Tarot Card Reading Sessions - by Team Sheelaa M Bajaj

Tarot card reading is a tool of divination to help us get answers to the many questions life brings up. It helps us get directly to the many crossroads we encounter in life. Every choice we make leads us to a different outcome. We don’t realize the impact of a wrong decision. 80% of life is Destiny, but there is a powerful 20% that is free will and one can use that wisely to get desired outcomes in their life.

It is said that when a person picks up cards while thinking of the questions or issues in his mind, his energy gets reflected in the cards selected, bringing out with stark accuracy, his state of mind and the issues surrounding him. The cards also can guide the person and tell him how his decisions might result in a positive or a negative situation etc.

A tarot card reading can help reveal the innermost thoughts or feelings a person might be going through at that time and can help a person in making changes or decisions related to his career, health, and relationships.

Tarot Reading is a remarkably accurate way to gain insight into your past, present, and future situations. Based on the wisdom of the Zen Tarot the art of Tarot reading answers your queries and helps you better understand your problems and find a viable solution. The root cause of a problem is evaluated and a remedy is then prescribed to the seeker.

Session Details

Covers an introduction to Tarot and FAQs

A tarot session is typically a 30 min session.

There are two kinds of Readings. General and detailed reading.

Tarot card readings can be in English and Hindi as well.

Addressing the queries.

How can Tarrot Reading Help You?

Every Choice we make leads us to a different future. Destiny is a combination of our life plan, souls path, karmas, learning lessons, free will, and rewards. 80% of life is Destiny but there is a powerful 20% of free will involved in the path of our life which can change the entire 80%.

Tarot Is a tool of Psychic Divination that helps us on a deeper level see the many crossroads in life and help us make the right decision.

When a person comes for a reading, the tarot helps us diagnose the root cause of the problem and the block in the individual’s life. The block that makes everything else fall apart.

The tarot will then show what a person needs and the reader recommends a series of remedies to remove the block. Clinically tarot talks about the current scenario and possible outcome.

We can compare that to a doctor who looks at his patient and say ” oh too bad you have cancer or you have an infection” diagnose is one part of the process. The solution and the healing of the problem is a big part.

What Can You Expect from a Session?

Tarot helps identify the current situation in their life and a detailed list of what can be done to resolve it.

Tarot is not meant to predict the future, It is used to guide person with decisions and hep see the problem and resolve it energetically or karmically.

Will a Tarot Reading Help me Solve My Problem?

A reading will only help diagnose and see reality with clarity. Sometimes seeing the situation in clear light helps us mentally deal with life better.

But on an energy level, the reading does not cure or solve the problem. One has to follow through the advice given in the session

Tarot Card Reading Yes or No

So who are the folks that shouldn’t be asking for a tarot reading session? Or if you are struggling to say yes or no to tarot reading, then here is the thing. People who are skeptics are a clear NO. People who come for a reading who are skeptic get nothing from the session. Their skepticism blocks the divine flow of wisdom that needs to reach them. People with doubt or a pessimistic attitude have never benefited from any divination reading.

It’s as simple as trying to pour water into a bottle with a lid on it. Nothing gets inside.

It just spills over.

People who want to get a reading out of curiosity also never get anything from a session.

A reading must be something we turn to only when in need and when we are willing to go through the healing process which the reader recommends.

What must one do before a reading?

One must prepare a list of questions that they want to ask during the reading. This helps one get clarity and those answers are somehow revealed in the reading even before they ask.

How Often Can One Get a Tarot Reading?

There is no stipulated time period for getting a reading done. But once every 3 or 6 months is fine. Getting a reading should be more need-based.

How is our reading different from tarot readers across and what makes us one of the best tarot readers in India?

A tarot reading is usually very clinical and rarely looks at other factors influencing a problem. An astrologer will look only at the planets, a Vaastu expert only at the space and a numerologist only at the numbers name and date of birth.

In our reading, all aspects and influences are studied and a remedy is given from all disciplines. If the date of birth has a glitch, a name correction is suggested.

If there is an imbalance in the energy at home or office a feng shui remedy is suggested. And if one has a low element, a crystal is suggested. We use a multiple therapy approach for diagnosing and remedies.

Can One Be Helped if They Choose Not to Get a Reading?

Yes, There are loads of people who do not believe in a reading and just want to resolve a pattern in their life, struggle, ill health, bad relationships or depression.

Our center is not just a tarot or divination center, it is a healing center as well.

People come directly for healing and get the same output without a reading.

Is Tarot Reading Safe?

Tarot is as safe as going to a holy place. As a tarot reader we only channel divine guidance to clients. We channel divine wisdom and help people find a remedy to their problem.

In the process of the reading, the client releases a lot of blocks and there is a huge release of energy. Post the reading, clients only feel ligher and happier. They usually go back full of hope and optimism.

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How Tarot Can Help Choose the Better Career Option?

Tarot Card is a method of divination which has certain symbols in the form of 78 cards. The images on these cards connect with your subconscious mind to fetch answers hidden beneath the dirt of doubts and fears. Career is one such area of our life, which matters the most to us. Career nowadays is not straight forward choice of Job versus income, it is much more dynamic with human elements of diplomacy, office politics, and ever changing rules of career rise in terms of income and position.

We are not alone working for a company or even for our own business. We have to deal with various kind of person, who plays a major role in our decision making process, and thus, knowing situation and people before-hand always makes our decisions informed and well-executed. Tarot cards help you in analyzing any situation in terms of a spoken or unspoken query, and then finding its answers through the intricate symbols of the tarot card. The image of the Tarot cards has various symbols, both Human, Material, Objects as well as Hidden abstract symbols in it.

An experienced psychic or Tarot Card reader then will explain you its meaning in detail, and then assimilate the same in your situation at hand. This will give you a true guidance as to how you should proceed at your work place, how to save yourself from office politics, and also let you know about the upcoming opportunities or threats to you. These Cards are either picked one at a time for guidance, or can be used as a spread of two or more cards to explain the complete situation along with its inherent time frames. Thus, you can also get indication of timing of event like promotion, any major opportunity, or any other favorable or unfavorable event around you.

Looking for a change? Is this the right time for you? We are always confused when it comes to choosing an option between a stable job and a higher paying job. We cannot decide, and here we need a true guidance. Tarot Cards will help you understand the situation in terms of its apparent and hidden opportunities and threats to enable you to make a more informed decision. We can also ask simple queries which may have direct Yes, No, or May be options for us in terms of career, like, Whether I will be selected for this Job? Will the coming appraisal season have opportunity for me to rise? Will my Boss support my decision or project?

Looking for new investment, or starting a new venture? Tarot card will show you the prospects of making it big in your new venture, or failure or stagnant time. It will also show you the cash flows or movement of money, which is an important factor for any business. Sometimes, symbols of a tarot cards also gives hints about what kind of business a person must do, and if partnership will suit him or her.

The key is to ask as specific question as possible to your psychic or Tarot Card reader, and then think carefully all the elements of that query which may be situation, or persons effecting the same. When your psychic explains to you the symbols inherent in the chosen cards, try to relate it with your situation. You need to give more inputs to your psychic so that he or she can explain you deeper meaning.

No card is inherently god or bad for career. It depends on your query. Suppose you ask whether I will be promoted, and a certain cards answers you in negative, then it may be negative. But If you ask me whether My Boss dislikes me, and the same card appears, it means he likes you, and now its meaning has turn positive for you. Thus, twisting the query before seeking a tarot card reading always helps one to explicitly ask his or her deepest desires or fears.

Some do’s and don’t before seeking your answers through Tarot cards for your career, is to Right down your queries on a piece of paper, this will clear your mind. Now, divide each query into its elements and priority. Separate your query into multiple small queries to seek in detail answers, and to understand various aspects of the same problem. Do not repeat same questions in different words, as Divination method fails in such questions, and this will mean you will not be guided properly.

Thus, seeking answers through Tarot Card for your career related queries helps you in understanding the situation better, and to plan and execute your moves, and to make better and informed decisions.

How Tarot Can Help Choose the Better Life Partner?

Life partner is someone who is always there for us for LIFE. Choosing the special one is probably the toughest decision for anyone. It is a matter of compatibility and willingness of both the partners to be with each other. When we get stuck with this decision, tarot cards are a great helping tool that can clear out the air for you.

Whether you already love someone, you are meeting someone for marriage proposal, want to propose someone or just want to know when will you meet the one, Tarot is the best guiding light you can ask about these matters. Probably each one of us has reached for a Tarot advice for our relationships many times but how tarot can help you in choosing the right one is what we’ll be telling you ahead.

In Tarot deck, there are many cards that are directly linked to love and relationships. If these cards appear in the reading for you, then you can make sure something good is about to happen in your love life. Of course for a personalized reading you may have to get In touch with an expert but if you hear them telling about these cards, you can instantly know what they mean for you.

Two of Cups : This is often referred to as a card for True love. When you get this card in a present or future reading, you can make sure that your special someone is about to enter into your life. This card can make any love reading blissful because there is a surety that you are bound to meet the one who has a long lasting impact in your life. When you talk about compatibility, this card tells you that you will gel up with your special one without making much efforts and they will give the same kind of love and affection to you. You may expect the results in 1 to 3 months duration with this card.

Four of Wands: This is a great card to get in any love reading because it symbolizes a Home that you create with your partner. In other words it also symbolizes a goof family life and coming home to family. When this card appears, you may really meet the one who is about to be your family. Your search may end on them and you will have a stability in relationships. This will be a happy bonding for your future.

The Lovers: As the name says, this card is great for love readings. If you want to know anything about your love life and this card appears, it means that you are already in love. The decision has to be taken from your end or you will be able to introduce them to your parents for marriage.

Ace of Cups: This card shows new beginnings. It is a again a surety that you are about to meet someone with whom you will have a blooming love relationship. It will be based on affection and care. When you will meet them, you will be able to recognize that they are the one for you.

Knight of Cups: For women, this card often refers to a man who is in love with her. This man is mature, financially stable and comes from a good family background. The chances are that he will come and propose you for marriage! You just have to take the decision.

10 of Cups: This is a family card. When you are looking for marriage, this is often best described as happy life ahead. You may swear by this, a great family life is ahead for you!

The Empress: For men this is a great card to get in a love reading because this shows a woman who is about to enter in his life who is beautiful, independent and confident. She has all the skills to take care of him and his family along with her career. This is a powerful card, really.

The Emperor: This is a great card for women seeking a love reading. It signifies a man who is mature, self made, natural leader, financially stable, looks good and has a good family. Sometimes it is also referred to as a father who grants the permission for a Love marriage or maybe the one who approves the bride/groom in an arranged marriage!

The Hierophant: It is like a guide or a middleman who comes and finalizes things in love relationships. Marriage or relationship may start with the help of an elder or father like person. It is a blessing that future looks good for you two.

How Tarot Can Help Choose the Better Business Partner

There are many great examples of people who are switching to businesses these days. Most people prefer a business in partnership rather than a sole proprietorship. It has many benefits though.

For the success of any business – big or small, the first and major role depends upon the business partners. They are the true backbone, the mind behind the business and if the compatibility between the business partners is good then the business can reach great heights undoubtedly.

Basically, a business partner is also like a life partner because they have a vision together and if they are willing to work by agreeing to each other then they have a good compatibility. It does not mean that one is taking the decision and the other one is only nodding the head with a Yes always but it has to be a 2 way compatibility that if one is saying the other one listens patiently and vice-versa.

Many businesses fail, not because they had less money to invest or their marketing strategies were poor but it was the frequent disputes between the business partners. Sometimes, when one partners presents an idea or vision and the other one disagrees, it often leads to ego clashes. That is a very common thing to have in any business.

Ego clashes can happen to any business but when it happens, it is often very difficult to reach out to a conclusion. The situation gets disturbed and time wasted. Honestly, no business has that time to resolve personal conflicts between the partners if it happens on a frequent basis. So what is the solution?

A business reading through Tarot, can be really helpful to know your compatibility with your business partner. It is like a general compatibility reading between two people. By taking out this compatibility test, you get to know who will be the stronger one, who will be the dominating one, who will be the one who will always do the nodding etc.

Sometimes, there are bigger conflicts between the business partners that one of them gets responsible for financial frauds. There is always a risk. To eliminate this, it is often best to know about how he is well in advance so that you can get some idea about his behavior to your business and working environment.

He may have a good behavior with you in the past and that is why you considered him in your business but the past and present situations are completely different from the future ones. You may or may not be able to rely on his past behavior. In some cases this partner may be a completely new person to you, in that case it becomes even more important to know something about him that can assure you that he is the best choice for you.

Tarot can help you in knowing

Your compatibility with your business partner
How much genuine your partner is
His overall behavior towards your business
For how long will be be a partner to you
His behavior with clients, stakeholders, teams etc

There are many spreads in Tarot, which can help you in taking a deep insight about your situation, your compatibility with him and so on. You can almost gain any possible information about your partner.

From choosing the best partner to checking the compatibility with the existing one with whom you have started getting conflicts, Tarot can work as the best aid and save your business from great pitfalls.

General questions that you may ask in your reading to make it more accurate and meaningful:
How is the compatibility of my partner to my business?
How is the compatibility of my partner to me?
How is the compatibility of my partner to other business partners?
How good is the current partner for the profitability of my business?
What are the issues that can come up if I make him/her my business partner?
How will be his behavior towards my team?
How will be his behavior towards our customers?
Are there any constraints that you should be aware of about him before making him your business partner?

These are just some general questions which you may prefer asking. Of course you may have your own set of questions that can be asked to the expect.

How Tarot Can Help Choose a Better Life?

Life is a puzzle, with its elements missing here and there. We need to find all its pieces and put them together for the complete picture known as Life. All of us are running in a race, finding our pieces of puzzle and putting them together to complete out life. These pieces of life are various aspects of it, like Love, Career, Wealth, Health, Children, and Spirituality etc. We have so many questions in our mind, that at times we feel we could have a guide always with us to answer our queries. Tarot Cards are one such guide, who dig deeper into your subconscious mind, and brings you answers in forms of symbols. All these elements together will help us to achieve goals of our life, and makes it more fulfilling and satisfying experience for each one of us.

When it comes to divination, the first thing that comes to our mind is Love readings. Love is the universal language, and is considered as language of God himself. Love is eternal, and pure. Love is next to your spiritual plane of existence, as Love connects two souls or spirits together. That is the reason we keep hearing about Soulmates, and true love. Tarot Cards helps us find our soulmates, and also our true love. Whenever you are in doubt regarding any person, or set of person, Tarot cards can give you direct hints about their hidden traits or color. This would help you choose the right person for you. It is interesting to note that few tarot symbols do represents soul connections, and thus helps one to find his or her soulmate. Multiple Cards spread also tell you about timing your events like meeting someone special, or timing for marriage etc.

The second important concern about life is our Career. Either we are in a job or in our own business; we are always surrounded by people and situations. We need to decide our moves and then plan and execute to win the race. Yes, Career is almost a race where you need to prove your worth. Tarot cards with its inherent symbols dig deeper into these career related situations to let you know the true color of people around you, and what to expect out of them. These card spread can also tell you about possibilities of various events related to your career like promotion, rise in position, gains, financial security etc. If you in a business, it will also tell you about favorable or unfavorable time, debts, cash flows etc.

The third aspect is our family which includes our spouse, children, parents, relatives and friends. All these are human element surrounding us, who are our strength as well as our weakness. Tarot cards with its intricate symbols depicting various human forms give hints regarding our family relations, events, and situations. It helps us in understanding the situation from various point of views, and unspoken words and expectations of people from you. It represents celebrations, disappointments, financial conditions, as well as misunderstandings.

When it comes to family, we also have concern regarding Finances, to secure our future, and to live a happy and prosperous life. Here comes the concept of Wealth versus Finances. Finances are direct money, which fulfills our need of money to buy things, pay for our bills, and give us secure life. Wealth on the other hand shows how comfortable and satisfied you are with your status and life. Thus, on one hand where finances are always unsatisfactory figure for us, wealth prospects show our level of satisfaction. Tarot cards show the prospects of Monetary gains explicitly through some of its cards, and wealth prospects and its deep meaning of satisfaction through some other cards. It will also tell you about thick and thin period of life, and when to expect gains or losses in your life. Through Tarot cards, you can also decide when to invest money, when it is safe to give or take money on debt, and when to recover your money.

Spiritual Journey is also a topic in which many of us are interested. We wish to know about our spiritual inclinations, destiny, and path towards salvation. It is also about our way of worship, meditation, or balancing of our energies. Each tarot card represents an energy level, and gives hints about our spiritual path. The hidden meaning also tells us about whether we are on right path or not, whether we have met the right master or guru, or where to find the true guru.

Thus, Tarot Cards have symbols which can be connected with various aspects of our life. We can make our life complete and more fulfilling through guidance by divination methods like Tarot Cards. All answers are there in your subconscious mind, you just need to open up for suggestion. These subtle suggestions are given by Tarot Cards.

How Tarot Can Help Choose a Better Paying Job?

When it comes to finding the better opportunities in career, we often rely on sources or websites that hints about the minimum and maximum range of salaries they pay for the post you have applied to. It is not easy to even guess about what will be the package they will be offering you. Every company may have different packages for people for the same post. Some people who are lucky, gets the better package and some gets the lower package for the same job they are doing. This may not happen in every company but most of the companies stick to the same kind of rule for a better budget.

You must be wondering if Tarot can help you in making this decision a better one since it is popular and is a great tool to look for answers related to any area of your life. Finding a suitable job is something that we all go through at some point of time and with only one big main reason – to find better salary or to find a better paying job.

You may be on any stage in your career – Maybe you are searching for your first job and want to know if you will get a good deal as per your expectations. Maybe you are already a couple or years old in job and want to know when will you switch to better opportunities that can pay you better than your current employer. Maybe you are waiting for a promotion and want to know if you will get the desired salary with your new role.

No matter what your question is regarding your job switch or hike in salary – Tarot can answer all your questions with great ease. It has many methods that work perfect while getting these answers for you.

It will always depend upon the expert reader you are getting a reading from. They will be able to interpret the cards which you have pulled out during your reading to know when will you finally get this opportunity and when will it materialize.

There is an entire deck dedicated to the financial matters of life. If these cards appear in your career finance readings then it is a good sign first of all. Then it will depend upon the card whether it is a high income card or low income card. Apart from this suit of pentacles, there are some major arcana and court cards that are responsible for fast/slow financial growth. In any reading they can very well clear out the air about how well paying your job will be.

If you have any offers in had already then also tarot is a great tool to help you choose the best one for you. It is often very difficult to decide when you have all similar and good kind of proposals and you have to choose one.

The next good role is played by the type of spread your expert is using for this reading. Every problem may have a different spread but you can make sure that if the spread used by your expert fits as per your questions, then you will get the maximum answers from your reading.

Sometimes, there are challenges involved in getting a higher paying job like the transfers it gives you or maybe the role it gives you for your high salary. It is often best to seek an expert advice to know what will be the constraints attached to your job if you will get the next position that pays well. You may or may not be comfortable for the job posting it may give you and it may come as a surprise to you. To avoid this, taking a reading will clear your mind in advance.

Taking a Tarot reading is always your choice but before you take one, make sure that you already have your questions ready in your mind so that you can seek the best advice quickly It has often been observed that people who are usually confused are not able to help from the readings. It is always better to give yourself time before the reading to gather your thoughts and details. This is how you can get the best advice from your expert on the topics you are seeking help!