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Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Dr. Sheelaa M Bajaj Celebrity Numerologist & Tarot Card Reader | Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Feng Shui is an ancient Asian art of Geomancy and is also a pseudoscience originating from China. It deals with energy forces that are powerful to change environmental patterns. It is also related to “wind-water” where Feng is wind, air, gas, clouds, storms, energy fields, radiation of energy & Shui is water, lakes, rivers, brooks, waterfalls, swamps, rain, snow and ice, and also plants and other living organisms. In Feng Shui, there is some particular placement of objects that create energy balance by restoring or encouraging the free flow of chi which means energy or life force to space. We are bringing wind chimes feng shui herewith to spread the positive energy.

wind chime feng shui

Wind chimes Feng Shui remedies help to balance existing chi which means, the energies that are already there but not in balanced forms. It does not create new energy. Windchime balances wind energy by producing sounds that are soothing and makes the environment positive. It creates tinkling music that is a feast for ears and health. Wind chimes are used as a rectification tool to remove Vaastu defects. We have other features also to help us.

Wind chimes Feng Shui making

Wind chimes are made of different materials as listed below.

  1. Metallic Wind Chimes
  2. Bamboo Wind Chimes
  3. Ceramic Wind Chimes
  4. Glass Wind Chimes
  5. Wooden Wind Chimes

Metal Wind Chimes

These are the most preferred wind chimes because of their durability and high tuning accuracy. They come in a variety of melodies, and can even be tuned to well-known songs and themes. Metal wind chimes are also environment secure and rust-resistant. You don’t have to worry about them chipping or losing their beauty, so they’ll last year for years.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

Bamboo wind chimes are the second most popular after metals but they are not as durable as them. The sounds produced by them are hollow, deep and resonant. They cannot be tuned, these wind chimes can emulate relaxing sounds like rain or exotic drums. Since bamboo is a plant, it looks earthy, it is lightweight and can easily get cracks if not used properly. Though there may not be any major effects on the sound quality, it will still be advisable to use it with caution. They are environment-friendly and are one of the most popular ways to reduce stress.

Wooden Wind Chimes

chimes are also similar to Bamboo, they can be hollow as well as solid. The sounds will be a little different but woody. It calms the environment around you and creates positive vibes, giving you a more positive and eco-friendly environment.

Ceramic Wind Chimes

Ceramic wind chimes are exotic & sensitive which are chosen for their decorative style and color rather than for their sound. They are often available in such capricious themes because it is relatively easy to design complex shapes and patterns from glass and ceramic materials. They add a lovely attribute to any environment and are an inexpensive way to accent both outdoor and indoor areas. Many wind chimes in this category are made specifically for decorative use inside the home.

Glass Wind Chimes

Glass wind chimes are very similar to ceramic wind chimes. These are also pretty easy to design and turn into shapes. Hence are used inside the home as a decorative item as well.

Shapes Of Wind Chimes Feng Shui

After knowing the different materials for wind chimes, it would be wise to know that there are different shapes available for wind chimes in the market and every shape has its own relevance and mysteries attached. Also, note that the use of these different shapes has different impacts. Some of the common shapes are below explained.


Tubular wind chimes are mostly prepared from aluminum, pewter or any other metal. These are the most popular and widely used wind chime designs. They are mostly prepared in different styles and sizes to suit any location. These are normally made of several vertically hanging tubes, with each tube disposed of its own tone. A tubular wind chime with tubes of varying length sounds great and offers extraordinary visible charm.


Bell wind chimes are made out of one or more bells and they are prepared from brass. These are mostly the traditional styles of wind chimes or in unique contemporary styles with modern, geometrically designed bells. They are the limelight of any home as they are really beautiful and produce great sounds which also give a very antique look.

Door Chimes

Apart from wind chimes, there are door chimes that are no exactly wind chimes, but they are similar to them and are still a great way to welcome guests when they come to your home. These are specifically designed to be hung on the door itself – front door or any door or on the outer frame. Their sounds are friendly and cheerful for any guest who enters the place and leaves them with positive feedback on that place.

Directions to hang Wind Chimes

  1. Metallic wind chimes should be tied In north, north-west and west direction for better prosperity.
  2. Bamboo or wooden wind chimes should be hanged In east, south-east and south direction.
  3. For achieving success in all endeavors, one should install ceramic or glass wind chimes in the north-east and south-west direction.

Best Use Of Wind Chimes Feng Shui

  1. If there are multiple doors facing each other then do hang a wind chime of 9 rods in between to remove Vaastu Dosha of doors.
  2. If there is any obstacle just in front of your door then hang a wind chime just in front of your door and that obstacle. It will minimize the negativity.
  3. Use 6 rods of wind chime in office for growth.
  4. Five-rod wind chimes are auspicious for everyone.

The knowledge we have shared about different types of wind chimes conclude that each of them is used for different purposes. A general tip that you can also follow at the time of purchasing the wind chimes is that hollow rod wind chimes are much more beneficial as these help in the flow of energies especially when there are more Vaastu doshas. They create positive sounds that have the power to attract good luck, bring success in life and the capability to make life wonderful if used properly under expert guidance. These can also be used anywhere in the house.

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