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Tarot Card Reading Sessions - by Sheelaa Bajaj

Tarot card reading is a tool of divination to help us get answers to the many questions life brings up. It helps us get directly to the many crossroads we encounter in life. Every choice we make leads us to a different outcome. We don’t realize the impact of a wrong decision. 80% of life is Destiny, but there is a powerful 20% that is free will and one can use that wisely to get desired outcomes in their life.

It is said that when a person picks up cards while thinking of the questions or issues in his mind, his energy gets reflected in the cards selected, bringing out with stark accuracy, his state of mind and the issues surrounding him. The cards also can guide the person and tell him how his decisions might result in a positive or a negative situation etc.

A tarot card reading can help reveal the innermost thoughts or feelings a person might be going through at that time and can help a person in making changes or decisions related to his career, health, and relationships.

Tarot Reading is a remarkably accurate way to gain insight into your past, present, and future situations. Based on the wisdom of the Zen Tarot the art of Tarot reading answers your queries and helps you better understand your problems and find a viable solution. The root cause of a problem is evaluated and a remedy is then prescribed to the seeker.

Session Details

Covers an introduction to Tarot and FAQs

A tarot session is typically a 30 min session.

There are two kinds of Readings. General and detailed reading.

Tarot card readings can be in English and Hindi as well.

Addressing the queries.

How can Tarrot Reading Help You?

Every Choice we make leads us to a different future. Destiny is a combination of our life plan, souls path, karmas, learning lessons, free will, and rewards. 80% of life is Destiny but there is a powerful 20% of free will involved in the path of our life which can change the entire 80%.

Tarot Is a tool of Psychic Divination that helps us on a deeper level see the many crossroads in life and help us make the right decision.

When a person comes for a reading, the tarot helps us diagnose the root cause of the problem and the block in the individual’s life. The block that makes everything else fall apart.

The tarot will then show what a person needs and the reader recommends a series of remedies to remove the block. Clinically tarot talks about the current scenario and possible outcome.

We can compare that to a doctor who looks at his patient and say ” oh too bad you have cancer or you have an infection” diagnose is one part of the process. The solution and the healing of the problem is a big part.

What Can You Expect from a Session?

Tarot helps identify the current situation in their life and a detailed list of what can be done to resolve it.

Tarot is not meant to predict the future, It is used to guide person with decisions and hep see the problem and resolve it energetically or karmically.

Will a Tarot Reading Help me Solve My Problem?

A reading will only help diagnose and see reality with clarity. Sometimes seeing the situation in clear light helps us mentally deal with life better.

But on an energy level, the reading does not cure or solve the problem. One has to follow through the advice given in the session

Tarot Card Reading Yes or No

So who are the folks that shouldn’t be asking for a tarot reading session? Or if you are struggling to say yes or no to tarot reading, then here is the thing. People who are skeptics are a clear NO. People who come for a reading who are skeptic get nothing from the session. Their skepticism blocks the divine flow of wisdom that needs to reach them. People with doubt or a pessimistic attitude have never benefited from any divination reading.

It’s as simple as trying to pour water into a bottle with a lid on it. Nothing gets inside.

It just spills over.

People who want to get a reading out of curiosity also never get anything from a session.

A reading must be something we turn to only when in need and when we are willing to go through the healing process which the reader recommends.

What must one do before a reading?

One must prepare a list of questions that they want to ask during the reading. This helps one get clarity and those answers are somehow revealed in the reading even before they ask.

How Often Can One Get a Tarot Reading?

There is no stipulated time period for getting a reading done. But once every 3 or 6 months is fine. Getting a reading should be more need-based.

How is our reading different from tarot readers across and what makes us one of the best tarot readers in India?

A tarot reading is usually very clinical and rarely looks at other factors influencing a problem. An astrologer will look only at the planets, a Vaastu expert only at the space and a numerologist only at the numbers name and date of birth.

In our reading, all aspects and influences are studied and a remedy is given from all disciplines. If the date of birth has a glitch, a name correction is suggested.

If there is an imbalance in the energy at home or office a feng shui remedy is suggested. And if one has a low element, a crystal is suggested. We use a multiple therapy approach for diagnosing and remedies.

Can One Be Helped if They Choose Not to Get a Reading?

Yes, There are loads of people who do not believe in a reading and just want to resolve a pattern in their life, struggle, ill health, bad relationships or depression.

Our center is not just a tarot or divination center, it is a healing center as well.

People come directly for healing and get the same output without a reading.

Is Tarot Reading Safe?

Tarot is as safe as going to a holy place. As a tarot reader we only channel divine guidance to clients. We channel divine wisdom and help people find a remedy to their problem.

In the process of the reading, the client releases a lot of blocks and there is a huge release of energy. Post the reading, clients only feel ligher and happier. They usually go back full of hope and optimism.

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