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Predictions for the elections… Will it be Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi ???

The burning question I get wherever I go.

In the last month. I have been a guest speaker for the The Times of India newspaper in education NIE Annual event for all the teachers.
The main Rotary club of Bangalore, lavelle Road
The Mid town Rotary, UB city
CEO’s meet at Hyatt bangalore.

At all these events I was asked one common question.
Modi or Rahul Gandhi?

After much resistance I decided to analyze politics.
So I ask my tarot and numerology for answers to the questions.

I looked at the tarot and analysed the numerology of both the strong contenders.

I see Rahul Gandhi ruled by Sun and Venus. So he has the support of 2 strong planets there.
He also has Saturn and Mars ruling him strongly.
He has great support coming from Sonia Gandhi who is also a 9.
But his numerology wasn’t as good as Modi.

Then I looked at Modi and analysed his planets. He’s ruled by Saturn and Mars. Ahhhh do I see some strong energy there. His Saturn weakens him a little by strong energies of Saturn where he has to struggle to fight against people who dislike him.

But he is also ruled by mercury which helps over come his Saturn.
Besides that the campaign name MODI SARKAR is numerologically very powerful and has the support of a powerful planetary energy.

When I picked cards for the two.
Narendra Modi shows me a master card.
Rahul Gandhi’s cards were comparatively weak.

My conclusion is that Modi has a stronger chance of winning even against all odds of his Saturn.

Tarot, Numerology and Sheelaa predict a WIN for MODI.

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