Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | What are the Different Types of Gemstones?

What are the Different Types of Gemstones?

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | What are the Different Types of Gemstones?

What are the Different Types of Gemstones?

We are all familiar with types of gemstones for ages. We have been using them for years and now they are also used as a healing art in our lives. There are Nine planets against which most of the gemstones – precious or semi-precious are categorized. The precious ones are also called Nav Ratnas, which are comprised of ruby, pearl, yellow sapphire diamond, emerald, blue sapphire, red coral, gomeda and cat’s eye. All these stones have immense supernatural and tremendous powers.

Types of Gemstones and Attributes

The following details are for the gemstones and the properties of each gemstone.


Ruby GemstoneRuby is a red, durable & transparent gemstone. A good ruby is a bright and sparkling red in color. When exposed to the rays of the morning sun, it emits red-colored rays. While buying a ruby, one should be extremely careful that gem is flawless. It should not have any cracks or spots on it. Sometimes imitation rubies are sold as genuine, and it is impossible for us to distinguish between the two. This types of gemstones are used majorly for power and fame as it relates to planet Sun.


PearlPearls come in different shapes and sizes but most common are cream, whitish, reddish and bluish colored. The common shape is round and a little raised from the top. It is associated with planet Moon which controls the mind. By wearing a pearl, the person would be blessed with a sound mind, stability in thoughts and reduced anger (caused due to unstable thoughts). Also, it endows the person with prosperity, profits in the field of wealth, education, real estate, and vehicles.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow SapphireThis particular stone can be found either in pale yellow or in gold color and is a significator for planet Jupiter. Ideally, these types of gemstones should be transparent, heavy and sparkling. By wearing this stone the wearer would be blessed with generosity, intelligence, spiritualism, and respectfulness. Yellow sapphire brings the joy of good children, wealth, health, recognition and admiration of others. It does the job of a protective charm and also bestows the wearer with the luxuries and pleasures of life. Individuals, who are facing difficulties in property issues or academics, should wear yellow sapphire. It has been noticed that by wearing yellow sapphire, most desires of the individual can be satisfied.


EmeraldThe green beauty is the significance of planet Mercury. The best form is the one which is free of all blemishes, is transparent and sparkling. The color could range from a dark, velvety green to a grassy green. This is a particularly influential stone and is known to bring wisdom, good luck and the joy of offspring. Wealth, health, profits in property and long life are some of the benefits of wearing an emerald. It brings professional progress, social status, and reputation too. For a healthy life, wearing an emerald can prove to be really beneficial. These types of gemstones are known to control blood pressure and nervous ailments which are some big problems given by Mercury.


DiamondThey are the most glittering pure rare stones that are commonly used as Jewellery. Diamonds are found in different colors like blue, red and black but the white or colorless diamond is the most popular one. These types of gemstones are having an affinity with planet Venus. By wearing it, the native would be endowed with a successful and fruitful life. This can also ward off evil spirits and is a stone for Venus it promises wisdom, good luck, joy, happiness from married life & fame. Wearing a diamond also brings wealth & luxuries for the wearer. It also heals disorders of the reproductive system and the kidneys.

Red Coral

Red CoralAlso famous as Moonga. This stone is majorly used for planet Mars & it is red in color. Orange-red Coral or white. They are also used for Moon or in some special cases. Wearing these types of gemstones would shower the wearer with long life, courage, recognition and sound health. It can also help the native with property deals, land, wealth and professional success. Red coral is also known to give protection from physical and mental ailments as well as from natural disasters. It works like charm to remove obstacles caused by planet Mars that may be causing a delayed marriage for some native. This stone should be worn by women who have suffered from miscarriages, in order to have a smooth delivery but after getting their charts checked since this is a powerful & destructive stone.

Blue Sapphire

Blue SapphireRuled by planet Saturn, this stone is found in normal, light and dark colors. This is considered a very powerful stone that is known to have long-lasting and miraculous effects on the wearer’s life. If it does not suit the native then this can actually ruin their life as well. There have been instances when even though the stone is suitable for the native it has given some erratic results. Therefore, extreme care and caution should be exercised when selecting these types of gemstones. Also, it should be worn after a trial period of one week, and it should be set in a ring only if it proves suitable during the trial period. If the Blue sapphire suits the native, it would endow him with immense good health and professional success.


GomedaThis is a gemstone for Rahu which is a red-colored smoke. The Ceylon Gomeda is a little yellowish and resembles honey. By wearing this stone, the natives can enjoy the benefits of victory over opponents, riches, success and sound health. It brings occupational progress, business prosperity as well as educational success. This stone endows energy, alertness, activeness by reducing all evil effects, jealousies, and enmities. Mental peace and deep sleep are endowed by the Gomeda which are some negative effects of Rahu.

Cat’s Eye

Cat's EyeThis is used majorly for Ketu & it is Yellowish or blackish in color. There is a sparkling band within this stone that seems to turn whenever the stone is moved or shifted just like a 3D thing. This is a stone that brings results rapidly if it suits you and It can also make one recover from riches, illness, especially skin infections are also removed by wearing this stone. The gem would protect the wearer from any mishaps. It shields the wearer from any adverse effects in life and also enables him to gain victory over them. Quite often, it is used to bring about a quick marriage for the wearer.

You can wear multiple gemstones as well based on your sign.

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