Number 9 in Numerology

Number 9 in Numerology

Number 9 is ruled by Mars. As a number 9 you fight for a cause, be it war or the country or a movement. You are a giver and seeker of knowledge and your work always must be connected with teaching, people or spirituality. The number 9 is a number of completion of karma and hence a name correction must be applied depending on the combination number. A number 9 is a very heavy number to be born under. You face too many life lessons at a very young age.

Explaining Number 9 According to Numerology

You are a born fighter with courage. Most number 9’s work with the removal of the old and making of new. Be it a plumber a carpenter or a reformer. You are highly intelligent but your mars nature makes you stand for what’s right rather than whose right. You can be depended on for justice in any situation. A very lucky number if not afflicted by 2, 4, 7 and 8. People with number 9 need a name to suit their heavy karmic traits. If not they turn negative and have a hard life.

Number 9 is not always lucky like what most people think. That’s just a myth. Number 9 suits very few people.

Number 9 people are burning a lot of their past life karma. Business names that add up to number 9 don’t attract prosperity or abundance.

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Hi My name is Prabhat Singh. DOB- 09/11/87. Guess i belong to Number 09 category. Do i need a name correction? Thanks

Hi My name is Swetha VK. DOB- 30/04/85. Guess i belong to Number 09 category. Do i need a name correction? Friend’s calls me by name “VK” ..


my date of birth 10/12/1992 born at 2:30 am plz reply me if any correction is necessary

My name is chetan mistry my date of birth is 17-09-1978 , is this spelling is ok forw me?
I want to start business on name MUSE is it correct for me??

My name is Venkatesh r born in 04/06/1970 I do lot if bussinaes transaction but nothing stays my hand end of the day I am broke there are some time I struggle to draw 2000 also for my self and I do not have any saving I would like no y nothing stay in my hand

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