Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Victory Names in Numerology

Victory Names in Numerology

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Victory Names in Numerology

Victory Names in Numerology


When a date of birth or name or life path number is malefic it needs to be corrected. The name becomes lucky.

But when a name is corrected to a  victory name it becomes invincible. People who have victory names achieve success, prosperity growth, fame, and recognition. Victory names are just super lucky and make such a huge turnaround happen for the person who uses or activates his or her Victory name. Companies that start and want to make their business success also benefit from Victory names

Victory names, Power Victory names, Power Victory PLUS or Business power victory names in numerology are very rare.

A Victory name correction cannot be done for everyone. There are some names that just don’t add up. No matter how much we try it can’t be corrected to a Victory name number.

Each of these numbers carries different energies and can be used to negate the ill effects of a number 4, 8, 9 and 7.

Business names can be corrected to Victory names easily.

Many famous people and successful businesses have victory or power names.

Victory and power name corrections are tough and very rare to correct into. Only 1 out of  30 names are possible to be corrected into a Victory name.

Baby-names are easy to be corrected and made victory names or power victory names as there is plenty of room to tweak the name vibration.

When people ask which name correction is right for me. A particular category can be suggested but the choice is for the person getting the correction done.

It’s like choosing an auto engine versus choosing an aircraft engine.

If one needs to barely get by life a simple name correction is enough. For people who want to fly an aircraft a B+P+ name is the one to choose.

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Wanted to Know the difference between the birth number and life path number.
what if the first name add up to same as birth number.

hi Sheila, my name is Arunima Mondal and my date of birth is 29/08/1988 and my birth time is 4 pm and it was in Monday. can you please analyze my d.o.b and my name…will be greatful if u could just tell me about my life……..I am eager to know about my work life as i feel that luck is always betraying me ….

hi pls tell me abt my name n company name i want to keep
my details
nitesh Saxena
7/feb/1978,23:25pm,new delhi
WHICH OF THESE NAMES will be better lucked for my business.
wat colors suitable for me n business letter head, visiting cads.will i see any smooth runing or this will be same as life till now?

hi madam, my name is kaushal kishor rai and d.o.b is 03/09/1974 can you analyse my name according to numerology ,because so far i am suffering a lot in my life ,my professional carrier is also not doing good.
if you can help me it will be great thanks to you.

hi sheelaa my life is going so sad. i can not decided which is correct way and which is incorrect way even office also i am facing lot of problem Dob – 22 nov 1987 plz advise some thing else. thanking you

I had contacted Sheela Bajaj’s office after listening to her show on Radio Indigo and then again Fever.and as per their suggestion i did it and it works well so if anybody believe in numerology he/she should try it. gives sudden boost.

There was one more yang thing i tried what they told me to do and it worked very very fast.

they can be reached on sheelaa.com

Please contact the office for name corrections. We will need his date of birth and full name.

Not all names can be corrected to a royal. If we cant do it we refund the difference amount and do a reular lucky name correction.

Hi Sheelaa,
My Name is Sudhamayi.Bavirisetty and my DOB is 5th Oct 1976- please tell my Name correction.

Thank you,

Hi Sheelaa ji. I am a big fan. I was wondering if there is any connection between Numerology, astrology and palmistry.

Also would like to hear your views about Past Life regression / karmik lessons from past lives in one of your coming blog posts.

Hi i have seen ur program n headlines today.. Datz how i came to knw abt u. But amnt a frequnt veiwr as i hav to leav b4 6.30am. I lik d way u tak othrz problm as urown n ur sincer atitud wich u cariz to comfort the nedy..
Grt..Manavaseva s d real Madhavaseva.

Hi Sheelaa,
I observed that you mentioned the name Namratha in both categories: royal and unlucky first names. How does that fit?

Hi my name is rupalatha and my date of birth is 19-10-1990, I want to know about my career and about my marriage.can u please tell me.

Hi …….. My name is Raghubabu and my DOB is 27-9-1992 please i want know my career and any changes in my name

I followed the tips given on Radio by Sheela ji. After I kept the things she recommended and also got the yang activation medallion i started performing better a work. Im able to accomplish more and more each day.
I then got lucky and got a victory name correction FREE on radio.
I tried that with full faith and im having trouble believing the miracles unfolding.

I got my dream job abroad. All I can say is THank you.

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