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Number 7 in Numerology



Numerology of Number 7

Number 7 is ruled by Ketu.

Number 7 people have no luck on their side. Success and luck elude them. They seldom enjoy success and even if they do it will be after a lot of hard work struggle and disappointments. They are always struggling to get some recognition or success. They face a lot of failure and dejection.

Many number 7’s do unfulfilling jobs and don’t get to the level where their career should take them in spite of their willpower intelligence and acumen.

They don’t get along with most people. They attract conflict easily. Their work benefits others and they seldom get gain for the hard work they put in.

Most number 7’s have problems with relationships and friends. They have discord in their marriages and end up in a divorce quite often.

Number 7’s have tough relationships and the energy of Ketu always blocks the right marriage from happening. Even when they get married, the marriage will face interference of family and external forces.

A name correction for a number 7 is a complex process as its a malefic planet.

The only remedy for Number 7’s is

A Victory Name correction-

A Ketu numerological yantra

A gemstone which repels the Ketu influence.

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  1. I had a name correction about 3 years ago from Sheila Bajaj and it worked out really amazing for me. Within a month i got married and within 2 months got the onside oppurtunity that i was waiting for.
    It really works. Thanks

  2. Is there any way out for me. My birth number is 7 and life path number is 3 (07-09-1985). What said in the above blog is true how to fix this.

  3. Hi.. i am pratik (full name: pratik kumar dash). My birth number is also number 7.. my life path number is 6 (16-06-1991). Is there anything which i can do to prevent the evil effects of number 7. please suggest. i am really worried about my career.

  4. Hi Sheila..I listen to your show on radio everytime and I have read this blog for the first time,its really nice and enlightening 🙂
    My name is Somi and birthdate calculates to 7.
    Any syggestion to keep my friends close and career a success?

  5. Hi sheelaa,
    My birth date is 07/06/1988. Whatever you have mentioned under number 7 that holds good for me. But though my name is 7 lettered which is one of the royal names i guess, why it is not effective?what should i do?

  6. Hi Sheila… I am Shyam sundar born 25 07 82 … I go through lot of struggles n success a hard thing to find on top of all my efforts… Started a business now after all these yrs of struggle, I would want to succeed in this… Pls suggest what needs to be done… Even if its name change or any other remedy…Thanks n advance… E

  7. hi sheelaa… my name is manish verma dob 07.08.86…i checkd ur blog n came to knw tht my numbr is very unlucky….can u pls help me with that,,

  8. Hi Sheelaa, my name is Priyanka and my date of birth is 7-Oct-1983. I am not getting enough recognition in my career and also my marriage is not yet fixed, how much my parents are putting efforts on it. Please advise me if i need to do some remedies. Also please let me know if you see any progress in both of my issues in near future. Looking forward for your reply. Many thanks in advance.

  9. hi sheila,i have seen ur says some much about the things related to me-numebr 7.i am a twin of my brother ..n facing lot of problems in carrier and life .had re;ation ,not gone well..n able to mingle mroe with people around me ..a fear makes me away ,dont know wht is it…please help me my name :-Manisha Jagga(07-sept -1982).not able to get the rite direction in life ,same is wid my brother ,he is also not settled in his jobs.his mind gets distracted very soon…please suggets what i need to do ..not yet married …

  10. Hi,

    I am Kriti H Sahoo born on 7/10/1987 wednesday. i am going through a bad phase right now, Can you please suggest something?

    Thank you a lot in advance.


  11. your second paragraph and third paragraph are so me!
    ok so now i know its not my fault
    and also know that correction is possible which will be helpful
    can u help me get to the bottom of this
    also tell me how to calculate the various numbers

    My name is Madhava DOB is 16.02.1981
    Hello madam what you said here all the things are matching to me
    and am looking to get married with in the june
    Pls tell me whether my name is lucky or what should i do for my best feature.

  13. Sheila,

    Listen to you ardently on radio one and evrytime you explain numerology on number 7. I feel this is who I am .25th may 1980. Totally bang on. Please help me out with a free name correction Sheila. I’d really be obliged

  14. Hi.. I listen to ur show in radio city.. my name is Sunitha Mary.. born 7th April 1982.. what said for number 7.. is so true to my case.. please help

  15. Hi my name is Shalini and my dob is 07/06/1988 I am facing a lot of problems as mentioned in ur blog I need a solution.

  16. Hi Sheila,

    My DOB 07.03.1982, Going Thru Lot Of Trouble Personally N Professionally. Please Suggest If I Should get A Name Change Done.

    As Im Joining A new Company i Want Some Changes In My career, Pkease Reply.

  17. my name is praveen kumar,date of birth:07/07/1984.people used to cal me praveen can any correction is done in my name

  18. My birth date adds up to 7 and my life is messed up with no job which has made me dependant on my siblings. I want to have my name and date of birth analysed. How do I contact u?

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