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Business Name Numerology Services by Sheelaa Bajaj

Business name numerology is all about analyzing those numbers associated with your business name and interpreting their meaning! Why do you need a numerological name analysis for your company? At times it may happen that despite having the right knowledge, the perfect skills, relentless dedication your company does not achieve the success that you always wanted. You may find that your efforts are going in vain and you are not achieving the dream sales figures. A business name numerology session can reveal several factors that can have a detrimental effect on your life, the numbers that influence your company name can be very crucial.

Lucky Business Name Suggestions by Sheelaa M Bajaj

business name numerology

You may find that in spite of doing everything right, nothing is going right for you in your organization. Consult us in order to understand whether you have named your business right.

There is a fair possibility that you have opted for a name which does not sum up to numbers which are lucky for you and your business. If that is the case, then remember no matter how much efforts you put in, you will never be able to take your business to the summit of success.

We will check your company name and let you know if it sums up to the right numbers. If there is a problem we can provide you solutions and suggestions. With our Business name numerology services we can provide you with changes that make things right for you on the business front.

Company Name Numerology Services to Bring You a Grand Commercial Success

Instead of suffering in the long run, take the first step right! Opt for a correct business name right when you lay the foundation of your business. You can consult us for a business name which helps you achieve good name and good sales figures.

We will take into account various factors like your name, the nature of your business, names of your investors etc and make sure that we suggest a name which sums up to a number which spells success for you on the business front. We will make sure that it sums to a number which is lucky for you and your business.

We have a long list of clients who consulted us for business names. We are proud to be associated with a number of companies which are today growing steadily. We have given names to the businesses of a number of people. Today they are reaping the fruits of the trust that they laid in our suggestions.

Today we are proud to say that we are offering services to a number of large corporate houses. So if you too want to have a bright future in business then you must consult us for the right name for your business. For consultation of any type of numerology, you can always rely on us.

We will make sure that we provide you the right solutions from the point of view of numerology. We have carved the successful future of several organizations through our business name and other numerology services. If you too wish for the best business name for your trade and business then get in touch with us on priority.

Choosing the Lucky Name for Your Business

For a person, acquiring wealth is an important part of surviving. But, this should be done at the earliest of the life so that he or she doesn’t miss out on the beautiful moments of his valuable life. Numbers in numerology could bring out a fortune for a person in his or her business. By business, we mean, an establishment of which the person is the sole owner.

Business name or brand name plays a crucial role in determining success. It can skyrocket your career or drown it. Go through a list of entrepreneurs; you will find most successful persons may not be very successful academically, but they have left no stones unturned in the field in which they specialize in. With hard work, the fortune the business name brings to him or she is the driving force behind earning millions and billions.

With faith in themselves, one should also take into consideration the astral patterns. Favourable astral patterns can boost your success. If you observe the names of successful companies, you will find a striking similarity between their nomenclatures. Numbers can help in achieving these favorable astral patterns which will create situations and materialize our goals to become successful.

Lucky numbers for selecting business name

Venus and sun– The number of the lord of wealth.

For a business, this is the luckiest number. A person born on 15th, 6th and 24th of any month will get the maximum benefits out of this number. People with life path six will also get the best out of this. One can choose these numbers for their business name and not personal ones.


This figure can be used both as a business name and a personal name. Jupiter has magical powers thus makes the business owner successful in his endeavour. It suggests the strength of human soul.

They are perfect and most of the Fortune 500 companies have their names with these numbers planets and combinations.

The Top Business Name Numerologist in Bangalore

With more than 20 years experience in bringing the best name for your Business, Sheelaa Bajaj is a renowned name in the city of Bangalore for numerologists. She has helped hundreds of businessman from downfall with her right corrections. One such example i.e. Lopamuudra is a successful business brand for Varron Appaiah who went on to become an entrepreneur after getting name correction from Sheelaa Ji only.

What do We offer in This Service?

When a business name is analyzed, the planet ruling it is analyzed. Some planets give a business the vibration of being up and down, some strong, some filled with obstacles, some very karmic. they go through more learning lessons instead of just making the big bucks.

It is important to check the business owners date of birth, their ruling planets, their lucky planets and unlucky planets. Which planets work for them and which don’t. Then the name can be corrected to make sure the business reaches its pinnacle of success.

We also suggest some business owners before they start a venture, whether partnerships will work for them, or whose name they must run the company.

These business names are precisely adjusted to bring the luck and victory in your favor using all the positive vibes and planetary positions that rule around numbers only. Company partners are an intrinsic part of this numerology science and they have used in the whole process accordingly too. These scenarios are constantly changing, simultaneously affecting the business results with their outcomes.

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  1. I got my business name done by Sheela ji 2 years ago and my business was stuck before she corrected my business name.

    After she did numerology on the business name, I started flourishing and growing so fast. The profits, and growth and the money I was making started increasing, it was almost like a miracle or a dream come true.

    Honestly I got into this numerology thing with lots of doubt and was quite skeptical.
    But gave it a shot since I wasn’t investing too much into it.
    I had anyway tried so many types of poojas and homas.

    I am extremely grateful and blessed I got guidance under Sheela ji.
    She is a great person and her center does amazing work to help and guide people.
    Very rare u find genuine people who know what they do and who have a great soul.

    The only issue one may find is that sincerest helping so many, it’s tough to get an appointment with her or her center doesn’t run like a business type place.
    As long as they give results and are doing genuine good work, administration issues can be overlooked.

    I recommend all the people stuck in business to try her business correction service, she also does Feng shui to enhance the effect which really gives awesome results.


  2. I am Thyagarajalu, 03 june 1982 is dob, i am going to setup tours and travel business , can my name or dob matches? please help me out

  3. hi my name syed asif ahmed and dob 24-4-1972, having problem in bussiness,not successfull financial problem, give me solution

  4. Iv Been to Sheela ji for a Name correction and i must say it was tough to get an appointment. I was referred by a good friend who is a very successful businessman who was going through some struggle at the time and Sheela had sorted it out with the help of her multiple angle reading.
    So I took the leap of faith and did what she asked me to.

    To begin with she clearly sates that she doesnt promise results. I appreciated that honesty.
    She also recomended that I do some clearings and some home remedy.
    I did it with some sceptism and a lot of faith.




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