and show a lot of interest in artistic things. Number 6 is loving, gentle, beautiful and peaceful. Their affections often lean towards the ideal and their romance involves exaltation of the soul. The gratification of sexual urges is less important to these people.

Men of this number have an attraction for beautiful ladies. They can be really handsome and perfect in appearance. Women of this number make the body somewhat well set and fleshy. They can have a round face, lovely complexion, rolling eyes, well-shaped, dimple face, sweet voice, fond of music, love, and romance. They can be the perfect creatures we come across and can be irresistible also.

Number 6 & The Link to Aesthetics

Their homes are as beautiful as them. They invest in all the luxury items and make the place of their living a royal palace. Music and arts give satisfaction to their souls. They love to entertain people associated with them. They are natural counselors and like helping people in need. Whether anyone is shifting house, or they are sick, or they need a company, or if they simply need someone to hang out with, they are there for everyone. If any person known to them is stressed then they do every possible thing they can to take them out of stress. They can be a good friend to rely on and are usually the leads among their friend circles.

Number 6 People are Magnetic

Their magnetism attracts people no doubt but this sometimes attracts negative people also. They can fall prey to evil intentions of people and suffer from big losses. They have a weakness that they cannot remain alone and probably that is the reason they are always seeking company. Love is the major factor in their lives as most of their problems emerge from it. It has also been observed that for most of the people with number 6, their married lives are disturbed. Most of these people are also stubborn and jealous. They can be very emotional people also and envy if hurt.

They like to create a friendly atmosphere at home and their kids are equally fond of them. Like everyone else, these people face some fluctuations and internal disorders. However, they have the ability to manipulate and always try to stay happy even after the disorders, keep the hopes alive no matter what happens or how much is life hard for them.

Number 6 Career & Businesses

Professions that suit them are musician, singer, painter, jeweler, beautician or models, etc. They usually earn a lot of money in their lives but are not able to save much. Their spending habits are terrible which may also put them into difficult financial conditions. The diseases from which they suffer the most are related to the pituitary gland. It controls the growth of bones, fats, digestion, sugar or diabetes, genitals or urine related.

Lucky Colour- Bright White
Lucky Days- Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
Lucky Stone- Diamond
Friendly Numbers- 4, 5, 7 & 8
Relationship Numbers- 2, 3, 4, 6 & 9

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Hi, I just guess that am no.6 personality…my name is Suchorita Dutta and my date of birth is 24/09/1985…can u please guide me further on this…Regards

Hi my name is Ananya Mukhopadhaya.
i am based out of gurgaon my date of birth is sept6,1978.
my life has not been very smooth …pls guide

Hi sheelaa,
My name is Anil Rudrappa
My DOB is sept 13, 1989
Going through lot of ups and downs …

Please help…

Hi sheela, my name is Satishkumar, DOB 24.03 1984; i think i fall in no.6 category, should i make changes in my name, pls guide

Hi Sheila,
My friend’s name is Vipul Kumar, date of birth 15-Nov-1983. He is going through lots of ups and down specially with career. Please help.

My name is Shajil Ravindran
Birth date is 15th oct 1982
I am not able to achieve what I want in life. Always there is struggle.
Kindly do help in my name analysis and numbers.


Hi sheela, my name is Chandrashekar. D.S. dob is 31.08.1967. Time of birth is 3.58 am. Lots of ups and downs. Can u please help me.

Hi Sheila,

My name is Manoj Bhagat & DOB is 15-Aug-1977.
my life is not stable & i wanted to start my own bussiness. i also want to mention that i got divorced last year.
Please help me to sort my life…..
waiting for your reply……………………….



Hi sheela,

My name is sachin singh khati and D.O.B is 6 feb 1987 .pls tell me do i need any change in my name

sachin singh

Hi my name is anusha Kumar I’m facing lot of ups n downs in my career and personal life a lot can u plz help me out I would b glad if so..


My name is shankar kumar my date of birth is 24/12/1979. i am very much confuse about my career. please guide me what i need to take precaution to get better.

Hi Sheela,
My name is Kiran and D.O.B 24.01.1983.
I am running a business from past 1.9 years but not doing well.
please let me know the remedy to over come the problem.

Hi Shiela,

Can you suggest me whether my name is supportive for me or not?


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