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Number 8 in Numerology


Number 8 is ruled by Saturn or Shani.

You face constant obstacles, you struggle through every phase of your life, meet with accidents, get cheated and the fruits of your efforts don’t come back to you. Most of the time people take the benefit of all the hard work you put in.

All your work gets abruptly blocked when it reaches the fag end. You usually get the short end of the stick. You get very little after great struggles. You have too many risks even when you hold high positions.

You always get misunderstood no matter how sincere you are.

Explaining Number 8 According to Numerology

You have heavy duties, which you can not shoulder. Bad Luck hangs like a sword above your head. You mostly fail. In some cases, number 8’s renounce the world and understand the scriptures very well. You give up your wealth and serve the world. But when 8 is not positive in your numerology, it makes you think of cheating, fraud, murder, hurting others and vengeful actions. They think all these thoughts but don’t get the courage to act on it.

A lot of criminals and people who are depressed are usually afflicted with an 8 4 or 7 birth or life path number.

One of The only escapes for a number 8 person afflicted by failure in marriage and career success is to get a Victory name correction. This luck of the Victory name vibration negates all that bad effects of 8.

Number 8 people really face a lot of adversities. A lucky name and a Saturn numerological yantra and a lucky stone is the only remedy for a number 8 person.

Name corrections for number 8 are complex and one can even opt for a Victory name correction.

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  1. In my life every thing gets associated with no 8. I’m number 8. From the time i was kid roll nos ranks marks mobile nos even bike no is 8. Does repeated occurrence of 8 in number 8 person’s life has a bad influence please advice .

  2. Hi my name is Sibayan Bhattacharya and D.O.B is 26/04/1983 could please tell me whether my name is lucky or unlucky and what corrections do I need to do in my name if any????

  3. Hi My Name is Jatin V. Shah and my DOB 17/01/1964 I have lost everything and i am in great debts. Please help, i had got an appointment but because of financial problems could not make it.

  4. Hello Samokhi,
    Hope you’re doing well.

    I have been recently following maam’s program in FM and every time she tell about no 8 is ruled by Saturn in this case my DOB 08-05-1984 total 8. I have gone thru your site about 8 and I have lots of issue with myself and my life. Can you kindly guide me on how do I rectify this ??


  5. HI,My Name Is sachin DOB is 08/12/ pls give me advice according to my DOB..In my life so far i am not satisfied..mostly misunderstood by others..regards..

  6. I am a double number 8. I got my name corrected with Sheelaa and I feel it’s like a new life.

    I was having so many problems at work. Soon after name correction my team lead left. And I go a great team lead. Lot of nagging people and politics disappeared. Seems like I just was driving the bad from my life.
    Sort of unbeliever in such a short time.
    I then went back and did remedies suggested.
    I now got a promotion and another offer.

    I feel all good only is happening to me after this name correction.

    Number 8 people really suffer like sheela bajaj says in this blog. But this name curing works well.

    Thanks Ms Sheela

    1. my name is j.murali krishna DOB is
      30.10.1984. could please tell me whether my
      name is lucky or unlucky and what corrections do i need to do in my name
      please suggest.

  7. my name rajesh shah dob 22.06.1966
    could please advice any changes has to done in name and what stone should i wear

  8. I can totally relate to your analysis.
    And your analysis is spot on.
    Thanks for the amazing posts and the awesome tips on fever 104 and headlines today.

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