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Predictions for 2014

The chinese new year brings in new energies of the year of the horse.

A good year for career growth.
People looking for jobs will get something permanent and rewarding. The struggle is soon ending. Those of you seeking a promotion or career will see rapid growth on the career front.
Be sure to activate your earth luck in. 2014.

Investments will do well.
Investments in land, business and stock markets will soar.
A good year for money to grow. However this year can also bring a lot of deceit and losses due to untrustworthy beware

A great year to find the love of your life.
A good year for singles.
People seeking a partner will get into a relationship.
Avoid marriage in 2014 as it is not a very good year for marriage and long term commitment.
If one plans to marry the date you marry must be chosen carefully.

If one is planning to buy a house, it will surely materialise.
Women of the house will get good growth and will be riding on high tide.
Making lots of money is possible. Expenses will need to be controlled.
Women can write down their wish list. And watch it coming true.

Savings will increase and wealth overall has good chances of multiplying.

A good year to learn and study. Students will benefit a lot from this years energies. Also a good year for adults to upgrade their knowledge and skill set.

Be sure to activate your earth luck to prevent the afflictions of the flying stars on health this year, quarrel and the low energies of eldest son and the man of the house.

The not so good aspects of the year ahead

Fights quarrels and office politics. Quarrel and misunderstandings will cause obstacles and stagnation.

Fights in general with family and spouse. Hold off on taking any drastic decision to do with separation or divorce.

Couples who want to have a baby may struggle unless they correct the energies in the house. Numerology name changes and activations for the children’s sector can rectify this affliction.

Not a good year to get married.
Spending will be on an all time high.

Natural disasters and war of some sorts.
Men of the house will be weaker than the woman.
Women should take the important decisions in 2014. Men should consider listening to their wives in 2014.

Illness to eldest son of the family is a serious affliction this year.appropriate Feng shui cures need to be placed to prevent illness to eldest son and general health of the family.

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  1. Iv followed Sheela Bajaj on headlines today, mail today and radio indigo. I am an ardent fan. Her predictions are always shocking and amazing.

    It would be nice to see you back on tv or have you back on radio indigo.

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