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Tarot Card or Numerology: What’s Best for You?

Tarot card readings and Numerology are both tools of divination that help you discover where your life is right now and what the future holds. There is a lot of scepticism that surrounds these areas science because of the lack of awareness and knowledge among the general public. But, there are plenty of celebrities and influencers who believe in the power of tarot card readings and numerology. 

You’ve probably heard them talk about it in interviews and talk shows. Now you might be wondering to yourself 一 Why do so many intelligent people believe in tarot reading? Do tarot cards really give accurate readings? And your curiosity might have even pushed you to do some research of your own, but now you’re confused about so many things! 

The internet is a huge space and there’s a lot of misinformation that could throw you in a loop. But fret not! In this blog, you will get more clarity on what differentiates numerology and tarot readings.

If you have been stuck between the two and asked yourself: What should you choose? Tarot card reading or numerology? How accurate are Tarot card readings and numerology readings? Do they ever help in life? Keep reading to find out. 


In its most basic definition,  Numerology is the science of applying numbers to human affairs by looking at your name or date of birth. Numbers have spiritual significanc practicehe practise of numerology helps to clarify the relationship between numbers and personal energy. And for all the Harry Potter fans, you could define numerology as a real-life equivalent of Arithmancy. 

To study the numerology of a person, you only need to provide the date of birth and the name on your birth certificate which will serve as a base for your future life predictions. After a numerology analysis, people sometimes change their names because it attributes changes in personality traits, soul urges, and mode of expression. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people born on the same day share the same personality, the time of birth and other factors also influence the characteristics of a person. 

In what way can Numerology Help You? 

For a person who’s new to numerology and its ideas, birth date and name might seem random, but they have deeper meanings and reasons. By understanding the hidden meanings of numbers you are unlocking endless information about yourself and the things that surround you. Some of the things that you can find out about yourself by consulting the best numerologist in India include 一 

  • Your Lucky Dates
  • Business names that can bring you success
  • Lucky Baby Names  
  • Marriage Compatibility

These are some of the many services that you can find and consult about through numerology. Sheelaa M Bajaj also offers lucky name numerology, movie name numerology and even love numerology readings. So if you’re a person that favorable for favorable names and dates for guaranteed success, numerology is the tool for you.   

Numerology is a once in a lifetime reading that will help you to set a foundation right. as compared to tarot card reading which you might need at diff walk or stage of life.

Numerology is also a remedy as much as it helps to know more about a person and their life path, it also changes the vibration of the name with the name change and hence it changes many aspects in one’s life.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards are tools that help us uncover secrets about ourselves and the world. Each card is stacked with information and some even rely on the systems of numerology and astrology (the study of human affairs through celestial objects) to give deeper insights. The language of the cards is very complex, hence there is no specific way of reading them. Professional tarot card readers can analyse the cards more accurately through years of experience and genuine psychic abilities. Compared to numerology, the meaning behind tarot reading is not fixed. It is very fluid. 

Now you might be thinking; Does tarot reading really work? Or Do tarot cards really give accurate readings? This is a very valid question that all beginners have. Tarot card readings aren’t derived from an exact science like numerology. It depends on spirituality and the energy surrounding a person and is open to interpretation. 

How do Tarot Cards Help?

Lots of people who aren’t aware of the workings of tarot cards believe that they are used to predict the future, which is untrue. Rather than predict the future, tarot cards will help you forge your own destiny. As Aaron Talley writes, ‘Tarot is divination that can be compared to a spiritual weather report. You can know that rain is coming, it’s up to you to grab the umbrella or stay inside’. With tarot reading, you can – 

  • Make better, conscious decisions about your life path
  • Become the best version of yourself 
  • Navigate through difficult situations in life 
  • Understand the significance of the troubling events that occur in your life
  • Help you find opportunities to reach your full potential in different cycles of your life. 

You can learn more in-depth details about tarot reading and how it works on our website if you’re still unsure about its accuracy and how it can help you. 

Tarot cards depend on symbolism and Numerology depends on numbers. It might sound as simple as that, but the systems are complex. Psychic readers can help you break down this complex language and make it more understandable. Find professional Tarot readers and Numerologists at sheelaa.com and get answers to all the questions and worries that plague your thoughts.

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