Baby Name Numerology

Baby Name Numerology by Sheelaa Bajaj

The cosmic power of numbers can be a deciding factor in the happiness and success in one’s life. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they opt for the best name for their child which not only sounds right but also sums up right. That’s exactly where baby name numerology comes into the picture.

Baby Name Numerology According to Date of Birth

Most parents want a unique name for their bundle of joy. Sometimes in the pursuit of getting a unique name, they may end up with a name which can spell doom for their child in the future. Now no parent would in their wildest dreams want a name which takes their child down the deep dark lane of unhappiness. We at are experts in baby names by numerology in Bangalore and across India.

We can suggest names which have a good numerological value.

We can come up with names which bring out the best attributes of your child. We are proud that we have bestowed some of the best names to several newborn babies which have given the perfect positive start to their lives.

Choosing the Best Baby Name using Numerology

Your name is the result of your deeds done by you in your past life. It is predefined by the gods. Good deeds give you an apt name which reflects power, success, and prosperity. Evil deeds mean bad name reflecting vice, envy, and negative vibrations. Whatever your name is might be given by your parents but they reflect your past life.

This post will guide you to determine the best name for your baby based on numerology. It is important because it imparts a personality to your child.

Choosing the right vibration

This depends on the baby’s birth star. Astrology has predetermined starting sounds that should be used for a child with a particular birth star.

Find a harmonious vibration between name and date of birth

Numerology has every letter associated with a number, and the vibration is calculated based on the numerology value of the alphabet and verified with phonics.

The pronunciation of the sound and its vibration.

The name is also calculated based on energy vibrations and is verified using instruments.

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We Can Help You Bring About a Change in Your Little One’s Life

You may have already named your child only to realize later that it does not sum up to a good number or is not compatible with your child’s birth number. Don’t get worried! We at can suggest the changes that you can make in the spelling of your child’s name so that he or she has a name which has a better numerological equation.

While suggesting these changes we shall take into consideration all factors like your child’s birth-date etc. We shall suggest minor changes in the spelling of the current name so that you can retain the name which you had selected for your child after rigorous efforts and at the same time the minor changes in the spelling will help your child get a name which will have a positive impact on his or her life.

Interesting Facts

Most parents nowadays choose victory names due to the popularity numerology has gained in Bollywood.

Movies and tv serials have gained success and prosperity because of name numerology. Movie stars like Ajay Devgan, Kirron Kher, etc. Movie names like Dabangg, once upon a time in Mumbaai, Bigg boss etc are also numerology corrections.

Right Place To Get the Number Perfect Baby Name

If you want to give the best future to your child, then the first step that you need to take in this direction is to opt for the correct baby name. Whether it is the dashing boy or a pretty girl you have to be double sure that you select a perfect name for them if you want a perfect future for them.

We at can help you with unique names which will make sure that your child has a bright future. Not just baby names we offer several other valuable services in numerology. You can get in touch with us for any type of numerology services and we will be more than happy to help you.

About the Numerologist

Sheelaa Bajaj S has consulted millions of clients across the globe through skype/ radio and television. You can read more about what clients have to say about her on the testimonials page.

What's Included in Our Service?

In our baby name service, we analyze your baby’s date of birth, birth number, and destiny number. We then look deeply into their lucky and unlucky planets and give you a list of name options. Once a name is selected we further fine-tune it to make it a número logically lucky name or a victory name.

Our only mission is to help you have a life which has the best things in it. Since numbers play a crucial role in carving the future it is better that you consult us to make sure that you have all the right numbers influencing you. If not then we can suggest corrective remedies for your better future.

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  1. hai…my baby name is charan kartheek .is this name is lucky.please suggest -according to numerology what i have to do

  2. Prateek kaplash(Father), Sanchita kaplash(Mother) Date of Birth of baby 05/03/2013,Time Of birth 03.13 am,Placeof birth-Bangalore says:

    Is name Pratichi is suitable for my daughter

  3. The name charan kartheek is extremely malefic. Will cause a lot of turbulence in his life.the name is ruled by ketu and shani. Two planets that can cause havoc in career and relationship.

    Name needs a correction.

  4. Hi My daughter is born on 11-10-2013. Would like to name her Advika Mythri Rao / Advika SN Rao / Anushka SN rao. Please let me know , which name is lucky for her

  5. My son Name is Vivaan Nayak and Date of Birth of my son is July 6th 2013 5.41 PM and place of birth-Balasore Orissa. Please let us know if any name correction required.
    DILLIP KUMAR NAYAK(Father), Debasmita Nayak(Mother)

    1. Hello , we r planning to change name of my sister to pehar sharma born on 20/09/1999 is it correct to name her pehar sharma

  6. Hi my baby name is Lasya silampur , pet name lulu DOB 30-jan-2012. Birth place Bangalore. please kindly suggest any correction is required for my kid name.

  7. Hi.. I read TOI article today. My baby (boy) born on 07.07.2014. We are finalizing name Thanmay Raj S. Does this name is lucky. Where as my first son (DOB.08.10.2007) name is Mohith Raj S. What number comes for this name and what it predicts?

    Sathisha C S

  8. Hi My sons name are Dhruv bisht and Daksh bisht born on 21 sept 2005 and 23 sept 2009 respectively,r there names lucky for them and I wanted to change the younger one name to Kabeer will that suit him
    and My name is mansi bisht will i be able to pursue any career

  9. HiI am blessed with a baby girl on Jan 27,2015 at 21:00. We want to keep her name by letter A or L. The name that we have shortlisted is Aashvi. Pls let us know your views and suggestions.We are open for other names with letter A or L also. Thanks.

  10. I have twin boys. I want to name them as

    Yudhisthir Banerjee and
    Nikunj Banerjee

    They where born on 17.01.2015. Kindly suggest any correction in the spelling of this name.

  11. Hi my son’s name is Daksh T Gowda
    He was born on 7-11-2011 at 10.03 am in bangalore.
    Kindly suggest if any corrections required

  12. Hi madam,
    This is madhu here , we are selected viharika name for my new born baby girl , still naming ceromony is pending and her date of birth is
    31/08/2016. Is this correct name or not, or shall i change it!. Please help me to know about it…
    Thank u

  13. Hi My daughter is born on 11-12-2016 we. Would like to name her Ishanvi. Please let me know , which name is lucky for her as per the date of birth Nakshathra is Bharani.

  14. Hi Madam,
    My Daughter name is Viharika Ragini
    She was born on 25-07-2016 at 10:25 am in Davangere.
    Kindly suggest if any corrections required


  15. Hi Mam,

    My daughter is born on 23/06/2017, Planning to name Her Ishanvi , Will this suit her ?
    She already had some hospitalization, so worried of her health .


  16. My son born on 24-10-2017 @ 1:40pm in(karnataka, vijayapur) India.we kept his name as ‘Vevaan Hampanavarr’ as per numerology. Will this name give him health, wealth,name,fame, success in his life?or else,we need to change his name as per his date of birth to get mentioned things in him life?
    Please suggest me mam.


  17. Hi Mam,
    we are selected Kalyan name for my new born baby boy, still naming ceromony is pending and his date of birth is
    25/02/2017 12.03 AM. Is this correct name or not, or shall i change it!. Please help me to know about it…
    Thank u

  18. Hi Madm

    My daughter DOB is on 5th Feb 2018. (5.34 AM ) We are in a searching of good name. Could u suggest us the lucky name? Which letter should be the first? Pl help us.

  19. Hi My son born on 8th of March 2018.we are planning to keep his name as Navaneet Krishna Aryasomayajula.

    Aryasomayajula is the sir name.please advice.

  20. My daughter birth date is 03.01.2018 , 12.4O PM , Mysore , we selected Advithi, Dhrishika, Anvitha, Dhanvitha which one is lucky name for my daughter

  21. Hi my son’s name is KRISHAV GOWDA born on 24-7-2014, bangalore. How lucky is his name. Recently he met with an accident, many people are advising me to change his name.

  22. Hi i am blessed with baby boy on 05.10.2018 at 3.40 pm at dharwad. Please suggest me the which alphabet name is suitable for him

  23. Hi Sheela, I have given a name to my baby girl as MAHMOODAH IRAM KAUREEN with date of birth 26.06.2015 by 6.52 pm. Is it the right choice? Could you please suggest on this.

  24. hello madam my sun Birth date 27/12/2012 Thursday 9.53am we put his name Venu .is it good name for him .or change his name .plz tel

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