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Number 1 in Numerology

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Number 1 in Numerology

An age-old belief that led to numerology becoming a prominent part of history is the connection between numbers and an individual’s personality and characteristics. One of the most vital numbers in a person’s life that shapes their life and nature according to numerology is their date of birth. The single-digit formed upon adding up the numbers in your birth date shed light on your personality traits, characteristics, career paths, and more.

In this article, we are going to explore characteristics of numerology number 1 and we’ll learn how it influences various aspects of life. Because in this universe, every number that has emerged has its own significations and unique qualities. We are born on a particular date, the name we have, the things we do, the opportunities we lose, the friends we make, the relationships we create, the people we leave.. Everything is connected with a number and is not a coincidence, in fact, that is a part of God’s master plan which indicates what is in store for us in our destiny.

Numerology for Number 1

Number one is the 1st number in the series of numbers from which all other numbers were created.

It can also be referred to as a line between Heaven and Earth, the creative power, the First Cause touching the Earth plane. Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and also known as the father of numerology identified this number with godhead as it is the base of all numbers. It is so magical that it contains everything and yet everything is derived from it. It also represents the positive side of life and its creation.

If you are born with Number 1, you are ruled by the Sun.

You control and command people around you. You are influential, honest, bold outspoken, confident and a born leader. No task is impossible for you to achieve. Luck is on your side and you will always excel at what you take on. You are not meant to obey but to lead. A born leader and successful businessman. Name numbers must vibrate with 1 or 6.

The stiff and grounded appearance of number 1 with a head held high indicates strength and confidence. Number 1 is the base of all numbers, therefore, there is planning, ambition, and assertion. It is also a number of success and power, achieved by determination and willpower. Though number 1 is the 1st number

number 1 numerology

in the series of odd numbers, there is a lot of positiveness in it. It has a direction and it does not doubt its course of action. It is stubborn and it has strong opinions about what is right and what is wrong. It has a high energy, dynamic force that drives relentlessly towards its destiny. It is the instigator, denotes change and pioneering work. It also indicates willpower to achieve one’s goal.

Number 1 in Vedic numerology is ruled by the planet Sun which is the main driving force of this entire universe. Sun being a hot planet also makes the number one hot-headed and rough. It is a number of high moral values, leadership, and determination.

People born on 1, 10, 19, 28 of any month are number 1 persons. The nature of number one makes them highly confident and born leader. These people are strongly built with heavy bones and big red eyes. They can be tall and full of flesh with fair complexion and thin hair. Their forehead is usually big and they possess a grace on their face which is luring for everyone who comes in contact with them. Their diplomacy and tact make them stand out from the crowd since they are deep thinkers and their decisions are mostly correct. They may have a bold voice that is attractive, sensual and admired by others. They can be the perfect elder siblings because of their responsible nature or even if they are not the elder ones their maturity makes them act like elders.

Personal Relationships – Influence of Number 1

In personal relationships, Number 1s are loving, caring and passionate. They are protective of their partners and give them a quality family life since number ones are mostly family persons. They do not like cheating their partners and expect the same from them. They are short-tempered but are real active listeners. Due to this quality, their arguments are also full of tact and diplomacy. They cannot stand liars and cunning people that is why their real friends are very few. They can be full of humor and limelight of any parties and gatherings. People can always spot a number 1 person from the crowd because of their magnetic personality.

Unique Traits & Qualities of Number 1

Both males and females of this number are always in search of some novelties and do not like to work on the traditional lines. Even if they are to adopt traditional ways, they give it a touch of divinity and these are the persons who are capable of giving something unique to this world because they are blessed with farsightedness With this virtue they always achieve success. They are always seeking ways to hit their targets that is why they are always active in everything they do. They are always straightforward in whatever they want to convey and they have a special ability to play with words which others cannot. Independent personality, independent and correct decisions and a free life are some of the best traits of people with this number.

Financial Aspects

When it comes to managing finances they are literally the best and diplomatic people as they like to keep a track of what comes in and what goes out. They can be really very serious about all kinds of investments – big or small whatever it is. They like to be updated with the new things and techniques going around the world. They spend their lives like kings but the major active period for any number one is between the ages of 30 to 50.

Numerology Number 1 Career & Jobs

Those with numerology 1 are born to lead and shine, making them key players in prominent positions. They may be in professions like Directors, institutional heads, planners, chief of any organisations or at least some high-level managers, Doctors or government employees. They can be prone to heart diseases or hypertension. They also need to take good care of their teeth, bones, and eyes because the number one person is more prone to these diseases.

Lucky Days, Numbers, and Elements for Numerology 1

Lucky days: Sunday, Monday
Lucky gemstone: Ruby, amber (Learn more about gemstones here)
Friendly numbers: 2,3,9
Romance numbers:2,3,6,7,9
Colour: Orange

Wearing the lucky gemstones on the ring finger of your right hand can bring in positive energies and keep your health in check. Topaz is yet another element that could be helpful.
If you’re a number 1 needing more insights into your personal life, finances, or professional paths, a numerology consultation can bring your positive and negative traits to light. Sheelaa M Bajaj provides both offline and online consultations to help you find solutions to your problems while also offering services like tarot reading and vaastu.
Find out all you need to know about numerology 1 with Sheelaa M Bajaj by getting in touch with us.

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hi mam , i hear u very often on 104 fm. my date of birth is 19th july 1986. u have mentioned dat number 1 people always excel. in my case i really struggle in watever things i do. m a doctor nd preparing fr my pg xams . really struggling with things. hw cn i get better results. bt m a really optimistic person nd i believe in hard work nd thus never fail in my efforts even if i have to wait fr the results. cn u plz mention ur email id so dat write to u there. thank u

hi sheela,
My name is Rajiv Datt,my dob is 28/06/1985.is it good for me.i normally while doing signatures write Rajiv only.

Rajiv Datt

hello sheela,
my son’s name is ARVIND ISHWAR SHETTAR,his dob is 08/06/1998 on monday at 08.08 p.m.he’s studying in std 10th class.i would like to have the best future for him with full of life and success,i would like to ask u should the name be changed or a bit of alteration in the name would do,

s i shettar

Hi Sheila, I am number 1, according to my birth date 1/3/1977. I want to start a security and bodyguard agency in Bangalore. Can you suggest me a good name for success. Also I like politics, I want to know if I will be successful.

Also I would like to change my name.

Please let me know and guide


Martin Clifford Rodrigues

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