Love Mirage

THE LOVE MIRAGE: The Game of love deciphered

A book by Sheelaa M Bajaj // Kindle Format

Is love illusive and elusive like a mirage? Are relationships like a game of chess? Why do marriages become stagnant? Why are so many people unhappy in love relationships and marriage?

Explore these surprisingly revealing truths in this book authored by Sheelaa M Bajaj.

16 Chapters of Sheer Wisdom

  • Chapter 1: What is Love?

  • Chapter 2: Is it Real Love?

  • Chapter 3: Love and Freedom

  • Chapter 4: Compromise and doormat syndrome

  • Chapter 5: The Flipside of being a Doormat

  • Chapter 6: Sympathy

  • Chapter 7: Abusive Marriages and Children

  • Chapter 8: Overdoing Love

  • Chapter 9: Digging Deeper – Ask Yourself Some Questions

  • Chapter 10: The Bad Boy Syndrome

  • Chapter 11: Toxic Relationships

  • Chapter 12: How Does One Attract Their Twin Flame? The Secret Unravelled

  • Chapter 13: The Games People Play

  • Chapter 14: WAR: The Truth about Marriage

  • Chapter 15: Marriage and Extra-Marital Relationships

  • Chapter 16: The Eject button

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About the Author

Sheelaa M Bajaj is a top celebrity numerologist in India and her work and teachings on numerology have impacted thousands and millions of people through media such as Television, radio and print media channels.

Sheelaa Bajaj Profile

This book is dedicated to all women who go through the trials and pain of finding the right man in their life and go through much pain in the name of love. Be it a relationship or a stagnant/unhappy marriage.

This book is also for people in relationships, to help them identify if the relationship they are in is a healthy or a toxic one. It helps us realize the truth behind marriages and why this institution is stands failed in so many cases where happiness can be found in a symbiotic living and understanding each other.

A lot of questions and confusion about a bad marriage and relationships are addressed. Concepts like freedom, compromise, and really love helping people identify the fundamentals of feelings, relationships and beyond.

This book is aimed at people in different stages of relationships, single, in a relationship, married or if your battling a bad marriage or relationship.

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