Unlucky First Names

Unlucky First Names

First names are extremely important in numerology.

How do we know if a name is lucky or not? A name analysis has to be done for this. A lot of people would like to know if their first names are lucky or unlucky. So I decided to write this post on lucky and unlucky names. So I randomly picked some names. Please post only your first name in the comments section to get ur first name analyzed on my blog. If you have an unlucky first name, you are going through a lot of turmoil, struggle depending on what number it adds up to. Here is my initial list.

Some of the Unlucky First Names are





Anita, Anitha,






Sheela ( yes my first name was malefic and that’s why I now corrected it to sheelaa)


Deepak Dipak













Rajiv Rajeev








Rajesh Narayan














Naveen, Navin,



Prashant, Prashanth
















Smitha, Smita

Sunitha, Sunita

Due to a large volume of comments on this blog, we are unable to reply to each person’s query. please contact our office for your name analysis.

For more information and Name corrections please call 9900120034 or write to [email protected]

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Hi sheela,my name is nishika tamta .My date of birth is 18-june-1989.I am facing soo many problems in my professional life.Some or the other problems are coming . please suggest me ..

Hi my name is Pramod and Date of Birth is 15th January 1974.
Please tell If my name is lucky or not.

Hi Sheelaa,

My Name is Avik Ghosh and my DOB is 8th of May 1986. Can you please let me know if these are problematic or not as i have been going through a lot of rough patches in my carrer, it has never been smooth. Its like i get recognized for my efforts but i dont get anything to feel good about.

Avik Ghosh

hi Sheelaa,
im Deepika.D (Devaiah) DOB is 23.11.1986 kindly tl me my name is lucky or malefic from past 3 to 4 years im going thru a lot of stress in all aspects of my life unable to cope up ….

Hi, sheelaa

My name is chaitra, my date of birth is jan-05-1985, so pls let me knw about my name is lucky or not.. to shine my carrier…
thank u

i hope i will get answer from your end
Thank u

hi sheela

my name is Imran.r and my date of birth is 29/04/1991
im doing MBA. i would like to know that my name is lucky for me or. im also bother about my studies and further career

Hi my name is mesram.meenakshi and dob is 17-7-1995 can you pls chek my name currect or not.

Hai my name is mesram.chandrapaul and my nick name is chandu and my dob is 25/1/90 can you pls currect my name

Hello Madam,
My name is Asim Amitav Das, DOB: 31st may 1991(actual), 31st may 1992(in my certificate/official). Can u plz tell me, is my name lucky or not ?

Hi Sheela,

Myself Vivek my DOB :12-08-1987 and my fiance Rashmi DOB:30-08-1987 .would like to know if any changes required in any of our name to have a successful career and married life.

hii mam my name is shalini upadhyay and my d.o.b is 21/12/1986 i just wants to know that is my name needs some correction becoz i am facing unwanted troubbles from my 10th class plz mam do somthing for me.

my name is Pulla Bhatla Surya Satya Prasad and dob 16-1-1966, i request you please name correctrion. everybady call Prasad, mam do something. thank Q.

I visited Sheela Bajaj in one of my worst times. She suggested a name correction and I wanted a victory name. Got the victory name and followed her advice to the T. Her analysis of me and my problem was so accurate. She could just go on and on about my personality and life, but she kept it short and to the point.
I loved her approach. Everything she suggested was with reason.
Every remedy she suggested had some basis.

She explained the logic for most things she suggested. Somehow, you just have to trust her judgement. She knows what she’s saying.

So I followed ALL her detailed remedies and advice in my numerology report. It seemed expensive to some, but I’ve seen more expensive remedies out there. So I thought it was worth every penny.

Within a short time, my life started to change. Career, relationship, work, colleagues. Everything started becoming happier and I was attracting better opportunities and experiences. I got appreciation at work which I’d never recd before.
I attracted the right person and its been great for the last 6 months.
It’s uncanny how a few corrections and cures can change your life.

I have been referring so many friends to get a name correction session with sheelaa. And they also find great value in the change. Her remedies and Feng shui along with that numerology is absolutely amazing.

She really gives a person a well rounded solution to your problem.

Thanks Sheela bajaj and the Isis school.

I am starting a new busines.i want to choose my company a successful name .success business.my lucky time god bless u.
Please give me a good brand name and a business name in numerology.

my name — karthik (in educational side)
— manju (in home & relatives )
DOB-16.05.1991 (in school registration 1992)
born at 8.30 AM
i have problems of relationship failures at every level and last minute job (last round failures in many jobs) misses…plz show me remedy for me…

My name is Srinivas and my DOB is 21-04-1985 ,please suggest me if their are any correction ,im facing lots of problem in my career and health problems

my full name is Treesa Salvia Joseph , have always faced a lot of difficulties in life till date. My date of birth is 21 aug 1988, till date i have been strong enough to face any problems in life but now situation has come to a state were i could loose the love of my life, mainly due to the fact of him, his family and my family facing a lot of difficulties mainly while dealing with me. If they dont involve me in anything non of them face any problems. i really do not know what to do about my situation Sheelaa kindly do help me with remedies i am willing to consult you, but as of now i am studying for my post graduation @ toronto. My boyfriend’s name is Shabeer Huzain Palandy and his BOD is 11 may 1987. more than four and half years since we are in love.

My Name comes under the unlucky names list and its true that I have had so many setbacks. Once I got it corrected from Sheela Bajaj that cycle is broekn. I dont experience that unlucky pattern anymore.
to Begin with I got a better job and it feels like a rebirth earning almost double of what i earned before with so many perks and recognition.

hi my name is shahnawaz I have lots of problem in my career and some some others in personal life plz tell me how can I correct my name
my DOB is 7.4 .1987

My name is kodam.lavan kumar..and my DOB is 25-05-1996.plz suggest me if their are any correction’..im facing lots of problems in my career and health.

Hi Sheela Mam,
my name is Digambar and last name Patil DOB: 15th June 1987
pls tell me i m lucky or unlucky

Hi sheela mam
my name is NEHA JAIN is this correct accrdn to u..?? my dob is- 09-04-1993
hw can i alter it can u plss advice me..

Hi sheelaa, as my name sanjeev is on your list. Would be appreciated if u can give correct name which will bring growth and satisfaction in life.. My DOB is. 2 9 d e c 1 9 7 4. Thanks you in advance.

The ideas of astrology and numerology meanings is a very spiritual one and that was rubbish to me at first. I know beings are somehow majorly influenced by the way the stars align in our skies. But to think that the planets, stars, and some mathematic formula makeup, could determine numbers based upon qualitative values given to letters of the alphabet during our time of birth and could forecast our destiny was beyond my scope of beliefs. Until I came across this great site, that changed my life for the better. I was out there searching for some type of meaning, then a good friend of mine enlighten me about numerology. I was skeptical about her information, until she sat down with me and showed me the significance. The knowledge opened my eyes, with it’s informative information in spiritual guidance. Which in my opinion, has given me more focus confidence in the overwhelming feeling the purpose. I’ve been compelled to share this information with others to hopefully help them better their outlook on life as it did for me. I hope this is helpful and I wish you much success in this ever changing journey, we call life.

Numerology does work and one should venture into the correction of their name and see what unfolds.

HI Sheelaa, my first name is Rajeev. What should be done to correct. Number is 7 and lpn is 3. What you said about 7 is absolutely right. How can this be corrected.

Hi I got my name corrected after lots of pondering and indecisiveness. Im very happy with they way things turned out. at first i thought its coincidence . but ever since i got the corection life has been awesome. all my problems have faded away.
Better to consult and follow what she says

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