Vaastu For Kitchen – Things to Consider

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Vaastu For Kitchen - Things to Consider

Vaastu For Kitchen – Things to Consider

The kitchen is the main area of any house as it feeds us. As per our ancient scriptures both health and prosperity come from the kitchen, as food is considered to be God, the life-giver. If we look at the elements of Kitchen we will find all the elements there. Prominently Fire on which we cook, then Water, Air, Earth, and Ether also. Thus, all five elements are present there.  The kitchen needs proper planning of all these elements to bring balance and prosperity. Here are the great Vaastu tips for the kitchen for a healthy life.

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Vaastu For Kitchen - Things to ConsiderDirection and Placement of Kitchen in a home

As the main element of any Kitchen is Fire, and according to Vastu Shastra, the lord of ‘Agni’ (Fire) prevails in a south-east direction. So ideally the kitchen should be located in the south-east of the home. The second best option is the north-west part of the home. The stove should be placed in the south-east direction of the kitchen so that the cook may face east direction while cooking.

The east quadrant is considered an excellent location for the kitchen because this area brings prosperity. South-east is the best direction for the kitchen. North quadrant is the second option and north-west is a direction. In diagonal plots, avoid the north quadrant which has ill effects on female members. The west quadrant gives average results for the kitchen.

As explained earlier, all five elements are connected with the Kitchen, thus, it is the most affected area of a house from where all kind of energies prevails. Any ill-placement of the Kitchen will result in adverse conditions for the family members. An expert Vastu consultant would surely identify the adverse situation of the house if the kitchen is placed incorrectly. It is considered to be the first thing to be analyzed for any kind of Vaastu Dosham. Go through the Vaastu tips for the kitchen listed below.

Important Vaastu tips for kitchen for the direction for various placements

  • Element Fire governs in the direction South-east, so this portion of the house ideal for locating the kitchen. However, if choosing an alternative then the North-west part could be taken for constructing a kitchen but avoid making the kitchen in any other direction.
  • According to Vaastu tips for the kitchen, the kitchen in the north quadrant tends to affect the health of female members.
  • The Entry Door of the Kitchen should be either on the North, East or West sides of the kitchen but not in the South Direction. The door must not be in any of the corners, it should be centrally placed. The door of the kitchen must not face the Toilet or Bathroom.
  • Place water sink in the North-east with the maximum distance from cooking gas.
  • Larger windows in the kitchen should be on the Eastern side while small ventilators should be placed in the South.
  • Provision for water storage and taps should be made in the North-east of the kitchen.
  • There should be no toilets and bathrooms adjoining, and above or below the kitchen.

Where should the types of equipment be placed

  • The second most important element is the cooking Stove or gas placement in the kitchen. It should be placed in the South-East Corner so that the Person cooking food should face the East direction while cooking. The Gas Stove must not touch the wall and is placed a few inches away from it. The stove should not be directly in front of the door, as per the above rule, the door must not in the corners, but stove can be.
  • Gas Cylinder should be placed in the Southeast direction if it is filled and underuses. All the empty cylinders should be kept in the southwestern direction.
  • The refrigerator should be placed in the Southeast, South, North or East direction or the corner. It must never be in a Northeastern direction. If the refrigerator is placed in the southwestern direction, it must be feet away from the corner.
  • Types of equipment such as heaters, conventional ovens, microwaves, ovens should also be placed in Southeast or South direction. As with the case of a refrigerator, other electric equipment must never be kept in the northeast corner or direction.
  • Avoid placing the dining table in the center of the kitchen instead locate it in the North-west direction.
  • The sink should be in the Northeast corner of the kitchen. The water source like Water Filter, RO, Pitcher etc should be placed in the north-east direction.
  • The Pipes for the flow of water should be such that the slope of the water flow is from Southwest towards Northeast. The Geyser should be installed on the Southeast side.
  • The storage for all the food grains, utensils, the overhead almirah should always be on the Southern and the western walls and not on the Northern and the Eastern walls.
  • A dishwasher can be placed in the north-west of the kitchen.
  • The exhaust fan should be installed either in the Northwest corner of the South wall.

Flooring For The Kitchen

It should reflect the Earth element and thus can be of,

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Mosaic
  • Marble

Color Scheme According To Vastu Tips For Kitchen

The color of the walls should be,

  • Yellow
  • Rose
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Chocolate

Avoid using the color black in your kitchen.

What is to be avoided for Kitchen Vaastu

  • The kitchen must never be below or above a bathroom/toilet.
  • The toilet and kitchen must never share a common wall. Both defects can have an adverse effect on the resident’s health.
  • The kitchen must never face the main entrance of the house.
  • The kitchen must never be located in the North or North-East as this can badly affect a person’s career.
  • As per Vaastu tips for kitchen, mid-north, northeast, mid-west, mid-south, southwest, and the center of a house should never be used for constructing a kitchen.
  • The Pooja room or temple must never be above the stove or kitchen sink as it brings bad luck.
  • Stove in the kitchen must not be visible from outside.

What to consider for while planning Kitchen Vaastu

  • Proper location of the kitchen in the house
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The direction & placement of the window
  • The direction & placement of the cooking gas
  • The direction to face while cooking
  • The direction & placement of the sink
  • The direction & placement of the refrigerator
  • The direction & placement of the electric equipment
  • The direction & placement of the gas cylinders
  • The direction & placement of storage
  • The color scheme of the kitchen

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