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Tarot Cards and How They Influence Our Lives

Life is a mystery.  It is said, “Life is too difficult to understand and by the time we understand it, it is over!”  To understand life early, tarot reading can be very helpful. So, to know more about your stars and to plan your life better, a reliable and reputed tarot reader in Bangalore is just what you need!

Tarot reading helps us gain an insight into our lives and plan our future, in alignment with our guiding stars and planets. Although we may not realise it, the cosmos continuously and consistently influences our lives. The undiscovered aspects of our lives can be understood through tarot reading. Your tarot reader in Bangalore can lead you to the right path!

Let’s begin with the basics first.

Astrology, Numerology and Tarot Card Reading

Although astrology, tarot card reading and numerology are different in nature, they are interconnected. Astrology is the study of the cosmos – the stars and planets in the sky, and their connection with the happenings on earth. Your online astrologer is better positioned to tell you more about how the cosmos influences you’re your stars and life in particular.  

Numerology, on the other hand is the study of numbers, their vibrations and how the vibrations of these numbers are connected to our life.  In simple words, numerology is the study of particular numbers, such as a person’s date of birth, in the belief that they may have special significance in a person’s life.      The Greek philosopher Pythagoras is considered the father of numerology. He developed the system of Pythagorean Numerology, which is also known as modern numerology. Numerology which is also known as Arithmancy, is the belief in an unknown, divine or mystical relationship between a number and the coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value, using an alphanumeric system, of letters, words and names. Your numerologist in Bangalore does this and more, for you!

Both numerology and astrology are deeply connected to tarot reading. Astrology and tarot cards are both based on the elemental principle, and are associated with stars, constellations and their positions. Additionally, a combination of numerology and tarot reading is often used to intuitively interpret certain cards, bringing the two practices together.

Tarot, Tarot Cards and Tarot Card Reading:

The Twentieth-century Chambers dictionary describes Tarot as something “previously known as Tarok, a card of Italian origin with picture, used in card games and also in fortune-telling.” Tarot card reading is a method of reading and interpretation of what fortune holds in store for a person, based on the current location of their stars.  Tarot card readers and practitioners use tarot cards and other divination methods to gain insight into the past, present or future and to interpret it to their client. If you are encountering crossroads in life, your tarot reader in Bangalore is always there to guide you!

Superficially, tarot cards are similar to any normal deck of cards. However, there’s always more than what meets the eye. Tarot cards are a form of derivatives      that indicate the cosmic alignment of one’s stars and work with one’s ‘higher self’.

Tarot cards are a tool that aid in tapping into the reader’s intuition to help you make better decisions and interpret the reading in a clearer way. Tarot cards guide on what is happening in a person’s cosmic orbit, in terms of the various aspects of life such as love, money, career, marriage, business and general welfare.

Tarot cards have a long and rich history, dating back to the 15th century, having originated in Europe in the 1500s, and have evolved into becoming symbols of wisdom and insight into people’s lives – past, present and future! There are different kinds of tarot cards and every card has a specific purpose and meaning behind it.  In the current-day world, tarot cards are tools for people to learn more about themselves and others and can help them in making decisions. 

What is Tarot Card Reading?

A full deck of Tarot cards usually consists of 78 cards, comprising ‘Minor Arcana’ and ‘Major Arcana’ cards. While the ​Major Arcana​ cards reflect important life events, lessons or milestones, the Minor Arcana​ cards denote more routine matters. Reading the cards and interpreting their complex language, can make things complex and technical, which needs expertise. That is exactly what your tarot reader in Bangalore does for you.

Do Tarot Cards Really Help?

Tarot cards help us open a conversation with a tarot reader in view of finding solutions to our problems. A distinct spiritual component to tarot cards      is known to appeal to most people. Know more from your tarot reader in Bangalore!

What is The Need for Tarot Reading?

How often do we get thoughts like these?

  • Why am I so depressed?  I have everything I need; but I still miss that feeling of wellness.
  • What about my future career; when will I get a job; when will I get my next promotion?
  • What if my partner walks out on me?

Numerous persisting and intriguing questions keep running through our minds and eating away at our peace. Critical decisions are the hardest things to take.  The best way out of any crisis that life brings our way is to face things, fair and square!  Your tarot reader in Bangalore is always available for help!

We face situations when we are confronted with difficulties and difficult choices to make. It is said, 80% of our life is destiny and 20% is how we handle it and what we make of it. The 20% in the right direction can transform the 80% in due course of time with our efforts and proper guidance.

While facing critical situations and taking important decisions, we all need proper guidance, counsel and a bit of help too! Overthinking, anxiety and depression often spoil our ability to choose the right path forward. In such circumstances, we all need a friend, guide or counsellor to guide us in the correct, unbiased direction. Your tarot reader in Bangalore would be the right person to consult for the answers and directions when life puts you in a quandary. An in-depth tarot reading is the best option when you are at a crossroads! 

Benefits of Tarot Card Reading:

Tarot cards are known to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle and  could improve the life of a person. The outcome of a proper tarot reading could be very healing, physically manifesting one’s thoughts. It could be highly beneficial to a person’s psyche and help distance ourselves from our pessimism and focus on a positive image of ourselves.

Tarot readings provide guidance for everything in life, from relationships to careers and more. However, it is noteworthy that no one can give a precise answer regarding our future. Tarot readingis a route to read and interpret the past, present and future direction of our lives. Our future is decided by the steps we take and the path on which we choose to move forward.   

What Areas of Our Lives Can Be Understood Through Tarot ?

Your online tarot reader in Bangalore can help you understand almost all areas of your life. Some of the most paramount questions that it could help answer include:

  • How to make a better career?
  • How to be and stay stabilised in life?
  • What career to choose?
  • How to find the right partner for oneself ?
  • Would a particular person be compatible in one’s life?
  • How to achieve a feeling of overall well-being?
  • How to choose the right business partner?

When you are confused and undecided about which path to take, it is always advisable to consult your tarot reader in Bangalore, because you can be sure that your energies will connect and you are assured of personal guidance. You will also be more eager to go through the healing process we recommend for you. 

Moreover, online consultation gives you the convenience of consulting your tarot reader in Bangalore  from the comfort of your home/office and the accuracy of the tarot reading remains the same! It also saves you the trouble of travelling from your place to that of your tarot reading in Bangalore.


Is a Solution Assured After a Tarot Reading?

Once your cards are drawn, an in-depth analysis of your past, present and future is made and, based on that, you are given recommendations which will help you tread on your chosen path.

Is Tarot Reading a Supernatural Process?

Tarot reading is a spiritual practice that involves authentic skills. A tarot deck is one of the tools available for divination. Tarot card reading involves discerning, disseminating, observing and interpreting information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities. 

Can Tarot Reading be Considered Accurate?

Experiences and testimonials by tarot practitioners and their clientele      across the globe are proof of accuracy of the predictions through tarot readings. That said, the level of accuracy of predictions may change depending on free will and expertise. 

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Our tarot reader in Bangalore offers the following services:

About Your online tarot reader in BangaloreSheelaa M Bajaj is an accomplished, renowned numerologist and tarot card reader with excellent skills and specialisation in life coaching, feng shui, baby names, business names etc. She is also a certified facilitator and teaches many Master-level courses in multiple sciences.

Sheelaa M Bajaj has consulted and helped millions of clients in her career. Her shows on related topics are ardently watched by millions on the Daily TVshow broadcast by TEZ news channel, which is a part of India Today Group and was previously aired on Headlines Today too! She is sought after by other channels like CNBC news, CNBC AWAZ for her predictions on election results and stock market movements.

Sheela M Bajaj is also highly sought after, to deliver keynote speeches at corporate events and to share her insights in the esoteric sciences sector.  She has mastered her art and skill through her gift of talent, thirst for knowledge, and experience in dealing with her clientele worldwide. Among numerous other celebrities, her clients include Bollywood diva, Madhuri Dixit, and megastar, Amitabh Bachchan.

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