Tarot Card Reading 101: Everything You Need To Know

Tarot cards come with a baggage of several misconceptions and myths. Even today people are confused about the overall purpose of tarot readings and how these cards work to guide you. The popularity of tarot readings online has grown tremendously in the past few years but, at the same time, the number of myths around these readings has also increased.

Most tarot newbies are intimidated by the whole tarot reading process because they are unaware of its overall working and benefits. In this blog, we will give you a glimpse of all that tarot reading is not and how tarot readings help.

Let’s begin with the basics first.

What are Tarot Cards?

Originated in 14th century Europe, tarot cards are a form of guidance that help you make wise decisions by tapping into the intuition and higher energies of the universe. Tarot cards come in the form of decks that usually consist of 78 cards broken into two categories, namely, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana cards guide you on the major life events that are to occur and the Minor Arcana cards help you deal with and understand your day-to-day life events.

What do Tarot Readings help with?

Unlike astrology, tarot cards are not about fortune telling and future predictions only. Tarot cards help you face your deeply hidden thoughts and feelings that impact your present life. These cards guide you when it comes to making decisions by helping you understand yourself. These cards can help answer difficult questions. Additionally, it helps one come to a conclusion when it is about making a tricky choice. With tarot cards tarot cards, one can get an insight into all aspects of life be it career, relationships, or health. The card readings make you aware of the past, present, and future opportunities, challenges, and experiences that have a significant impact on your life. 

How do Tarot Cards Work to Give Readings?

Every card in the tarot deck has a symbolic meaning that connects it to intuitive and spiritual energies. These cards, in many cases, hint at your present state of being and help in assessing your future. This also makes it a powerful tool for self-discovery. When the cards are shuffled by a tarot reader, energies are exchanged. The tarot reader is then drawn to certain cards that help in assessing your present, past, or future. Tarot reading has a lot to do with intuition. The intuitions coupled with spirituality and symbolism together make for a precise reading.

Tarot reading through online platforms is also quite common these days.

Now that we know the basics of tarot card reading, let’s debunk the myths and misconceptions related to tarot.

1. Tarot Cards can Only be Read by Psychics

Many people believe that to be able to read and interpret tarot cards, one has to be a psychic or have some sort of supernatural powers. This is not true. Tarot cards work on intuition and we are all intuitive beings. It’s just that some people are highly intuitive and are well-connected with their inner selves and some have simply learnt to ignore these intuitive feelings as if they mean nothing.

Well, with the right training and inclination, anyone can understand tarot.

2. Tarot Reading is All About Future Predictions

Tarot sure gives you a glance into upcoming major episodes of your life but it is not entirely just meant for that. Tarot readings also say a lot about your past and present. To understand tarot readings, one must believe that the past has the key to the future. These readings help you connect your past, present, and future. It acts as a guide and shows you what the future holds depending on your current and past standing in life.

3. Receiving the Death Card means Literal Death

Every card in the tarot deck signifies something deep and needs to be understood well. One of the most common myths associated with tarot is the meaning of the Death card. People believe that the Death card in the deck simply means someone is going to die! This is not true. This card signifies change and also means that certain painful transitions might occur in life that are necessary for a desired or better outcome. Make sure to understand all the cards properly before coming to random conclusions!

It is always recommended to consult a professional tarot reader to get the right guidance and answers. Looking for a tarot reading online? Schedule an appointment with us now!

4. Tarot Cards Are Magic

People often believe that tarot cards have magical powers within them. Sorry to burst the bubble, but this is not true! Tarot cards work based on the reader’s intuition and understanding powers. These cards have to be understood and interpreted carefully to help you find answers. It is recommended to consult only experienced tarot card readers to get genuine readings.

5. There Are Good and Bad Cards in the Deck

Tarot cards are open to interpretation because they can be read in multiple ways. There are no specific good or bad cards in the deck. Even the upside-down cards in the deck do not mean anything completely negative. Likewise, the Devil card and Death card also do not come under bad cards. They simply signify something about a drastic change or an upcoming challenge. One cannot divide the cards in the deck as good and bad!

6. One Has to Memorise All the Tarot Cards

The interpretation of the tarot cards depends on intuition. Though it is good if you know the meanings associated with all the cards by heart, it is not a prerequisite. This can come with practice and experience. Additionally, tarot cards do not have rigid interpretations attached to them. These readings change because the cards are interdependent and the interpretations are based on the combination of cards you are reading.

7. Tarot Reading Through Online Channels is Not Accurate

Tarot cards are packed with interpretations and information and it is the job of the tarot card reader to explain the cards to you. This can be done accurately through online sessions also. Even online tarot readings are accurate and reliable. Tarot readings have nothing to do with the client’s physical presence. Tarot readings conducted online also help save time. Moreover, if you cannot reach a tarot reader offline, then online readings can be your saviour.

Tarot readings can be beneficial in numerous ways and can help you gain perspective towards a difficult situation in life. Be it making tough choices or taking a certain path in life, tarot readings can guide and prepare you for what to expect. With the help of tarot readings, people can also go on a path of self-improvement. Tarot cards act as a reflective mirror that displays your hidden emotions, feelings, and thoughts. These emotions and thoughts often reflect in our life choices and tarot helps us gain clarity for the same.

These readings help with improving relationships, decision-making, and achieving clarity that can help nurture your overall life.

Need guidance to make a difficult choice? Consult us today and book a tarot reading online appointment in just a few clicks.

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