Victory Names

Numerology name corrections make your name Lucky. But Victory names are a league above Lucky names. they are rare and SUPER LUCKY.

Victory names make a persons aura and energy magnetic. Its like being connected to a BIG GUY like having  a last name like Bachchan.  and not the Bad guy. ( Bin laden).

The vibration we connect to is the vibration we attract. After we get connected to a powerful lucky planet, we attract all the goodness that planet has to offer us, plus we become magnets for that prosperity growth and happiness.

When a date of birth or name or life path number is malefic it needs to be corrected. The name becomes lucky.

But when a name is corrected to a  victory name it becomes invincible. People who have victory names achieve success, prosperity growth, fame and recognition.

Victory names are just super lucky and make such a huge turnaround happen for the person who uses or activates his or her Victory name. Companies that start and want to make their business a success also benefit from Victory names

Victory names in numerology are very rare. A Victory name correction cannot be done for everyone. There are some names that just dont add up. No matter how much we try it cant be corrected to a Victory name number. Each of these numbers carry different energies and can be used to negate malefics of a number 4, 8, 9 and 7.

Business names can be corrected to Victory names easily.

A lot of famous people have Victory names

Companies that have Victory names and powerful logos have phenomenal turnovers.

Victory name corrections are tough and very rare to correct into. Only 1 out  of  20 names are possible to be corrected into a Victory name. Baby names are easy to be corrected and made victory names as there is plenty of room to tweek the name vibration.

  1. hi sheela, myself ravikiran and my number birth number is 4, what correctio is to be made in my name to be successful in my life..

  2. I visited Sheela Bajaj in one of my worst times. She suggested a name correction and I wanted a victory name. Got the victory name and followed her advice to the T. Her analysis of me and my problem was so accurate. She could just go on and on about my personality and life, but she kept it short and to the point.
    I loved her approach. Everything she suggested was with reason.
    Every remedy she suggested had some basis.

    She explained the logic for most things she suggested. Somehow, you just have to trust her judgement. She knows what she’s saying.

    So I followed ALL her detailed remedies and advice in my numerology report. It seemed expensive to some, but I’ve seen more expensive remedies out there. So I thought it was worth every penny.

    Within a short time, my life started to change. Career, relationship, work, colleagues. Everything started becoming happier and I was attracting better opportunities and experiences. I got appreciation at work which I’d never recd before.
    I attracted the right person and its been great for the last 6 months.
    It’s uncanny how a few corrections and cures can change your life.

    I have been referring so many friends to get a name correction session with sheelaa. And they also find great value in the change. Her remedies and Feng shui along with that numerology is absolutely amazing.

    She really gives a person a well rounded solution to your problem.

    Thanks Sheela bajaj and the Isis school.

  3. Hi ,

    My Name is Janaki bron on 21st november 1982, to get sucess in my career and married life .

    what i have to change or how should i change my name.

    Janaki H C

  4. Hi Sheela, I am T Sreelatha Menon and was born on 16.04.1966. Menon was added to my name after marriage. I would be obliged if you could kindly let me know the change i have to make in my name to expect good things to happen in my life.

  5. Hi Sheelaa

    Came to you when my life had hit rock bottom.
    Did the following things

    Victory name correction
    Karma healing and
    Some other cures mentioned.

    Im so grateful to you for the transformation u hav created in my life.
    I am now running a successful business and making lots of money.
    My career and job is also doing so well. Got promoted. Found the right partner and marriage now fixed for dec.

    Gosh ur name corrections and healings r amazing.
    Referring all my friends and family ur way.

    Thanks a ton.

  6. Hi myself sourangshu paul born 29.0701980 . I am facing lots of problem in my carrer, personal life. In every moment I am facing problem. I am not able to forword. Please suggest me how to come out from all these problem. What is the solution? Please suggest

  7. my name is ANIL SEERAPU and bate of birth 26th November 1985. Please correct my name as per numerology. i am facing so many problem can’t able to say also. Please help me

  8. Hi Sheila,

    Myself Basavaraj Kulli born on 23-02-1985 I am facing problems with personal life (love or marriage, nothing is working out) and professional life (trying hard but Not getting chance for onsite).

    Please suggest something.

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