Powerful, Ambitious & Money Conscious

Powerful, Ambitious & Money Conscious

Numerology is a practice that holds a great deal of significance for many. As a belief system, the science of numerology assigns values to numbers that allows us to understand ourselves and the cosmos deeper. With the help of numerology and the traits divined for each person based on the number ruling their lives, numerologists help ascertain every individual’s personality and character traits, their strengths and weaknesses, and all that life holds for them by the numbers that surround them.

Life path number is one of the most significant numbers that is derived by calculating the numbers in an individual’s date of birth. This number can also tell a great deal about the compatibility of the individual with others, career pathways, favourable numbers, and what they should steer clear from. Let’s delve deeper into what entails the life of a numerology 8.

Powerful, Ambitious & Money Conscious

Let’s look at one of the most influential numbers in numerology – numerology number 8. Number 8 is ruled by Saturn or Shani. The appearance of number 8 is curvy, twisted but still connected. Something like the infinity figure ∞. Probably this is to say that this number has the ability to achieve heights and anything infinite with their infinite efforts. It is also believed that this number is the balance between the materialistic and spiritual world. It is a powerful, ambitious and money-conscious number but it is also generous. It understands money as a tool. It is the leader and business person with big dreams and big plans. It is the strength and perseverance to see things through. It is the gambler, visionary, understanding, forgiving and broadminded.

Number 8 in Numerology

Those who are born on 8, 17 and 26 of any month or if their date of birth reduces to 8 are number 8 people. The nature of number 8 can be cold and dry. He is considered the greatest of fortune. The persons of this number are middle stature. Generally a narrow forehead, small eyes, thin beard, black and dark hair, broad chest and shoulders, often having poor legs. The temperament is bilious, nervous and slightly sluggish.

Number 8 people are invariably much misunderstood in their lives and for this reason, they feel intensely lonely at heart. They have a very deep and intense nature, a great role on life’s stage, but usually, one which is fatalistic or as the instrument of fate for others. They often appear cold and undemonstrative though in reality, they have a warm heart towards the oppressed of all classes, they hide their feelings to allow people to think just what pleases them. You face constant obstacles, you struggle through every phase of your life, meet with accidents, get cheated and the fruits of your efforts don’t come back to you. Most of the time people take the benefit of all the hard work you put in.

Number 8 is a fatalistic number. The stars above govern our condition but this is more certain about number 8 persons. The stars are frequently hostile towards them and they rarely escape their wrath. This does not mean number 8 people do not possess positive luck. They are either very successful or not successful at all. There is no middle way in their case. They are very diligent and self-disciplined. Their constant nature and a profound sense of duty make them the epitome of truth and honour. They have a very intense nature and it is rare to find a number 8 person involved in aimless frivolity.

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What if the first name adds to number 8 .. do you still think i am unlucky ..

My birth no is 4 and Life path no is 6 .

Please advise

In my life every thing gets associated with no 8. I’m number 8. From the time i was kid roll nos ranks marks mobile nos even bike no is 8. Does repeated occurrence of 8 in number 8 person’s life has a bad influence please advice .

8 can be the best or worst there is no middle way, don’t worry. Work hard, always do good and be determined and disciplined, lord Shani will always do justice.

Hi my name is Sibayan Bhattacharya and D.O.B is 26/04/1983 could please tell me whether my name is lucky or unlucky and what corrections do I need to do in my name if any????

8 no is very lucky,it is a no of responsibiliy and trust me if you are hard working and sincere after the age of 36 you will see your life changing when satrun will start rewarding you and ofcourse your dasha in your lagan chart is very important and plz check that also.

Hi My Name is Jatin V. Shah and my DOB 17/01/1964 I have lost everything and i am in great debts. Please help, i had got an appointment but because of financial problems could not make it.

Hello Samokhi,
Hope you’re doing well.

I have been recently following maam’s program in FM and every time she tell about no 8 is ruled by Saturn in this case my DOB 08-05-1984 total 8. I have gone thru your site about 8 and I have lots of issue with myself and my life. Can you kindly guide me on how do I rectify this ??


HI,My Name Is sachin bhumkar..my DOB is 08/12/1985..so pls give me advice according to my DOB..In my life so far i am not satisfied..mostly misunderstood by others..regards..

I am a double number 8. I got my name corrected with Sheelaa and I feel it’s like a new life.

I was having so many problems at work. Soon after name correction my team lead left. And I go a great team lead. Lot of nagging people and politics disappeared. Seems like I just was driving the bad from my life.
Sort of unbeliever in such a short time.
I then went back and did remedies suggested.
I now got a promotion and another offer.

I feel all good only is happening to me after this name correction.

Number 8 people really suffer like sheela bajaj says in this blog. But this name curing works well.

Thanks Ms Sheela

my name is j.murali krishna DOB is
30.10.1984. could please tell me whether my
name is lucky or unlucky and what corrections do i need to do in my name
please suggest.

I can totally relate to your analysis.
And your analysis is spot on.
Thanks for the amazing posts and the awesome tips on fever 104 and headlines today.

My son’s birth number is 21 . 09.2003 . His name is Hemanth Ganesh koteshwar. We r worried about his education. He is in 10th presently and not doing well in studies pls let us know what we can do .

My brother is very talented and hardworking still has to struggle with career.please help.Alok 26-6-86

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