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Reiki Treatment

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatment

The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom” or the “Higher Power” and Ki which is “Life Force Energy”. Founded in Japan for stress reduction and relaxation with healing the inner a well as the outer self. It is based on the idea that an unseen “Life Force Energy” flows through us and it keeps us alive. Reiki Treatment affects us spiritually, physically & mentally.

To carry out this treatment there are many kinds of Reiki, all of which are an adaption of Usui Reiki. There are different methods and symbols developed and used for each type. The principle behind them remains the same.

Reiki Treatment or Reiki Techniques

Here you will find the most commonly used Reiki methods and a brief description explaining them.


Usui Reiki

This is the first form of Reiki that was rediscovered and brought to the modern world by Mikao Usui in 1922. Hawayo Takata, a student of Mikao was also a part of this transformation with him. He spread the teachings of Reiki to the West. There were many changes made to this technique. What we now know of Usui Reiki differs in the way it was originally taught.

Karuna Reiki

Karuna is a Sanskrit word that is used in Buddhism and in Hinduism. It means “Compassion” or “The Universal Compassion of a Bodhisattva”. This was introduced by William Lee Rand & it is used to alleviate the suffering of others through this compassion, by any means. It uses different sound technique endowed with the power to heal. The power of Karuna Reiki is used to heal addictions by the way of compassion.

Rainbow Reiki

Rainbow Reiki was introduced by Walter Lübeck in the late 80’s early 90’s. In this system, Reiki is given by working with the seven main chakras in the body for spiritual energy. By following this treatment, one gets to know their true inner self which also protects their aura by making it more positive.

Kundalini Reiki

In this method of Reiki, the healing energy is passed through the root (1st) chakra, rather than through the crown chakra. This is done to remove all the blockage of the chakras from root to crown. When Kundalini is raised it can make you more positive, contented, peace, happiness, and strength. The method of Kundalini Reiki was developed by Ole Gabrielsen.

Imara Reiki

This Reiki energy is a powerful technique to heal people at a distance. It is also used to work on past life and repressed issues. The practitioner is connected to ascended masters and angels.

Five Element Seichem

This was founded by Alex Baisley in Canada. This therapy as the name suggests helps to consciously use the five elements of the universal life force or prana to promote healing.

Shamballa Reiki

This is again a very popular system to cleanse, repair and balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of a person.

All these methods are effective and can be used by anyone. Reiki treatment is indeed a boon for all kinds of problems.

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