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Vaastu For Office – Things to Consider

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Vaastu For Office – Things to Consider

Vaastu Shastra is also known as the planning principle. Not only for homes but for any commercial or office spaces as well. This technique is normally used in architecture and interior design to improve the positive & reduce the negative energies associated with any place. In this post, we are specifically talking about Vaastu for Office spaces, why it should be used and what are the benefits one can get by applying it.

Vaastu For Office

Why We Need Vaastu For Office

An office is a place where the business is conducted by a group of people. Broadly saying, there are businesses whose main aim is to create profits only and there are some offices which are non-profit. Vaastu can be applied to all buildings and spaces to increase the potential of the business to achieve its aim. Vastu compliant office renders everything in a positive way keeping the flow of wealth in a good position and help to make a business successful.

People should be careful while undertaking business activities without consulting for matters like plot and direction. Second thing is that any small or big business involves people who are the greatest assets in any business. Without proper Vaastu for office, the environment can be negative and working culture cannot be maintained by its people. There will be negativity all around and ultimately no one will be able to work and the business suffers.

It has been observed by most of the professionals who change their jobs frequently that they get depressed in their surroundings and are not able to focus. It is believed that to hold any person to any business surroundings, it is very important to create a comfortable environment for them. Any business that has positive people and a positive environment, flourishes. Here we are not only talking about the construction but also about the interiors and placement of objects.

Vaastu consultants recommend that the principles of Vaastu should be followed from the construction stage itself. But building and setting up an office space again is an exhaustive and expensive task. So what should the person do if office space is already created but not as per Vaastu? Some remedies listed below can be followed that will not only create a healthy environment within but will also eliminate Vaastu doshas.

How Should You Plan Vaastu For Office

  • The office should be in a public place and if possible avoid lonely spaces. If there are any big crowds and hustle-bustle around then the business flourishes. There should be running roads surrounded by the business or the office.
  • The building which is facing the north, northeast, northwest or northeast is prosperous for office or business.
  • If the staff should face the north or east while working. This will make them feel fresh and Focussed.
  • North is the direction of Kuber, the god for money. If you have a trading business then this will give you growth.
  • If you are a professional or in a service industry then the east direction is good for focus. Sunrises in the east, and therefore it gives growth in all senses.
  • If your workstation faces the north, keep your files, folders and any electronic gadgets like computers, etc. on the left side of your table. However, if your workstation faces the east, make sure that the aforementioned office paraphernalia is kept on the right side of your table.
  • Regular shape office tables are auspicious such as a square or a rectangle or the one that at least has four corners. L-shaped or irregularly shapes should be avoided as they scatter the energies. The length and breadth proportion of the table should not be more than 1:2.
  • Staff generally place an idol of their worship on their office table, This is not considered auspicious. This distracts the energies of people and therefore the office should have a dedicated place of worship if possible instead of idols placed on an individual workstation.
  • People should avoid eating food at their workstation/table. It is beneficial if the workstation is only meant for working and dealing with the business and not for other activities.
  • It has been observed that when people read about other stuff on their workstations then also it reduces the aura which hampers the overall functioning of the business. People should avoid reading books, magazines or anything except business and sleeping on the tables in the business area.
  • Workstations should be kept clean and uncluttered. Money is unstable in places where there is more clutter and it may also be responsible for the confusion and problems all around.
  • All office related files should be kept on the western sides of the wall. The important & files related to court cases and taxation matters should be kept on the northeastern sides.
  • Bank papers and the bank files to be kept in the southwestern areas. The Kesar or Kumkum tilak should be applied to the banks and account books.
  • Cash box/ locker/Safe should be kept on the southwestern part of the office. This direction ensures a stable income and reduces unnecessary expenditures.
  • Northwest corner is good for the Marketing and sales department. This opens up ample opportunities for them in their field.
  • The accounts department should be east facing and in the eastern direction.
  • The MD of the company should have a cabin in the southwestern part of the office. It will give him effective control over the business as well as his subordinates.

Some general tips for Reception Area

Reception is the area where the clients enter first. Maintaining a good reception are is a pre-requisite of any business or office because it creates the 1st impression about the business. Some general tips to maintain the office area as per Vaastu Shastra:

  • It should carry a company profile on the south wall of the area.
  • The lights should be sober and white.
  • The aroma of the Reception should be soothing and calming.
  • The reception table should be aligned diagonal facing the door.
  • Flowers decorated in the reception area invites positive energies to the whole office.
  • Sweets offered in any form to whom so ever coming in the office reception create good relationship value with the outer world.

With the above suggestions, plan your Vaastu for office and gain immense profit. We have other features also to correct the Vaastu issues.

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