The Dance of numbers – How The Best Numerologist In India can Turn Your Life Around

A few years back Sandeep, one of our clients was going through a rough patch professionally. Year after year his promotions had been stalled, despite being the hardest worker in the team. He had heard about numerology but wasn’t sure. But seeing no solution to his problems, he decided to give numerology a try. And, this decision proved to be a turning point in his life. He got his victory name done and within few months the miracle happened – he got a promotion, later in the year he got a job offer abroad and also brought a property. Seems like a fairytale right? But, this in fact is a true story of one of the clients who consulted Sheela M Bajaj the best numerologist in India, who has turned around hundreds of people’s lives.

What Is Numerology and How it Impacts a Person’s Life?

Let’s Hear it From World Renowned and The Best Numerologist in India – Sheela M Bajaj

Numerology is the science of numbers and planets. Every number is connected to a certain planet. When you are born you are born under two planets – date of birth (D.O.B) – which becomes your birth number. and your date, birth, and year of birth (DD/MM/YY) which becomes your life path number. These are the two numbers and planets that guide people’s lives including – your personality, your life experiences, the money you attract, relationships, and much more.’ – Sheela M Bajaj

So if you are born with bad planets as per your date of birth, e.g. you have a 4 and 7, which means you are ruled by Rahu and Ketu, will that mean it is all gloom and doom? Of course not! a lot of times the fault in your stars can be corrected by changing your name.

Celebrities changing their names is not an unknown phenomenon. Irrfan instead of Irfan Rajkummar instead of Rajkumar, Ayshmann instead of Ayushman, Rani Mukerji instead of Rani Mukherjee – such examples are plenty. Movie titles have been often changed to align numbers in favor of the box office. Cricketers have been known to keep their lucky numbers closer to them in forms and factors. For instance, Dhoni’s – Jersey no is 7, he also wears a locket with a number 7 pendant.

Over the years the Numerology has gained popularity amongst people from all walks of life. We have had clients from various backgrounds who have availed the best numerology consultation in India from Sheela M Bajaj and have benefitted from Numerology in innumerable ways.

How Numerology Can Turn-around Your Life

Ekta Kapoor, Karan Johar, and Rakesh Roshan’s penchant for titles starting from ‘K’ is not unknown. Something that has benefitted them in a huge way. Businesses use Numerology services to name their companies or rephrase them and have seen huge successes.

Here are some ways Numerology can help you too:

Redefining your life purpose with numerology

Numerology can analyse your character, qualities, weakness, relationships, and more by calculating your life path number. A good numerologist will give you remedies, the best numerologist will show you a path and guide you towards your life’s purpose – and that is what Sheela M Bajaj does.

Help you make the right decisions

Often in life, we are stuck at the crossroads and are confused between choices – be it making the right choice about a job opportunity, marriage, buying a property, etc. Numerology readings can guide you to make the right choice, that aligns with your numerology chart and paves the way for success. Numerology can also help you choose the right life partner and have a peaceful and loving relationship for life.

Numerology Consultation

Sneha reached out to our team for a Numerology consultation from Sheela M Bajaj. She was convinced that Sheela M Bajaj is one of the best numerologists in India, and she was proven right too. After the consultation and Numerology services, Sneha got married within 3 months, she got selected for her dream job, and today, she is pursuing a Ph.D. too. ‘I just love Sheela Ma’am’ is what she fondly says in this video.

Strengthen your relationships

Any relationship takes a lot of effort to grow and strengthen. There will always be good and bad phases in a relationship, but sometimes people get stuck in a loop of a bad phase in a relationship. Numerology can help you break out of that phase. It can show you what your loved ones are actually expecting, where the gap lies, and enlighten you with insights that can strengthen and save your relationships.

Business and career growth

Numerology can guide you in choosing a name that will set you up for a successful path right from the start. It helps you in deciphering the energies of an organization or a country you might want to migrate to, or a city where you are getting a job and take the right step towards career growth.

Lopamudra, another client of ours was going through a terrible phase in her professional life for over 2 years. Santosh, her brother worried about her sister reached out to us for a consultation with Sheela M Bajaj with a lot of hope. And, like always, Sheela M Baja proved that numerology can turn people’s life around completely in ways unimagined. After getting her name corrected with Numerology Lopamudra got a job at a much higher position and a much better company. Santosh, a happy brother, shares his experience with a sense of relief in this testimonial.

Numerology can help you take corrective actions in life so that your efforts yield the right results and you align your life towards positive energies. But when numerology is combined with things like 5-D healing, Gemstones, Meditation, etc. it can amplify the positive effects of numerology by leaps and bound. Best numerologists do just that. That is why the best numerologist in India – Sheela M Bajaj guides clients through holistic healing and helps them change from within.

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