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SMB 29: Why does Passion Die in a Marriage or Long Term Relationship

May 28, 2022
This episode addresses the root cause of why passion dies in a long term relationship.

SMB 28: Red Flags in a Relationship

May 28, 2022
This episode talks about the red flags that one should look for in relationships.

SMB 27:Changing Gears during a pandemic

December 9, 2021
This episode is all about how to deal with all fears, insecurities and uncertainties during a pandemic? How to take out the best In this situation.

SMB 26:Dealing with Difficult people

July 18, 2020
This episode is all about how to deal with “kich-kich”people, how to deal with criticism and with very negative people! In our daily life we all come in contact with...

SMB 25: Rejection

July 17, 2020
In this episode, I am discussing a very special and important topic, that’s Rejection. What is Rejection? How to deal with it, and understand the various aspects of Rejection. Today,...

SMB 24: Being Limitless

April 19, 2020
In this episode, I am discussing a very interesting topic. It’s about being limitless. Isn’t it true that we decide that we are limited to a certain type of work...

SMB 23: Control

December 19, 2019
Today’s episode focusses on the topic of control. How your obsession to control everything can be counter-intuitive. Please listen.

SMB 22: Criticism

August 30, 2019
How to deal with stereotyping and criticism? We all face criticism, be it in our personal lives, work, business and literally everywhere and at some point in time. Dealing with...

SMB 21: Self Abuse

August 14, 2019
Hello beautiful people, with this episode I start creating shorter audios so that they are bite-sized and easy to consume and relate. Hope you will like the new change. In...

SMB 20: Being You

August 12, 2019
Hello wonderful people, this is an episode I am recording after a long gap. And this is one of my favorite topics to talk about. Being yourself. Though this topic...
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