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Number 1 in Numerology

Name Numerology is an ancient science. Every number is connected to a planet and sends out a certain vibration.

When we are born under certain numbers we are connected to the energy of the planet.

Each number has a certain characteristic. When we are born under malefic birth numbers (date of birth excluding month and year) or life path numbers (sum total of date month and year of birth)

We need to correct its negatives by a name correction,

And there are others who have a perfect lucky birth and life path numbers but their names are malefic.

The characteristics of the numbers given below apply to your birth number and your life path number e.g. if you are a 5th June 1985 then your birth number is a 5 and your life path is 7. So both 5 and 7 meanings will apply to you.

Numerology of Number 1

Characteristics of people born on 1st, 10th 19th and 28th

If you are born with Number 1, you are ruled by the Sun.

You control and command people around you. You are influential, honest, bold outspoken, confident and a born leader. No task is impossible for you to achieve. Luck is on your side and you will always excel in what you take on. You are not meant to obey but to lead. A born leader and successful businessman. Name numbers must vibrate with 1 or 6.

(The life path number must be taken into account while choosing a name number)

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  1. hi mam , i hear u very often on 104 fm. my date of birth is 19th july 1986. u have mentioned dat number 1 people always excel. in my case i really struggle in watever things i do. m a doctor nd preparing fr my pg xams . really struggling with things. hw cn i get better results. bt m a really optimistic person nd i believe in hard work nd thus never fail in my efforts even if i have to wait fr the results. cn u plz mention ur email id so dat write to u there. thank u

  2. hi sheela,
    My name is Rajiv Datt,my dob is 28/06/ it good for me.i normally while doing signatures write Rajiv only.

    Rajiv Datt

  3. hello sheela,
    my son’s name is ARVIND ISHWAR SHETTAR,his dob is 08/06/1998 on monday at 08.08 p.m.he’s studying in std 10th class.i would like to have the best future for him with full of life and success,i would like to ask u should the name be changed or a bit of alteration in the name would do,

    s i shettar

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